V Words For Kids

Words That Start With V

The letter v is a reliable letter that usually sounds /vvv/ as in the case of van, viper, vanity, etc. It  contributes to the formation of meaningful words for communication. Therefore, these words add to the vocabulary list for clear interpretation of information. However, these lists of v words for kids help in connecting words to sentences and eventually a language. To enhance their understanding, you need to come up with exciting activities that help them in learning words that start with v. Besides this, explore words for kids in order to have a brief idea about the tips and tricks to learn words in a systematic way. 

Most importantly, you need to inspire your kids to learn the words in such a way that it helps them to attain mastery in the language. Plan engaging activities with kids where they feel interested in learning something new. For example, you can ask kids to read, write, draw, explore, play or come up with creative ideas where they can develop their critical thinking skills. Teach letter v words for kids by connecting with real life situations. Also, encourage them to actively participate in spelling activities for kids in order to build a strong foundation of vocabulary. 

A List of V Words for Kids

Here is the list of v words for kids to develop their communication skills and keep them actively involved in developing language skills. 

V Words for Kids 

Victory Vest

A List of Kindergarten V Words for Kids

Kindergarten kids are extremely joyful when it comes to learning words. Though the words that start with v are small, kids feel a sense of accomplishment after learning them which is pretty significant. Therefore, explore the list of letter v words for kids as mentioned below:

V Words for Kindergarten Kids


A List of Preschool V Words for Kids

Kids at this age just love to explore words that start with letter v around them. Learning these words will definitely help kids to recognise the letter v and build strong vocabulary skills. 

Preschool Words That Start With V

Viable Vocational
Various Velvet

V Vocabulary List of Words for Kids: 

3 Letter Words That Start With V

  1. Vet
  2. Van
  3. Vat

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4 Letter Words That Start With V

  1. Vein
  2. Very
  3. Vast

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5 Letter Words That Start With V

  1. Visit
  2. Viper
  3. Video
  4. Vault
  5. Voice

Activities That Help In Learning V Words For Kids

We are aware of the fact that letter v is one of the consonants and plays an important role in communication. You need to explain the importance of words in exchanging information with others in the form of activities. Kids enjoy learning when you create an interactive session for them. Therefore, design and implement activities that help kids in learning words that start with letter v. Apart from this, conduct cvc games for kids so that they understand the difference between consonants and vowels. With this, they will be able to categorize words and use them appropriately. 

Some of the activities that help in learning letter v words for kids are as follows: 

  • Reading Activity: Provide short storybooks to the children and ask them to read it loudly. Once they are done with reading, provide a sheet of paper and ask them to jot down the words that start with the letter v. With this, kids will prepare a list of v words that were used in the story. It will improve their concentration as well as writing skills. Apart from this conduct reading games for kids to enhance their reading skills. 
  • Coloring Activity: Do kids like coloring? Obviously yes, it is the most entertaining activity that you can conduct for children. You can give worksheets consisting of words starting with the letter v and its related images. Ask them to color the words and the pictures at their own pace similar to alphabet coloring pages. With this activity, they will not only have fun while coloring but also learn words with better retention.
  • Visual Activity: This is quite an interesting activity where you can ask kids to connect the v words images with the real-life situations. You can hand over flashcards consisting of images that start with the letter v. Here, kids have to recognize and tell whether they can connect the images with their day-to-day life activities. With this, they will be able to enhance their thinking skills for better understanding.
  • Writing Activity: As we say, practice makes a man perfect. Similarly, kids need to have a lot of practice to write words that they are learning. You can provide connecting the dot  worksheets consisting of letter v words with upper and lower case letters. With this, they will be able to learn and recognize the words instantly followed by improving their writing skills. However, you can also conduct writing games for kids for their better retention of the words. 

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