Four letter words that start with A

Make learning to spell exciting with these activities to learn four-letter words that start with A

Once the alphabets are in place, it’s time to learn how to spell. Spelling is a skill that every child needs to learn. It’s a skill that comes in handy all through your life. If you know how to spell, you can read because spelling cements the connection between the alphabets and its sounds. Your child’s writing skills also depend on their knowledge of spelling. 

So, is your kindergartener ready to learn how to spell? Then let’s get started. It’s always best to start at the beginning of the alphabet when you’re learning how to spell. So let’s learn how to spell with the letter A. First, start by helping your child learn the sound that the letter A makes. When your child understands the proper sounds of the alphabet, they can use it to decode the spelling of a word.

Once they can recognize the alphabets by their sounds, move on to two-letter words. To learn the 2-letter words, your child should know the sound that each letter makes. When your child can confidently spell 2-letter words, you can start teaching them 3-letter words. Learning the 2-letter and 3-letter words are the easiest. Then comes the difficult part because Four-letter words tend to have more than two syllables and it might confuse the child. To teach Four letter words that start with A, break the letters and introduce them syllable by syllable. 

Let’s practice some 2-letter and 3-letter words that start with A

2 letter words starting with A

  1. AH – The word “AH” is an exclamation that is used to express pleasure, understanding, surprise, relief, regret, etc. For example: If you like something you can say, “Ah, that’s so nice of you!” If you want to express displeasure, you can say, “Ah! That was so dreadful.”
  2. AM – The word “AM” is a verb used with the word I. For example, I am going to work. I am not ready to go home.
  3. AN – The word “AN” is an indefinite article that is used instead of “a” before words that start with vowel sounds. For example: I ate an apple for breakfast. Or, Maria’s bravery should be an example for us all.
  4. AS – The word “AS” is used to show a comparison to the same degree or amount. For example: Her hair is as soft as silk. The word “AS” is also used to describe when or while an action is performed. For example: He spilt the water as he got up.
  5. AT – The word “AT” shows the position of a thing. For example: We had a great time at the party. Or, I arrived at the station just in time for the train.

Easy 3-letter words starting from A

  1. ADD – The word “ADD” means to put together numbers or things to increase their size or value. For example: Adding numbers: If you add 2 and 2 together, you get 4. Adding a thing: The soup is bland, add a pinch of salt to the soup.
  2. AGO – The word “AGO” means in the past. For example: Teresa left for the airport 10 minutes ago. Or, if you’re talking about something that happened in the past you say, it happened a long time ago.
  3. AND – The word “AND” means in addition to or also. For example: I bought cookies and ice cream from the store. Or, I have two children, a girl and a boy.
  4. ARE – The word “ARE” is the plural of the word “is.” The word is also used as the present tense of the word “be.” For example: These 5 apples are for you. 
  5. ARM – The “ARM” is the long, human upper limb that connects your shoulder and your wrist. For example: John broke his arm while playing football.
  6. ASK – The word “ASK” means requesting an answer to a question. For example: Ask your teacher if you need to go out. I need to ask my mother if I can have some dessert.
  7. ATE – The word “ATE” is the past tense of the word eat. For example: He ate cereal for breakfast.

Now that we’ve revised 2 letter words and 3-letter words, let’s learn four-letter words that start with A.

Here is a list of four letter words that start with A.


Here are some activities to help you learn the four letter words that start with A easily.

Learning how to spell big words might prove to be difficult. But with a bit of constant practice, your little one will learn spelling easily. It also helps to make learning spelling a fun activity.

Fill in the missing letters.

  1. A __ L E
  2. A __ __ Y
  3. A __ __ R
  4. A __ E N
  5. A __ O __
  6. A __ K __
  7. A R __ S
  8. A __ __ X
  9. A J A __
  10. A R __ S

Quiz on four-letter words that start with A.

  1. What is a four-letter word that starts with A and ends with T and is the word you call your mother’s sister?
  2. Answer: AUNT

  3. What is the four-letter word that starts with A that you say at the end of a prayer?
  4. Answer: AMEN

  5. I’m a four-letter word that starts from A and I love sugar. What am I?
  6. Answer: ANTS

  7. I’m a four-letter word that starts from A and I’m a pirate’s favorite word. What am I?
  8. Answer: AHOY

  9. What is a four-letter word that starts from A and ends with A, which means a piece of land?
  10. Answer: AREA.

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