Sight Words For Kids

Sight words for kids are the commonly used words to make meaningful sentences for communication. Learning sight words for kids will help them to recognize and understand the information much faster. What are sight words for kids? These are the words that every kid should be able to recognize instantly for making effective conversation. You must know that all sight words do not sound the same as they appear. Therefore, understanding sight words will enhance your kids’ learning in order to make them fluent readers and good writers. We can also term sight words as high frequency or popcorn words as they are found in almost every sentence you speak. 

These frequently used sight words for kids are so many in numbers that you cannot expect preschool children to recognize all of them. Instead, sight words for kids should be taught depending on their level of understanding and age. For example, he, was, with, in, so can be recognized by kindergarten children easily whereas, again, here, after, before, around, which are for 1st and 2nd grade kids. To teach vocabulary for kids, you need to shortlist sight words for kids by age.

Sight Words For Kids By Age 

Kids learning the sight words will enhance their speed and accuracy while reading. Sight words are the building blocks of vocabulary. You can adopt different teaching strategies that include games and engaging activities to teach children. Depending on the age of children, there should be effective planning of lessons. Focus on using simple sight words for the kids in preschool and gradually increase the level based on their understanding. Dr. Dolch had provided a list of sight words for pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade kids. Let us check sight words for kids recommended as per their age. 

Preschool Sight Words 

Preschool kids are just sounding words at the start of their learning process. These preschool sight words are high-frequency words which makes it easy for children to recognize and incorporate in sentences. You cannot represent sight words for kids with the help of images or graphics.

Kindergarten Sight Words 

Sight words are observed in almost all the sentences we read or communicate. The kindergarten sight words are basic words required for kids to learn and understand for their educational development. 

First Grade Sight Words 

Sight words give some sense to the sentence we communicate. Once you reach first grade, there are a lot of texts that kids are supposed to read and write to improve their academic performance. Therefore, you need to teach first grade sight words for the kids which are a little more complex than the kindergarten sight words.

2nd Grade Sight Words

Sight words for the second grade kids are a little more complex than kindergarten and 1st grade. Here, kids are expected to learn more sight words to improve their reading and writing skills. You can incorporate these 2nd grade sight words in the form of short stories, quiz, riddles, etc as part of your teaching activities.

3rd Grade Sight Words

We come across sight words in every text and speech of the English language. These are irregular in terms of pronunciation. Sight words constitute the major part of the sentences while communicating with others. The meaning of the sentences changes if you go wrong with any sight words. Therefore, you need to think and use appropriate words before communicating. Once your child is done with 2nd grade, focus on teaching 3rd grade sight words to them from the beginning of their session. 

Benefits of Sight Words For Kids

Some of the benefits of learning sight words for kids are mentioned below: 

  1. Building vocabulary skills. 
  2. Improving reading and writing skills. 
  3. Understanding of the phonetics. 
  4. Forming meaningful sentences. 
  5. Understanding of the words. 
  6. Improving academic performance. 
  7. Improving spelling skills. 
  8. Boosting confidence. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Sight Words For Kids

What Are Sight Words For Kids?

Sight words for kids are those sets of words that usually are used on a regular basis, such as, I, us, they, as, is, are, the, or and many more. These sight words for kids are quite small and are easy to identify.

How many sight words for kids can be taught in a day?

Sight words for kids are simple and straightforward. However, there is no particular way or number of sight words to be taught to kids. A few factors, such as age, a child’s memory, and their learning abilities play an important role in learning sight words. On average, you can teach 50 to 100 sight words for kids in a week.

What Are 50 Examples Of Sight Words For Kids?

Examples of 50 sight words for kids are, each, are, at, the, but, be, do, did, I, his, he, it, if, in, him, her, how, have, had, has, for, find, this, that, those, these, she, was, were, will, who, we, see, so, people, no, not, may, my, now, very, two, than, there, their, like, long, just, little and out.

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