Problem Solving For Kids

Try These Problem-Solving Activities And Games To Make Your Kid Smarter

As your child grows up, he/she begins to deal with certain types of problems that can be intellectually challenging, physically or mentally complicated, emotional problems, etc. As a parent, it is your responsibility to teach your kid how to tackle these problems without feeling anxious or stressed. 

From a young age, you can teach your kids to solve simple puzzles and games which will drastically help them to improve their problem-solving skills. These games are fun to play and also teach your child to find a solution to a particular problem. These games and puzzles also help them to enhance their logical reasoning and critical thinking along with improving kids’ problem-solving skills.

Benefits Of Performing Problem Solving Activities For Kids:

  • Problem-solving activities build self-confidence and self-esteem in your kid
  • Problem-solving games help children to develop a positive attitude towards life
  • These activities help your kids to enhance their social and emotional skills
  • Problem-solving activities can drastically impact your kid’s brain activity and make him/her smart
  • These games and activities improve your kid’s logical reasoning skills

Different Types Of Problem-Solving Activities And Puzzles For Your Kids:

  • Teach Your Kid To Solve Rubix Cubes
  • Teaching your child to solve Rubix cubes is one of the best ways to enhance his/her problem-solving skills. Rubix cubes contain square-shaped blocks of various colors. 3×3, 6×6, or 9×9 grids Rubix cubes are available in stores and online. Kids are supposed to twist the different grids and align them in such a way that all the colors are matched. 

    This can be a little challenging at the beginning but once your kid gets a hang of it, he/she can easily solve the Rubix cube in a couple of minutes. Solving Rubix cubes drastically enhances your child’s brain activities and helps them to think logically.

  • Crossword Puzzles Teach Them To Find The Solution To A Problem With The Help Of Hints
  • Crossword puzzles are a brilliant vocabulary game that helps your kid to improve their vocabulary skills along with problem-solving skills. Crossword puzzles are available in books, newspapers and online. They contain square-shaped blocks that are horizontally and vertically aligned. 

    Certain blocks are filled with letters and the rest of the blocks are empty. These puzzles can be solved with the help of the hints that are shared alongside the puzzle. Crossword puzzles help your kid to read the hints and find the solution on their own for a particular problem.

  • Solving Jigsaw Puzzles Are A Great Way To Enhance Your Kid’s Problem-Solving Skills
  • Solving jigsaw puzzles is one of the popular and simple activities for your kids to increase their problem-solving skills. These puzzles are available for kids of all age groups ranging from 3-12. Jigsaw puzzles contain a number of wooden or cardboard pieces and a board. Usually, a picture of an animal or scenery will be given as the reference. 

    Kids are supposed to look at the picture and align the puzzle pieces to create a replica of that particular picture. Solving jigsaw puzzles is the most exciting and interesting activity to enhance your kid’s problem-solving skills. Some of these puzzles can be more challenging and complicated which consumes a lot of time. To make this activity more interesting, you can time your kid and ask him/her to solve the puzzle in a certain amount of time.

  • Finding The Best Route Game Is Fun To Play!
  • Finding the best route game increases your child’s brain ability while solving the puzzle. This game has many routes that are in different shapes and your kid should search for the best route to reach the destination. For example, the rabbit wants to eat the carrot but there is a distance between these two entities. Your kid has to find the route to help the rabbit eat his carrot. 

    Children can make use of pencils or color pens to draw the routes. Some of these routes are blocked or can make your child stuck at a certain place. They might have to start all over again to find the best route. The activity can get frustrating at times but it is one of the best ways to enhance your child’s problem-solving skills.

  • Coding Games Can Improve Your Kid’s Problem-Solving Skills
  • Coding for kids has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. It is not just meant for adults or older kids but young kids also learn the basics of coding as it drastically improves their problem-solving skills. Simple coding games and activities are available online for young kids to learn the basics of coding.

    Coding mostly involves the fundamentals of mathematics which also enhances your child’s mathematical skills. Different computer languages like HTML, X, C++, Java, Python, etc are some of the popular programming languages and the basics of these languages can be learned with the help of coding games for kids.