Math Games For Grade 5

Interesting 5th Grade Math Games For Kids To Learn Mathematical Concepts

By the time your child enters 5th grade, they’re probably going to be diving deeper into more advanced math concepts. By conducting math games for grade 5, your child will begin to understand these concepts better while having fun. These interesting 5th grade math games for kids are designed in such a way that they will be able to understand and solve mathematical problems within a fraction of seconds. 

Apart from addition and subtraction, kids have to increase their level by exploring fractions, decimals, multiplication and place value games 5th grade designed for their educational development. These math activities are created keeping in mind the different learning styles and patterns of each kid. You can conduct math games for grade 5 in a creative way for kids . 

Engaging And Fun Math Games For Grade 5 

These interactive educational games blur the line between learning and fun by encouraging kids to learn through hands-on play. Kids don’t even realize they’re learning while they hone their creativity, fine motor skills, critical thinking, and imagination. Not to forget, math worksheets for kids do increase their attention span in learning mathematical concepts. Here are a few interesting math  games for grade 5 that lessen your child’s math anxiety and take the fear out of figures. 

List Of Math Games For Grade 5 

  • Roll It- Multiplication Games for Grade 5: Does your child feel difficulty in learning multiplication? If so, then come up with exciting math games for your child where they can play with dice which is not unusual for them. Ask your child to roll the dice and note down the number, then allow them to roll it again. Suppose, they have got 4 in the first attempt and 2 in the second. Now, ask your child to multiply these numbers i.e., 4 x 2= 8. Ask them to note down their answer and award points based on the number of correct answers they’ve got.
  • Pizza Co. – 5th Grade Math Game to Learn Fraction: Imagine if you could run your very own pizza shop. You’d get to make delicious pizza, serve customers, and watch your business grow! Osmo’s Pizza Co. game makes this dream a reality. As you use tangible pizza and money tiles to manage your shop, you get to decipher customer’s reactions to your yummy pizza, calculate change, and hopefully even make profits! Get started on this delicious learning journey today and get a supreme combo of learning + fun.
  • Compare It – Math Games For Grade 5 Decimals: You can increase your child’s knowledge on decimals with regular practice. This is possible by asking kids to compare the decimal numbers by greater than, equal to and less than. Start from double digit numbers and gradually increase the level based on their understanding. For example, out of 2.55 and 2.05, which is the greatest number? Similarly, you can assign such numbers to the kids.
  • Tangram – Geometry Game for 5th Grade: Osmo’s Tangram game shows you how much fun learning geometry can be! In this game, you get to arrange tangible Tangram tiles to match the puzzle on your screen, all while developing spatial awareness through hands-on play. Playing puzzle games like Tangram have several other benefits that include improved hand-eye coordination and motor skills, critical thinking, problem-solving, and self-confidence.
  • Convert it- Fraction Games for 5th Grade: Help your child to recognise and convert fractions into decimals. Explain that the above number in fraction is called a numerator and the number placed below is denominator. Ask kids to convert ½ into a decimal number i.e, 0.5. Similarly, you can ask kids to start converting single digit numbers followed by double digits.
  • Numbers – Best 5th Grade Math Game to Learn Counting & More: One among Osmo’s best-selling math games for grade 5 is the Numbers game. All you have to do is play with physical tiles to add, count, and multiply to match the numbers on the screen. Once they match, cartoon bubbles burst with a pop. 
  • Find it- Place Value Games for 5th Grade: It is important for kids to learn place value in order to solve mathematical problems easily. At the beginning of their learning period, kids must understand and identify ones, tenths, hundredths and so on. For that, you have to give them a set of decimal numbers such as 2.9, 5.60, 4.333, etc. Ask them to identify the tenth place from the given numbers. Similarly, you can ask kids to identify the other numbers for better understanding of the place value. This is one of the important 5th grade math games for kids where they can learn place value efficiently. 
  • Math Buzz – Master Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication: Take the yawn out of math equations with a game where you’re a bee collecting honey for your hive! But there’s a challenge – you need to get rid of the wasps who are out to get you! The only way to get past these swaps is by solving various math problems and gaining expertise in addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Explore, Math Buzz now!
  • Spot It- Place Value Math Games For Grade 5: Kids at this age should be able to identify the place value of  integers, fractions or decimal numbers within fraction of seconds. Prepare a sheet consisting of place value numbers where kids have to identify the digit at place within the given frame of time. You can assess their knowledge and concentration based on the number of correct answers. 
  • Math Riddles: Needless to say, riddles are one of the most entertaining math games for grade 5 kids. With this, they will be able to critically think about the problems and come up with logical solutions. Moreover, riddles for kids will help them in learning addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 
  • Measure it: Kids at this age would have been exposed to measurement units in mathematics. To enhance their understanding, you can ask kids to identify items in kg, liters, meters, etc.  You can keep things such as mangoes, milk, and a piece of cloth on the table. Then, ask kids to keep a flashcard written kg, liter and meter in front of them according to their measurement. 
  • Weigh it: Make kids guess the weight of the vegetables and fruits kept in front of them. Write down the weight that they have predicted. Once they are done with it, measure the weight of the items accurately. Compare the numbers that kids have predicted before and the accurate weight of the items. 
  • Passing the Ball: This is a fun and entertaining math game for kids. Here, make all the kids stand in a circle and start passing the ball in an anticlockwise direction. But the trick is that, while passing the ball kids have to answer the question that you ask related to math. It can be what is 5+ 6, sides of a square, geometric shapes of any items, etc. If the kids are not able to answer within the given time frame, they would be disqualified from the game. 
  • Explore Shapes: We see things around that have certain shapes. Isn’it? Similarly, we can assess kids’ knowledge on two dimensional and three dimensional shapes. For example, a ball, ice cream cone, book, etc. Along with exploring, you can ask kids to tell a few facts about that particular shape. This will help them to understand about the shapes and ultimately learn about its mathematical concepts in detail. 
  • Flip it: This is  one of the math card games for kids where you need some cards with numbers written on them. Make two sets of cards and place it in front of the kids. Then, ask them to take one card from the set and flip it to see what number they have got. Ask them to write down the number. Similarly, flip the next card from the other set. Now, take two numbers and divide them to get accurate answers within the given frame of time. If kids are successful in doing so, give them points. 
  • Solve it: With this activity, kids can learn multiplication by critical thinking about the answers. Provide a crossword puzzle sheet with numbers arranged randomly.  Give them a set of multiplication numbers such as 2 x 2= 4, 9 x 2 = 18 or 3 x 5= 15. Kids have to mark the multiplication numbers diagonally, vertically or horizontally on the crossword puzzle sheet. 
  • Complete it: Ask kids to complete the given equation within the given time frame such as 56 x 22= 1232, 89- 60 = 29, 15 x 10= 150, etc. This game will enhance their speed and accuracy to solve mathematical problems. 
  • Round it: This is an extremely important mathematical concept for kids to learn. You have to give decimal numbers which they need to solve by rounding thousandths, hundredths and tenths. 

