U Words For Kids

Words That Start With U

U words for kids are rarely found in the English vocabulary. The letter U is an exciting alphabet. However, both the parent languages of English, German and Latin, use it differently from the way English does. Latin turns V into a vowel that is not U. It is also quite different when it comes to the sound in German. However, English is the language that keeps things easy, yet the letter U is a rarely used letter among all the English vowels, that is, 13th in overall frequency. 

Tutors can introduce kids to some short U words for kids. By doing this, children find it easier to learn the words. In addition to this, kids can be taught according to their grades, namely, preschool and kindergarten. Later they can be taught four and five letter words as well as long U words for kids.

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List Of U Words For Kids

Till the time kids begin to learn the letter U sound, the parents and teachers must teach them some basic words. Then, the tutors can include the below provided U words for kids while teaching the alphabetical words.

U Words For Kids


List Of U Words For Kindergarten Kids

Though the words that start with U are pretty small, Kindergarten achievements are significant. Hence, spread the joy to kindergarteners with these basic letter U words for kids.

U Words For Kindergarten Kids


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List Of Preschool Words That Start With U

Preschoolers love discovering these easy words that start with the letter U. Learning these words assists the children in recognizing the U sound and starting building a solid vocabulary right from a young age.

Preschool U Words For Kids

UniformUpside down

U Vocabulary List of Words For Kids:

Short U Words For Kids

  1. Usher
  2. Unlock
  3. Us
  4. Uphill
  5. Urn

Long U Words For Kids

  1. Utensil
  2. Uniform
  3. Ukulele
  4. Umpire
  5. Unexpected

More U Words For Kids,

Activities that Help in Learning U Words for Kids

U words for kids certainly challenges the children. For pre-literate children, word lists are the essential aim of associating a sound, spoken and heard, with a shape drawn on a page. These words that kids can easily recognize can help kids recognize the letter U. However, interactive activities help kids learn and understand the meaning of words that start with the letter U. Below given are the fun and easy activities that help in learning U words for kids.

  • Letter U Poem: Let the kids read the poem aloud and clap out the rhythm. Then, give each kid one of the poem worksheets. Let them circle all of the capital Us and underline all of the lower case Us. This would enhance their knowledge about the U words for kids. Next, teachers and parents can introduce children to Alphabet Coloring Pages, available at Osmo.
  • Printable Letter U Worksheets: Learning short U words for kids goes hand in hand with practicing writing the letter. Therefore, use these Letter U Worksheets as the letter activity to let the little learners practice and boost their fine motor skills.
  • Letter U Song: This is a fun, engaging, and exciting Letter U activity for kids. These activities are usually used at schools or homes by teachers and parents to learn and teach while having fun. Let the kids recite this song by clapping hands to the rhythm.
  • U Coloring Pages: Providing kids with U coloring pages can be one of the best ways to instill a sense of learning in them. Kids learn effectively when a fun element is added to the learning process.

Osmo provides a wide range of child-friendly games, activities and learning materials. These are pretty simple to teach and understand. Make sure to know more by clicking on Writing Games For Kids.

Frequently Asked Questions on U Words For Kids

What are some U words for kids?

Some of the U words for kids are Urban, Underline, Under, Umpire, Unhappy, Umbrella, Us, Urge, Up, Upon, Uncle, Unit, Use, etc. You can teach these simple and most commonly used U words for kids.

What are a few short and long U words for kids?

Some of the short U words for kids are Urn, Uphill, Us, Unlock, Usher. Long U words for kids are Unexpected, Umpire, Ukulele, Uniform, Utensil, etc. These are some short and long U words for kids.