Christmas Words that Start with K

Christmas words that start with K can be taught to preschool children. Christmas is a unique and vibrant festival that kids look forward to the most. They receive presents from Santa Claus. However, there’s more to Christmas than presents and decorating the house. 

Kids get their Christmas holidays and spend their time playing. It is a seasonal holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. The 25th day of December was marked his birthday by the Roman Catholic Church years after his death. Christians celebrate this holiday all over the world.

Christmas Words that Start with the Letter K

Christmas related words that start with K are listed below. This holiday word list, including K words, can assist with Christmas themed lettering homework and tasks, namely – making customized notes for holiday photo cards or greeting cards.

If a child is learning words at school, Christmas is an excellent time to teach them new words. The 12 festive days of Christmas offer various new words, which enhances a kid’s vocabulary. Hence, here is a list of Christmas words that start with K.

Kind – heartednessKindred
King (Christ the…/Wenceslaus)Kings (Three/King-of…)
KrampusKris Kringle

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How to Teach Christmas Words that Start with K?

Add Christmas Jingles and Dance

Kids must practice the Christmas words that start with the letter K regularly. Also, the parents and teachers need to incorporate jingles the kids already know into the teaching process. Later, as the academic year goes on, if the teachers still wish to continue to teach the alphabets, the children may get bored with the same old music. However, they can be taught to sing backwards with some light dance. If the teaching sessions are interactive, kids love to learn.

Include Xmas Crafts

It is important to understand that the little learners require activities and crafts to create meaning. Again many activities and skills can be followed. During the holiday season, the children must be involved in learning the Christmas word that starts with K that are given above.

Sensory Activities

A few children learn letters quickly using the letter practice sheets, whereas others may require more attention and time to learn the alphabets. Children learn noticeably more when they have many multisensory activities with letters. Parents and teachers can incorporate sensory play into teaching alphabet letters. When kids indulge in meaningful activities, they begin to pick up on alphabetical names.

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