Hard Spelling Bee Words

Hard Spelling Bee Words For Kids To Ace Their Spelling Skills

As children grow up, they learn to read, write and speak new words at home or in the classroom. Eventually, the curriculum at school gets tougher and kids will be introduced to grammar concepts, story-writing, essays, poems, etc. It is essential that children learn the spellings of the words to understand and write their own essays and stories. To achieve this, one of the most popular and prestigious spelling competitions is the spelling bee. After the kids get acquainted with easy words, you can teach hard spelling bee words to enhance their vocabulary. Apart from this, you can conduct spelling games for kids  to teach common words that are hard to spell. 

The spelling bee word game is played every year and children from all parts of the world participate. Learning really hard words to spell requires kids more preparation  before entering the competition. With this, kids will be able to learn very hard words to spell. With the help of these spelling activities for kids, there will be improvement in their language skills. Along with this, you can teach hard spelling bee words for children to practice at school or home with their friends. 

Why Is It Hard To Spell Common Words? 

Utilize hard spelling bee words along with their meanings to make the kids practice at school or home during their leisure time. It is essential that you provide really hard words to spell for the kids in order to practice and memorize them. Moreover, you can also include number spelling in the vocabulary list. Children can rewrite the spellings of the new words that they have learned unless they are well acquainted with them.

List Of Common Words That Are Hard To Spell

  • Albumen: The white of an egg is called Albumen. 
  • Liaison: It is a communication between people or organizations that eases a good working relationship among them.
  • Elucubrate: It  implies producing something with great effort. 
  • Crustaceology: It is a branch of zoology that deals with animals belonging to crustaceans like prawns, lobsters, crabs, shrimps, woodlice, etc.
  • Chauffeur:  A person whose job is to drive a private or hired car.
  • Cymotrichous: It means to possess wavy hair. 
  • Cerise: The pronunciation of this word goes “suh-rees”. Cerise is a light pinkish red.
  • Euonym: A name that fits and suits a person, place or thing who bears it.
  • Conscientious: It is an adjective that implies that a person is diligent and feels a moral obligation to be fair to others.
  • Threshold: The intensity that must be achieved in order to make some result/condition occur.
  • Liquefy: Although most of us would spell it as “liquify”, it is correctly spelt as Liquefy. The word means to make something liquid.
  • Onomatopoeia: It is a process of forming a word based on the sound it phonetically resembles.
  • Accommodate: This word is common but people often misspell it. It means to provide space for. 
  • Pursue: It is often misspelt as persue. The meaning of the word “pursue” is to follow or chase something. 
  • Rapport: It means a close relationship in which people understand each other and communicate well.
  • Koinonia: It implies a joint partnership. 
  • Minuscule: Often misspelt as “miniscule”, the word minuscule implies something tiny or minute. 
  • Macerate: The word “macerate” is generally used in reference to food, and it means to soften something by soaking it in a liquid. 
  • Incredible: Something that is extraordinary
  • Discipline: Being obedient and following rules
  • Audience: Group of spectators to listen or watch something
  • Canoeing: Narrow boat with paddling
  • Guardian: Someone who takes care
  • Miraculous: Power of nature
  • Questionnaire: A set of questions used for survey
  • Chrysanthemum: A beautiful flower
  • Punctuality: To be on time
  • Inquisitive: Curious about knowing something
  • Opinionated: Having certain ideas and beliefs

Know All About Hard Spelling Bee Competition  

A spelling bee is an international competition, originating in the USA, which invites children from different parts of the world to take part in the competition. Here, children are given complicated words and asked to spell them out. The level of complexity increases at every stage/round and in the end, the kid who can get the spellings right will be declared as the spelling bee champion of the year. 

Children who desire to participate in the spelling bee word competition must go through a rigorous preparation. They can learn spellings of new words from the dictionary, magazine, newspapers, storybooks, etc and practice them on a regular basis. The spelling bee game can immensely improve vocabulary skills and enhances kids’ learning experience. 

Tips To Prepare For Hard Spelling Bee Words

Some of the tips to prepare for common words that are hard to spell are mentioned below:

  • Read articles, story books, dictionaries, etc. 
  • Practice words with friends and family. 
  • Learn new words on a daily basis. 
  • Practice reading and writing words for better retention.
  • Learn basic spelling rules to spell words correctly. 
  • Be prepared for easy or hard spelling words. 

How To Play Hard Spelling Bee Words Games?

Apart from learning spellings, kids develop other important skills during the process. It includes critical thinking, problem solving, decision making and communication skills. You can conduct spelling bee word games at home or in the classroom. Not to forget, teachers can also conduct inter-class and inter-school competitions in the precinct to determine the best speller. Kids can also expect easy spelling words followed by complex ones in the beginning of the competition. 

  • You can select a list of hard spelling bee words which includes the word pronunciation, definition and an example of how that particular word can be used in a sentence.
  • Make the speller seated in their place and you can ask them to spell the words in an order.
  • The speller can say the spelling of the word more than once but cannot change the initial spelling of the word.
  • The speller can ask the judges to repeat the word more than once.
  • Spellers have to be seated in front of the judges so that the word pronunciation is clear.
  • If the speller spells the word incorrectly, the judges should provide the correct spelling of the word and disqualify the particular participant.
  • The spellers who spelled the words correctly will qualify and proceed to the next round.
  • The two final spellers remaining, will be asked to spell a word by the judges in the final round and one among them will be declared as the winner.

Importance Of Learning Hard Spelling Bee Words

The spelling bee word competition is conducted in rounds. The children participating in the spelling bee competition are known as spellers. Spellers are asked to spell one word in each round by the judges. The judges decide whether or not the word spelled by the speller is correct or incorrect. Their decision will be final. Learning very hard words to spell will not only teach vocabulary words for kids but also make them prepare for the competition. By participating in hard spelling bee words competition kids will be motivated to learn more and more. 

Benefits Of Learning Common Words That Are Hard To Spell

  • Children develop competitive spirit as they will be participating in the game with many other participants.
  • Spelling bee competition helps children to develop self-confidence and public speaking skills as they have to speak in front of hundreds of people and cameras recording the live event. 
  • Children will develop good communication skills by entering the spelling bee word competition and they will get a chance to meet new people across the world.
  • The spelling bee game improves children’s English speaking skills, vocabulary and spelling skills.
  • It helps in improving their vocabulary skills in order to read, write and speak well. 
  • Children will explore and acquire abundant information while preparing for the competition. 
  • They will learn to stay focussed in what they are doing. 
  • There is a sense of achievement in cracking each spelling put across them. 
  • Apart from spellings, children will get to know their meanings which will help them in understanding the concepts better. 
  • Children will learn spellings but will also manage their time, speed and accuracy while participating in the game. 
  • Participating in spelling games will motivate children to overcome their stage fear and become a good public speaker. 
  • It will help children to retain the words that they’ve come across during the competition. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Hard Spelling Bee Words

What are some of the hard spelling bee words for kids?

Some of the hard spelling bee words for kids are liaison, chauffeur, cerise, euonym, conscientious, accommodate, macerate, rapport, bourgeoisie, qualification, accommodation, implementation, education, creation, fundamentals, functionality, etc.

Why are hard spelling bee words important to kids?

Hard spelling bee words are important to kids because they can improve their communication by learning new words and form some simple sentences. Moreover, kids will also explore new and hard spelling bee words as they prepare for the competition.