Benefits Of Conducting Math Games For Grade 5 

Some of the benefits of conducting fun math games for grade 5 are mentioned below: 

  • Provides a platform for exploring fundamental math concepts. 
  • Encourages kids to learn at their own pace. 
  • Improves visualization and problem solving skills. 
  • Develops higher retention of information with the help of  hands-on activities. 
  • Improves reading comprehension. 
  • Develops critical thinking and logical reasoning skills. 
  • Encourages kids to be creative in whatever they do. 

Science, technology, engineering, and math are subjects that often sound boring to children. We aim to transform the learning experience for your child by making our games hands-on. With these hands-on games, children are playing while learning too. Not only are your children learning important skills, but they’re also broadening their understanding of the world around them, and honing their creativity, problem-solving skills, curiosity, and imagination. 

We hope our math games for grade 5 make your child love the (otherwise dreaded) subject! For more interactive games, check the rest of our website. With Osmo, learning never has to be monotonous or boring! Shop now.

Frequently Asked Questions on Math Games For Grade 5

What are some of the Math Games For Grade 5?

Some of the Math Games For Grade 5 are exploring the geometric shapes and counting the numbers sequentially, fliping the numbers and solving them, conducting math puzzles and riddles, spotting the place values, etc.

What are the advantages of introducing Math Games For Grade 5?

The advantages of introducing Math Games For Grade 5 are that it will help kids to learn and understand the math concepts at their own pace, enhance their logical thinking and critical thinking abilities, and help them to remember the concepts for a long time.