Number 6 Worksheets

Help Your Child Learn The Number 6 With These Free, Printable Number 6 Worksheets

Numbers play a very crucial part in our daily lives, we need numbers to count, measure, add, multiply and much more. You need numbers even to call and speak to someone on the phone. Introducing numbers to children at an early age helps them learn easily, so help kids learn numbers using fun number games for kids. Number recognition, counting and writing the numbers are a key part of a child’s early education. Once they know how to count from 1 to 5, it’s time to introduce them to some number 6 worksheets.

Children tend to learn the numbers 1 to 5 easily. And counting 5 objects is easy too. But the numbers 6 to 10 are tricky. Here are some tips and tricks to introduce your child to the number 6. Help them learn to read, write and count till 6 using simple math worksheets for kids like number 6 worksheets.

Number 6 Worksheets For Kids

Here are four number 6 worksheets to help your child learn to read and write the numeral 6. Additionally, these worksheets also help kids learn how to count and add using the number 6.

Number 6 Worksheets For Preschool

Help your child learn how to write the numeral 6 by tracing the number on the worksheet. Additionally, this worksheet also helps children learn to spell the number 6.

Practice writing number 6 on the worksheet: Number 6 worksheets for kids

Help your child boost their number recognition skills using fun color by numbers worksheets.

Number 6 Worksheets Kindergarten

Kindergarten is when kids learn that a number actually represents a particular quantity. Counting activities help children understand this concept easily. Help your kindergartner learn how to count to 6 using this worksheet.

Count and circle the 6 items on the worksheet: Free number 6 worksheets for kids

Check out counting kindergarten math worksheets to boost your kid’s counting skills.

Free Number 6 Worksheets For Elementary School

Math lessons in elementary school include basic arithmetic operations like addition and subtraction. Here are some simple number 6 worksheets to help your child learn how to add single digit and double digit numbers with 6.

Practice addition of numbers with 6: Printable number 6 worksheets for kids
Add the numbers with 6 on the worksheet: Number 6 printable worksheets for kids
Add the numbers on the worksheet: Worksheets on number 6 for kids

Check out addition worksheets for grade 1 to help your child practise their adding skills.

Activities To Help Children Learn The Number 6

Once your child can correctly identify the number 6 on a chart, they need to practice how to write the numeral. This can be quite tricky as they can easily get confused by numbers that look similar. For example: 6 and 9. Since these numbers look similar, a child could find it difficult to learn how to write these two numbers. 

To help clear their confusion, it’s best to tackle each number separately. Help your child revise the numbers using the number chart 1-20. Once they can confidently read out the numbers and write them, have the child solve number 6 worksheets. Games and hands-on activities are great tools to keep children engaged in their learning. Counting activities and games will keep your child entertained and learn at the same time.

  • Number 6 counting activity: Before you hand out number 6 worksheets to your child, teach your little one to count to 6 using this fun activity.
  • For this activity, you’ll need: Colorful felt paper, Scissors, Glue and a Large sheet of chart paper.

    Directions: Make 6 heart-shaped cutouts using colorful felt paper. You can make any shape of your choice, triangles, circles, squares or hearts. But ensure that you have 6 pieces of each shape. Ask your child to count 6 heart shape cutouts and glue them on the chart paper. This is also a great way to boost your child’s learning of shapes. Try shape games for kids to boost their learning.

  • Number 6 pasta and candy bracelets: This is one of the best math activities to help your child learn to count to 6. 
  • For this activity, you’ll need: Colorful dried pasta, Colorful candy with holes like Life Savers, Peach O’s, Sour straws, Elastic cord and Scissors.

    Directions: Pour the colorful dried pasta and candy in two separate bowls. Ask your child to count 6 pieces of pasta and 6 pieces of candy. Cut the elastic cord and thread the pasta and candy alternately. Kids can follow this pattern or any other random design. Tie the elastic cord into place and let the kids enjoy their creations. Try these counting activities for preschoolers to improve their counting skills.

Osmo has a variety of activities, games and worksheets to boost your kids learning, like the 6 times table to help them learn multiplication.

Frequently Asked Questions on Number 6 Worksheets

How Number 6 Worksheets help kids in learning numbers??

Number 6 Worksheets help children to learn counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing the number 6 with any given number. These worksheets also help kids to color and practice the worksheets at their own pace.

What are the different types of Number 6 Worksheets?

The different types of Number 6 Worksheets are Number 6 Worksheets for preschool, Number 6 Worksheets for kindergarten, Number 6 addition Worksheets, Number 6 subtraction Worksheets, Number 6 multiplication Worksheets and Number 6 division Worksheets.