Thanksgiving Words

Explore Thanksgiving Word List To Improve Kids Vocabulary

Thanksgiving is the most awaited holiday for kids. It is basically celebrated on the last Thursday of November in the United States. This is an extremely important time for kids to have fun and at the same time learn a few thanksgiving words to improve their vocabulary. What can be more effective than teaching the thanksgiving word list in the form of activities. Allow kids to explore the joyous time of thanksgiving and learn new words that they have never heard before. Besides this, conduct thanksgiving crossword puzzles for kids in order to increase their vocabulary for good communication skills. 

On thanksgiving, kids are always very excited to decorate their houses and spend some quality time with their family members. Why can’t we take this opportunity to teach thanksgiving words that start with k and q? Well, thanksgiving celebrations aren’t only related to eating but also learning something new. To make learning more convenient, check word search puzzles for kids to understand q and k words for thanksgiving in order to improve their spelling skills. Let us explore some of the easy, great  and funny thanksgiving words here.

Here are Some of the Thanksgiving Word Lists for Kids as Mentioned Below: 

Family Corn
Feast Turkey
Apple PieCandy
Calendar Blessing 
Greetings Prayer
Desert Sweet
Stuffing Voyage
Traditional Grateful 
MayflowerPilgrim hat
Gathering Bread
Blessings Thankful 

Vocabulary List of Thanksgiving Words for Kids 

Thanksgiving Words That Start With K

  1. Kitchen 
  2. Kindness
  3. Kernels
  4. Kale

Thanksgiving Words That Start With Q

  1. Quality time
  2. Quince Pie
  3. Quail
  4. Quinoa
  5. Questions 

Easy Thanksgiving Words for Kids 

  1. Baking
  2. Apple Pie
  3. Cornbread
  4. Holiday 
  5. Family 
  6. Drinks
  7. Fruits 
  8. Vegetables 

Great Thanksgiving Words for Kids 

  1. Cornucopia 
  2. Tofurkey 
  3. Black Friday 
  4. Blessing 
  5. Joy
  6. Games 
  7. Football

Why is Learning Thanksgiving Words So Important for Kids? 

In our busy lives, we must take some time out to be thankful for the things we have. This is a time where you can spend quality time with family and friends. Being thankful and feeling gratitude for the things in your life is very important. You need to inculcate the same in your children for being grateful and praying together. Kids at an early age start picking up words and this is the right time where they can learn thanksgiving words with full interest. These words will infuse a deep understanding of being thankful to others and the importance of togetherness. You can also include christmas crossword puzzles to have some idea about the words and the celebrations. 

Some of the Benefits of Learning Thanksgiving Words are Mentioned Below:

  1. Understanding the importance of thanksgiving words.
  2. Showing respects and gratitude for the celebration of thanksgiving. 
  3. Understanding the meaning of thanksgiving words. 
  4. Developing vocabulary skills. 
  5. Enjoying the feast with family and friends. 
  6. Developing creativity and imagination. 
  7. Creating bonding with others. 
  8. Developing social skills. 
  9. Enjoying and having fun in learning words
  10. Being grateful for the things that you have. 

Activities That Help in Learning Thanksgiving Words for Kids

It is important to teach kids the cultural aspects of thanksgiving. They will understand it in much better ways when something is taught in the form of activities. There is a thanksgiving word list which constitutes a substantial amount of easy, funny and great words. You need to make sure that kids learn thanksgiving words in order to scale up their level of communication. 
Include interactive and engaging activities so that kids learn the words effortlessly. You can also explore crafts for kids in order to get some exciting ideas for kids. Sometimes, kids come up to you and ask what the meaning of these words are and the list goes on. It is better that you incorporate those words in the form of activities which will be retained in their memory for a longer time.

Frequently Asked Questions on Thanksgiving Words

What are some of theThanksgiving Words for kids?

Some of the Thanksgiving Words for kids are Pumpkin, Turkey, Candy, Gratitude, Home, Merry, Prosperous, Teepee, Bread, Blessings, Mayflower, Seasons, Cook, Traditional, Stuffing, Greetings, Calendar, Holiday, and Family.

What are some of the easy Thanksgiving Words?

Some of the easy Thanksgiving Words are kale, kernels, quail, quinoa, questions, holiday, fruits, drinks, vegetables, baking, apple pie, tofurkey, joy, games, football, bless, blessing, cornbread, quince pie, kind, kindness, etc.