Math Games for Grade 5

By the time your child enters 5th grade, they’re probably going to be diving deeper into more advanced math concepts. With our math games for grade 5, your child will begin to understand these concepts better while having fun too!

Osmo Math Games for Grade 5

Osmo’s interactive educational games blur the line between learning and fun by encouraging kids to learn through hands-on play. Kids don’t even realize they’re learning while they hone their creativity, fine motor skills, critical thinking, and imagination.

Here are a few award-winning math games for grade 5 that lessen your child’s math anxiety and take the fear out of figures:

  1. Pizza Co. – 5th Grade Math Game to Learn Addition, Subtraction & Fraction
  2. Imagine if you could run your very own pizza shop. You’d get to make delicious pizza, serve customers, and watch your business grow! Osmo’s Pizza Co. game makes this dream a reality. 

    As you use tangible pizza and money tiles to manage your shop, you get to decipher customer’s reactions to your yummy pizza, calculate change, and hopefully even make profits! Get started on this delicious learning journey today and get a supreme combo of learning + fun.

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  3. Tangram – Geometry Game for 5th Grade
  4. Osmo’s Tangram game shows you how much fun learning geometry can be! In this game, you get to arrange tangible Tangram tiles to match the puzzle on your screen, all while developing spatial awareness through hands-on play.

    Playing puzzle games like Tangram have several other benefits that include improved hand-eye coordination and motor skills, critical thinking, problem-solving, and self-confidence.

  5. Numbers – Best 5th Grade Math Game to Learn Counting & More
  6. One among Osmo’s best-selling math games for grade 5 is the Numbers game. All you have to do is play with physical tiles to add, count, and multiply to match the numbers on the screen. Once they match, cartoon bubbles burst with a pop!

    For more addition & subtraction games, check out Osmo’s Math Wizard series for grades 1 & 2!

  7. Math Buzz – Master Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication
  8. Take the yawn out of math equations with a game where you’re a bee collecting honey for your hive! But there’s a challenge – you need to get rid of the wasps who are out to get you! The only way to get past these swaps is by solving various math problems and gaining expertise in addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Explore, Math Buzz now!

We hope our math games for grade 5 make your child love the (otherwise dreaded) subject! For more interactive games, check the rest of our website.

How Osmo Makes Learning Math Fun for Grade 5

Science, technology, engineering, and math are subjects that often sound boring to children. At Osmo, we aim to transform the learning experience for your child by making our games hands-on. With these hands-on games, children are playing while learning too!

Not only are your children learning important skills, but they’re also broadening their understanding of the world around them, and honing their creativity, problem-solving skills, curiosity, and imagination. 

With Osmo, learning never has to be monotonous or boring! Shop now.