Kindergarten Math Games

Best Math Games For Kindergarten To Enhance Their Mathematical Concepts

Mathematics is constituted as one of the core subjects in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and it is critical to teach your kindergartener the basic concepts of Mathematics. The basic mathematical concepts can be introduced to them with the help of kindergarten math games specifically designed keeping in mind their needs and interests. There are free online math games for kindergarten available in order to enhance your kids learning. Needless to say, these are the best math games for kindergarten kids designed to develop interest and eagerness to learn mathematical concepts. 

Kindergarten kids are very joyful and extremely energetic in learning when presented in a creative way. It is quite possible that they can lose interest in understanding the concept but eventually you have to keep trying innovative kindergarten math games. Kids at this age learn counting and recognizing numbers and shapes. Therefore, you can download printable kindergarten math games for kids. In addition to this, explore math activities for kindergarten to get ideas on different types of games. 

Simple Math Games For Kindergarten Kids

Does your child find difficulty in understanding math? If yes, you can explore easy math games for kindergarten to make them understand the concepts in a simple way. If you teach numbers or shapes verbally, there are chances of not retaining the information in the memory for a long time. To overcome this, you can explore number games for kids so that they can count and recognize the number in a creative way. You can find fun math games online for kindergarten in order to get easy and understandable content. For now, check out these cool math games for kindergarten that help children to understand the concepts in a fun and interesting way.

List Of Free Kindergarten Math Games For Kids:

  • Ball and bucket Math game for kindergarten kids to learn about place values
  • Materials required to play this Math game for kindergarteners

    Three to four colorful buckets or containers, balls or marbles

    Instructions to play the game

    Place values are one of the fundamental and essential concepts in Mathematics subjects. Units, tens, hundreds, thousands, etc are the place values in the number system. To understand this, play this simple kindergarten Math simple game with your kindergartener. Take 3 to 4 colorful buckets or containers and label them units, tens, hundreds and so on. Place these buckets next to each other. Next, grab a handful of marbles or balls and throw them into individual buckets. Multiply the face value of the balls to get the place value of the number. For example, let’s assume bucket 1 contains 1 ball, bucket 2 contains 2 balls and bucket 3 contains 3 balls. Place value of 1 is 1X1 = 1, place value of 2 is 1X10 = 20 and place value of 3 is 3X100 = 300. Face value is the numerical value of that particular digit.

  • Make your kindergartener draw a huge number line to understand the concept of the number line
  • Materials required to play this Math game for kindergarteners

    Colorful chalk pieces, a thread, or a long stick to draw a straight line

    Instructions to play the game

    The number line is a simple Mathematical concept that contains a straight line. The center of the number line always has the value 0. The right side of the number line contains positive integers such as +1,+2,+3 and so on and the left side of the number line from 0 has negative integers such as -1,-2,-3, etc. To understand this easy Mathematical concept, draw a huge line using chalk in your background or playground. A straight-line can be drawn free-hand or with the help of a long stick or a thread. Mark 0 at the center of the line, positive and negative numbers to the right and left side of the line. Call a number out loud, let’s say -5 and make your kindergartener walk along the line and stand where -5 is marked. Call out different numbers and let your child repeat the same activity. In no time, he/she can easily get a hang of the number line.

  • Fun addition and subtraction Math games for your kindergartener using candies!
  • Materials required to play this Math game for kindergarteners

    A handful of your child’s favorite candy

    Instructions to play the game

    Children love candies. What if we combine Math and candies to learn basic Mathematical concepts! Basic arithmetic operations such as addition and subtraction can be taught to your kindergartener easily with the help of some of their favorite candies. Take a bunch of candies and play simple addition and subtraction games with them by distributing the candies and taking them away. For example, place four candies in their hand and ask them to say the number of candies in hand. Now, take away two candies from those four candies and ask them to tell the total number of candies. This same can be played for teaching your kindergartner multiplication and division, the other two arithmetic operations. This interesting kindergarten Math game can teach your child all about the basic four arithmetic operations in less time.

  • Board games to learn how to add the numbers
  • Materials required to play this Math game for kindergarteners

    Any board game with numbers printed (snake and ladder), a pair of dice, pawns

    Instructions to play the game

    There are a number of advantages associated with board games, especially with kindergarten kids. Moving the pawn and rolling the dice increases their brick and motor skills and hand flexibility. Playing board games can drastically enhance their cognitive skills and logical thinking. Along with this, kids can also learn how to add numbers.

    It is suggested to use snake and ladder board games to learn addition easily. Snake and ladder game comes with a huge colorful board with one-hundred numbers printed on it, colorful pawns, and a pair of dice. The pawns are moved according to the number that falls on the dice.

    Make your kindergartener roll the dice and ask him to move the pawn according to it. Ask him/her to say the numbers out loud when moving the pawn. For example, when the pawn is at the second position on the board and the dice rolls to five, the pawn should be moved to the seventh position (5+2 = 7). In this way, your child can learn how to add the numbers easily.

  • Dice games for kindergarten math to learn numbers 
  • Materials required to play this kindergarten math game

    Paper, Pen, Dice

    Instructions to play the game

    These are really exciting kindergarten math games with dice for the kids who are just recognizing the numbers. You can take dice consisting of numbers written on it. Take a sheet of paper and write numbers on the same. Ask your child to roll the dice and recognize the number. Keep repeating the task multiple times so that kids can recognize and memorize the numbers for better retention. You can also explore kindergarten math games on ipad as well. 

  • Lego math games for kindergarten to learn numbers
  • Materials required to play this kindergarten math game

    Lego, paper and pen

    Instructions to play the game 

    Kids at this age are very creative and imaginative. Therefore, you can explore this side by making them learn numbers with the help of lego. You can assign numbers to the kids so that they build blocks with these colorful legos. These are the good math games for kindergarten kids in terms of enhancing their recognition of numbers. Apart from this, kids will explore their creativity skills for better learning outcomes. 

  • Kindergarten math games for home to learn different shapes 
  • Materials required to play this kindergarten math game

    Household items

    Instructions to play this game 

    Kids just love to run around and explore things at home. You can utilize this opportunity to teach 2d and 3d shapes for kids. Ask them to explore and hunt items that resemble a particular shape. It includes a circle, oval, triangle, cone, rectangle, cuboid, square, etc. Kids can explore things such as ice cream cone for cone, book for cuboid, ball for circle, eggs for oval, etc. With this activity, the children will connect different shapes with household items. 

Benefits Of Kindergarten Math Games 

Some of the benefits of simple kindergarten math games are mentioned below: 

  1. Creates interest and eagerness to learn in children. 
  2. Develops engagement and enthusiasm to learn. 
  3. Develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 
  4. Fun and entertaining for children. 
  5. Develops higher retention of information among children. 
  6. Improves concentration and focus in children. 
  7. Develops creativity and imaginative skills. 
  8. Encourages children to learn at their own pace. 
  9. Visually attractive games for children. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Kindergarten Math Games

What are some of the simple Kindergarten Math Games?

Some of the simple Kindergarten Math Games are counting games, bucket and the ball games, coloring the numbers, dice games, fun subtraction and addition games, number board activities, Lego math games, etc.

What are the advantages of Kindergarten Math Games?

The benefits of Kindergarten Math Games are that they are engaging and helping kids to improve their social skills. These games also develops kids critical thinking and creative thinking abilities. Moreover, these games also keep children entertained and help them learn effectively.

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