Funny Math Puns For Kids

Looking for math puns to add some humor to your child’s math lessons? We’ve put together a list of the funniest and most hilarious math puns for kids. Math is not something that’s on top of a kid’s to-do list for the day. If possible, they’ll always find ways to wriggle out of a math lesson. If you ask your child, they can think of 100 more entertaining things to do or play than spend an hour learning math! But learning math is necessary. So, how do you entice your child to learn the subject?

The answer is simple, you need to make math more entertaining. Kids love playtime because it’s fun and entertaining. If math can be as fun and entertaining as playing, no kid will say no to learning math. The best way to do it is by sharing some funny math puns for kids. These math puns for kids are so hilarious it’s sure to “arithme-tickle” (get it?) their funny bone!

A good laugh is exactly what the math doctor ordered.

According to several researchers, laughter is the best medicine to reduce anxiety. It also helps boost participation, to learn new things and motivates people. Math puns are a great way to lighten up even the most boring of math classes. These funny math puns for kids will have your little one in a fit of giggles and math won’t seem so boring anymore. Additionally, math puns while being funny will also help them learn a few skills along the way. 

Puns are jokes that make a play on words. It exploits words with the same meaning or similar sounding words for a humorous effect. So in addition to math skills, your child will pick up some language skills too with math puns. So that’s two birds with one stone! These math puns for kids will also help you check your child’s understanding of various math topics they’re learning in school. So if they’re having trouble understanding the punchline, you can identify the problem areas and help your child work through them.

100 Funny math puns for kids

These 100 best math puns are proof that learning math can never be boring. Whether you’re looking for arithmetic, algebra or geometry math puns, odds are we’ve got you covered. These math puns offer a hilarious round of kid-friendly comedy gold that will keep your child in splits during their math lesson. And before long, these math puns will make your child will look forward to math classes. Let’s check out some hilarious math puns for kids, shall we?

