3rd Grade Subtraction Worksheets

It is a common issue with most of the 3rd-grade children that they find subtraction quite tricky. However, math worksheets for kids like 3rd grade subtraction worksheets help them understand how to subtract easily. Tutors can teach subtraction in various forms, namely, the think-addition method or Common Core’s analysis method. Help your child improve their subtracting skills using these 3rd grade subtraction worksheets.

List of 3rd Grade Subtraction Worksheets

Here are some subtraction worksheets for kids in 3rd grade. These worksheets include subtraction problems with and without regrouping.

Subtraction with Regrouping Worksheets 3rd Grade

Regrouping is a method of exchanging one ten into ten ones. Here, regrouping is used in subtraction when the minuend is smaller than compared to the subtrahend. Some examples are given below:

1. To measure the distance

2. To deal with money

3. To measure time

However, kids can refer to 3rd grade math worksheets subtraction with regrouping to improve their mathematical and reasoning skills.

Subtract the numbers on the worksheet: Free 3rd grade subtraction worksheets for kids

Subtraction Word Problem Worksheets for 3rd Grade

Word problems usually include mathematical modelling questions, where information and data about a particular system are provided, and a child is required to create a model. For instance:

Example 1: Anne had $10.00. Later, she bought candies worth $5.00. How much does she have now?

Example 2: Joanne has $100. She went to an amusement park with her friends and spent $78. How much money is she left with now?

Solve the word problems: Printables subtraction word problems worksheets

Simple Subtraction Worksheets 3rd Grade

Mathematics is a subject that is quite interesting and fun when the learning sessions are interactive. However, a lot of fun subtraction worksheets 3rd grade are available.

Mathematics is an exciting subject because a few diagrams and equations can communicate volumes of information. In addition to this, mathematics is a language or similar to language.

Fill in the blank numbers: Printable 3rd grade math worksheets for subtraction

How to teach Subtraction to Kids?

  • Teaching Subtraction with Drawings or Objects: Challenge the children with a subtraction problem. Recite or write a subtraction problem for the kids. It’s best to write it or give them a copy of the subtraction worksheets with regrouping 3rd grade to relate to the real problem. For instance, challenge kids with such real life examples. There are ten cats at the pet store. New owners adopt six cats. How many cats are left at the pet store?
  • Visualize and strategize: Like the addition facts, this step is the missing part that allows children to understand the subtraction concepts with understanding and not just memorization. Choose one small group of facts to focus on. Now, it’s time to teach the kid to visualize numbers and use an effective method to obtain the answers. Also, refer to the Time Games For Kids.
  • Teaching Subtraction with Fact Families: Introduce the idea of fact families. A particular family is a set of facts, or mathematical queries, that use the corresponding numbers. There are three numbers in every fact family. These three numbers can be subtracted or added in various methods. Parents and teachers can introduce kids to subtraction worksheets with regrouping 3rd grade and help them solve them. For instance, 4, 6 and 10 create a fact family. Parents and teachers can use three numbers to form two subtraction number sentences and two addition number sentences:

10 – 4 = 6

10 – 6 = 4

Osmo provides age-wise Math Fact Games for the benefit of children as well as parents.

Frequently Asked Questions on 3rd Grade Subtraction Worksheets

What are the different types of 3rd Grade Subtraction Worksheets?

The different types of 3rd Grade Subtraction Worksheets are two digit 3rd Grade Subtraction Worksheets, tracing 3rd Grade Subtraction Worksheets, coloring 3rd Grade Subtraction Worksheets, Subtraction with Regrouping Worksheets 3rd Grade, etc.

Why should kids be given 3rd Grade Subtraction Worksheets?

Kids must be given 3rd Grade Subtraction Worksheets because they help them to learn some important concepts of subtraction, such as regrouping, word problems, subtraction on a number line and many more in an easy method.

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