3 Letter Words Ending in C

Words are the most basic part of learning a language. Teaching words for kids is important to help them speak fluently and read and write correctly. Before you teach your child 3 letter words ending in C, make sure that they know C words for kids.

Once your child has learned new words, help them revise using fun games and activities like scrabble. Hoping to play a game of Scrabble with your family? We’ve got a list of 3 Letter Words Ending in C you might want to refer to. The letter C holds 3 points and so using this letter can help you win if you play strategically! These 3 letter words for kids will not only help them in learning new words but also make them win the games that involves vocabulary and spelling skills.

List of 3 Letter Words Ending in C

Here’s a list of 3 Letter Words that end with the letter C:


How to Learn 3 Letter Words Ending in C

Vocabulary lessons will never be on a child’s to-do list. The best way to teach them new words and revise lessons is through fun activities and games. Here are some fun ways to help kids learn 3 letter words that end with C:

  • Using Flashcards: Flashcards are especially useful for visual learners. To help children learn new words, show them images of the words. As kids connect the word to it’s corresponding image, it helps them understand what the word means. It also ensures that they retain the word in their memory forever. Once your child is confident, conduct a word matching game. Ask your child to match the flashcard with the word to test their understanding of 3 letter words ending in C.
  • Reading Aloud: Read from a book in an animated fashion to teach your child some new 3 letter words ending in C. You could then have a conversation with your child by including these words in various sentences. If your child doesn’t like to read, try these fun reading games for kids to help them develop a reading habit.
  • Hopscotch: This is a great game to test your child’s spelling skills. All you have to do is refer to our list of 3 letter words ending in C to call out a word. Your child should be able to spell the word by hopping onto the correct letters in the right order. Explore more Spelling Activities!
  • Charades: Charades are a fun activity that most kids will participate enthusiastically in. So, use their love for the game to help them learn new words. All you have to do is help your child guess the word through funny acts or gestures.
  • Word Jumble: Give your child a big scrambled word. Your child must try to form 3 letter words ending in C using this big word by first unscrambling it. Here are some exercises to help you get started:
  1. A M C
  2. C P A
  3. I C M
  4. C R A
  5. O D C

We hope these fun activities prove to be useful for your child. For more Kids Learning games, check the rest of our website. We aim to blur the line between learning and fun!

Frequently Asked Questions on 3 Letter Words Ending in C

What are the 3 Letter Words Ending in C?

The 3 Letter Words Ending in C are Hic, Mac, Pic, Rec, Doc, Orc, Mic, Tic, Etc, Sec, Arc, etc. These are a few 3 Letter Words Ending in C for the kids to learn and understand their meaning and definitions.

How to teach 3 Letter Words Ending in C?

You can teach 3 Letter Words Ending in C by engaging kids in word building activities, flashcards, mock tests, reading activities, quizzes, word jumble, etc.