List of Math Puns for Kids

  1. Why do plants hate math?
    Answer: It gives them square roots!
  2. What did the triangle say to the circle?
    Answer: You’re pointless!
  3. Why was 6 afraid of 7?
    Answer: Because 7, 8, 9 (7 ate 9)!
  4. Why was the math book depressed?
    Answer: It had too many problems!
  5. Alice was served a glass of water with 8 cubes of ice. But she doesn’t want to drink it. Why? Answer: It’s too cubed!
  6. Why did all the monsters in the class fail the math test?
    Answer: They aren’t all Count Dracula!
  7. Which king loved fractions?
    Answer: Henry the 1/8
  8. Why did the two fours skip lunch?
    Answer: Because they already 8!
  9. What is the butterfly’s favorite subject in school?
    Answer: Mothematics!
  10. Where did the math teachers go on vacation?
    Answer: To Times Square!
  11. What did the calculator say to the student?
    Answer: You can always count on me!
  12. What do you call a bunch of friends who love math?
    Answer: Alge-bros!
  13. Which snakes are good at math?
    Answer: Adders!
  14. What do you call the number 5 and the number 3 when they go out on a date?
    Answer: The odd couple!
  15. Why is the obtuse triangle always upset?
    Answer: Because it’s never right!
  16. What do you call people who like tractors?
    Answer: Protractors!
  17. Why was the fraction worried about marrying the decimal?
    Answer: Because he would have to convert!
  18. Who’s the king of the pencil case?
    Answer: The ruler!
  19. Why did Sammy do only half of his homework?
    Answer: He wanted to show his teacher how good he was at fractions!
  20. Why should you never talk to Pi?
    Answer: Because he will go on and on forever!
  21. How do you ask a mathematician on a date?
    Answer: Using a-cute angle!
  22. What are ten things you can always count on?
    Answer: Your fingers!
  23. Why did the square and rectangle not talk to the circle?
    Answer: Because there was no point!
  24. Why was Jon doing his multiplication sums on the floor?
    Answer: His mom had told him not to use the tables!
  25. Shep, the sheepdog chased all the sheep into the pen. He told the farmer “All 40 accounted for.” “But,” the farmer said, “ I only have 38 sheep, How did you get 40?”
    Answer: Shep said, “ Yep, I rounded them up!”
  26. A triangle and square went for the basketball team’s tryouts, but only the triangle got in. Why?
    Answer: They wanted only 3-pointers!
  27. What is a bird’s favorite type of math?
    Answer: OWL-gebra!
  28. What’s the math teacher’s favorite season?
    Answer: SUM-mer!
  29. Why can you never trust 2 people holding graph papers?
    Answer: They’re definitely plotting something!
  30. What do you call a number that can’t keep still?
    Answer: A roamin’ numeral! numeral!
  31. How do you make seven an even number?
    Answer: Just remove the “s”!
  32. Why did seven eat nine?
    Answer: Because you should eat 3 squared meals a day!
  33. What did one math book say to the other?
    Answer: Don’t bother me! I’ve got my own problems.
  34. Why did the girl always wear glasses during math class?
    Answer: To improve di-vision!
  35. What do you get when you divide the circumference of Jack-o-Lantern by its diameter?
    Answer: Pumpkin Pi!
  36. What do you call a man who spent all summer at the beach?
    Answer: A tan-gent!
  37. What do you get when you cross geometry with McDonald’s?
    Answer: A plane cheeseburger!
  38. What did the witch doctor say when she finally removed the curse on Molly?
    Answer: Hexagon!
  39. What’s the one shape you should avoid at all costs?
    Answer: A TRAP-ezoid!
  40. What’s a math teacher’s favorite kind of tree?
    Answer: Geometry!
  41. What do the dollar and the moon have in common?
    Answer: They both have four quarters!
  42. Why aren’t noses 12 inches long?
    Answer: Because then they’d be a foot!
  43. Why was the equal sign (=) so humble?
    Answer: Because it knew it wasn’t greater than or lesser than anything.
  44. What is a mathematician’s favorite kind of snake?
    Answer: Pi-thons!
  45. Why did the cops suspect the prime numbers?
    Answer: They were all odd!
  46. What is a mathematician’s favorite dessert?
    Answer: Pi-e!
  47. Why are parallel lines so sad?
    Answer: They have so much in common but they can’t ever meet.
  48. Why did the man run to the room’s corner when it was freezing?
    Answer: He thought he’d be warm where it’s always 90 degrees!
  49. What do you call a tea kettle whistling on top of a mountain?
    Answer: A high-pot-in-use! (Hypotenuse)
  50. Did you hear about the student who was afraid of negative numbers?
    Answer: She’d stop at nothing to avoid them.
  51. The butcher is 6 feet tall and wears size 9 shoes. What does he weigh?
    Answer: Meat, because he’s a butcher!
  52. What did the math professor say when his parrot escaped?
    Answer: Polygon!
  53. Why didn’t the quarter jump off the mountain with the dime?
    Answer: It had more cents!
  54. Why was Polly searching for pliers to solve her math problem?
    Answer: It asked her to find the multipliers!
  55. Who’s the leader of geometry?
    Answer: The ruler!
  56. What’s a swimmer’s favorite math operation?
    Answer: Dive-sion.
  57. What’s the best way to search for a math teacher?
    Answer: An add.
  58. Why didn’t the geometry professor go to school?
    Answer: She’d sprained her angle!
  59. What did zero say to 8?
    Answer: Wow! Nice belt.
  60. There’s a fine line between a numerator and a denominator…
    Answer: But only a fraction can understand it!
  61. Why did the bank reject the angle’s loan application?
    Answer: Because his parents wouldn’t cosine!
  62. Why did the 30-60-90 triangle marry the 45-45-90 triangle?
    Answer: They were right for each other.
  63. Why couldn’t the math teacher plow his fields?
    Answer: He tried to use his pro-tractor!
  64. I had an argument with a 30-60-90 triangle, but couldn’t win. Why?
    Answer: Turns out the triangle was right!
  65. What did the geometry teacher use to decorate her home?
    Answer: Area rugs.
  66. Why was the student upset after the long division class?
    Answer: Because he felt bad for the remainders!
  67. Do you know what I think is odd?
    Answer: Numbers that cannot be divided by 2.
  68. What do you call a hen that can count her own eggs?
    Answer: A mathemachicken!
  69. I hired an odd job man to finish 8 things in my house. But I only paid him half, why?
    Answer: He only worked on 1,3,5 and 7!
  70. What do you get when you cross a dog with a calculator?
    Answer: A friend you can always count on!
  71. Why didn’t the fractions a/c, b/c and d/c open the door when the bell rang?
    Answer: They were all over c’s! (Overseas)
  72. Why didn’t statistics win an award?
    Answer: Probably because it was average!
  73. Why shouldn’t you fear math?
    Answer: Because it’s really easy as pi (pie).
  74. Why did the cops revoke pi’s driver’s license?
    Answer: Because he wouldn’t stop!
  75. Why were the baker and the mathematician arguing?
    Answer: Because the mathematician said “πr2(Pi r squared)” and the baker said “No! Pies are round and cakes are square!”
  76. Why didn’t the atheist not like his lesson on exponents?
    Answer: Because he didn’t believe in higher powers!
  77. How does algebra make you a better dancer?
    Answer: Because you can use the algo-rhythm!
  78. What did the bee say when he understood the math lesson?
    Answer: Hive got it!
  79. Why did the psychiatrist think math was codependent?
    Answer: It always depends on others to solve its problems!
  80. Why was Shelly angry with the equation?
    Answer: It was derive-ing her crazy!
  81. Why are circles so hot?
    Answer: Because they’re always 360 degrees!
  82. What did eleven say to 20 when it was worried?
    Answer: You are 2 tens! (Too tense)
  83. Why did two and zero break up?
    Answer: Some one came between them!
  84. What did the plus sign say to cheer up the minus sign?
    Answer: Cheer up! I’m positive that you can make a difference!
  85. Why did the geometry lesson take so long?
    Answer: The teacher kept going off on a tangent!
  86. Why was the boy stirring paper numbers in a bowl?
    Answer: His math homework said to create mixed numbers?
  87. Why did the math teacher go to see a doctor?
    Answer: He was sure he saw a sine of problems!
  88. How did Mary get a Tangerine?
    Answer: She divided Singerine by Cosgerine. ( Sin/Cos = Tan)
  89. Why was the right triangle sweating?
    Answer: Because it was 90 degrees!
  90. Why didn’t King Arthur and his knights use a square table?
    Answer: Because it wasn’t a-round!
  91. Why were the square roots so chirpy?
    Answer: Because they’re always positive!
  92. Why wouldn’t 4 cross the road?
    Answer: Because it was 2 squared! (Too scared)
  93. Why shouldn’t math teacher’s call their students average?
    Answer: Because it’s a mean thing to say!
  94. Winnie had 50 cupcakes and she ate 30 of them. What does she have now?
    Answer: A tummy ache!
  95. How did the circle say goodbye to his friends?
    Answer: I’ll see you a-round!
  96. Where do multiplication problems eat?
    Answer: On times tables!
  97. What is black and white and has a lot of problems?
    Answer: A math test!
  98. Why did the glue fail the math test?
    Answer: Because it got stuck on the problems!
  99. What was the boy looking for after the rain?
    Answer: He heard that it rained an inch and 3 quarters and was looking for the 3 quarters.
  100. Why did 4 break up with 5?
    Answer: He thought 5 was odd!

Do you know any math puns that aren’t included here? Learning math won’t be a drag anymore. Your kids will get a kick out of these amazing math puns and they’ll readily agree to math lessons.

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