Animal Trivia Questions For Kids

Explore Animal Trivia Questions And Answers For Kids

Trivia questions are a fun way to assess a kid’s knowledge on any topics that they are interested in. Kids are extremely fond of animals and they love to know about them. In this regard, Animal Trivia Questions for Kids is the most important way to teach interesting facts about animals. It is also a great way to boost their memory retention and make them aware of the unique and scientific reasons behind the different characteristics of animals. With the help of animal trivia questions and answers for kids, you are making sure that they enjoy the learning experience in a fun and entertaining way. Besides this, you can explore trivia games for kids here.

If you wish to play trivia games with your little ones, then you have landed at the right place. We provide you with animal trivia questions and answers for kids in a most simple and understandable way. These fun trivia questions for kids will enable them to expand their thinking abilities and gain in depth knowledge on animals. Get animal trivia questions for kids in printable form so that you can play Animal Trivia with your kids.

Interesting Animal Trivia Questions For Kids With Answers

Here are fun animal trivia questions for kids mentioned below:

  1.  Which is the tallest animal in the world?
  2. Ans: Giraffe

  3. Which animal has the longest lifeline? 
  4. Ans: The arctic whale

  5. How many legs does an octopus have?
  6. Ans: Eight

  7. Mention one flightless bird.
  8. Ans: Ostrich

  9. Which animal is Doe? 
  10. Ans: A female deer

  11. Which bird is the symbol of peace?
  12. Ans: Dove

  13.  Which animal is Joey?
  14. Ans:  Baby kangaroo

  15.  Which is the fastest animal?
  16. Ans: Cheetah

  17. What is the group of lions named?
  18. Ans: A pride

  19. Which bird lays the largest egg?
  20. Ans: Ostrich

  21. What does a panda eat?
  22. Ans: Bamboo

  23.  Which is the only mammal that can fly?
  24. Ans: Bat 

  25. Which is the only land animal that cannot jump? 
  26. Ans: Elephant

  27.  Which is the only bird that can fly backwards?
  28. Ans: Hummingbirds

  29. Which is the tallest bird in the world? 
  30. Ans: Ostrich

  31. Which bird is known to be the fastest bird?
  32. Ans: Falcon

  33. What is the horn of a rhinoceros made of?
  34. Ans: Hair

  35.  Which insect can lift up to 50 times its body weight?
  36. Ans: Ant

  37. How many legs does a lobster have?
  38. Ans: Ten

  39. What is the largest mammal?
  40. Ans: Whale

  41. What is a group of crows called?
  42. Ans: A murder

  43. Which animal is known to have 3 hearts?
  44. Ans: Octopus

  45. Which animal never sleeps? 
  46. Ans: Bullfrog

  47. Which big cat is the largest?
  48. Ans: Siberian tiger

  49.  Which land animal can open its mouth the widest?
  50. Ans: Hippopotamus

  51. Which is the largest animal on earth?
  52. Ans: Blue whale

  53. What is the animal called that eats both plant and meat?
  54. Ans: Omnivore

  55. Why do snakes stick out their tongue?
  56. Ans: To smell the air

  57.  What is a group of wolves called?
  58. Ans: A pack of wolves

  59. Where is a shrimp’s heart located?
  60. Ans: In its head

  61. For how many years can a snail sleep?
  62. Ans: Three years

  63. Is an ostrich eye bigger than an ostrich brain?
  64. Ans: Yes

  65. Which is the only land animal that can’t jump?
  66. Ans: Elephant

  67.  What is a group of fish called?
  68. Ans: A school of fish

  69. What color is a flamingo when it is born?
  70. Ans: Gray

  71. Do you think Ostrich can fly?
  72. Ans: No, Ostrich cannot fly. 

  73. How many bones are there in a shark? 
  74. Ans: Zero

  75. Name the bird which only feeds on bones.
  76. Ans: Bearded Vulture 

  77. Name the African Animal which is called a water horse. 
  78. Ans: Hippopotamus 

  79. Name the animal which blows up like a balloon when it feels threatened.
  80. Ans: Pufferfish

  81. How many pairs of eyelids does an owl have?
  82. Ans: Three

  83. Name the animal which can sleep up to 22 hours a day. 
  84. Ans: Koala

  85. What is the color of the Giraffe’s tongue?
  86. Ans: Black

  87.  What is the color of the skin under the polar bear’s white fur?
  88. Ans: Black

  89.  Which animal is considered to be the human’s best friend?
  90. Ans: Dog

  91. What do you call an animal that is awake at night and sleeps during the day? 
  92. Ans: Nocturnal

  93. What is the color of the eyes of reindeer during winter?
  94. Ans: Blue

  95.  What kind of animal is German Shepherd?
  96. Ans: Dog 

  97. Which is the slowest animal in the world?
  98. Ans: Three-toed sloth

  99. What kind of animal is a mandril?
  100. Ans: Monkey

  101. What is male turkey also called ? 
  102. Ans: Tom/Gobbler

  103. How many legs are there in a mosquito? 
  104. Ans: Six

  105. Which is the smallest reptile in the world?
  106. Ans: Leaf Chameleon 

  107.  Name the animal which can grow till its death?
  108. Ans: Lobsters

  109. Which is the world’s most poisonous spider?
  110. Ans: Brazilian Wandering Spider

How To Introduce Animal Trivia Questions For Kids? 

Some of the ways to introduce animal trivia questions for kids are mentioned below:

  • Introduce kids with animal trivia questions in the form of worksheets, puzzles, riddles or any kind of engaging activity. 
  • Take them to Zoo, butterfly garden or for a nature walk so that they can explore the animals that are found around them. 
  • Teach interesting characteristics of animals in a simple and understandable way. 
  • Use short and easy animal trivia questions for kids so that they can understand and answer them appropriately. 
  • Feed the domesticated animals to show love and compassion for the animals. 

Benefits Of Teaching Animal Trivia Questions For Kids

Some of the benefits of learning fun animal trivia questions for kids are mentioned below: 

  • Learning about animals will create a sense of unconditional love among kids. 
  • Enables kids to learn empathy and compassion for animals. 
  • Develops understanding of the characteristic and interesting facts about animals. 
  • Improves their knowledge on animals for educational purposes. 
  • Enables children to understand and respect nature and animals. 

Kids are curious by nature. They always ask questions about their surroundings and the world around them. Of all the things, animals fascinate them the most. Animals share the world with humans and they are an important part of the ecosystem. 

In order to know more about animals, we have provided a set of Animal Trivia Questions for Kids. You can get it in printable form and ask these questions to your kids. We hope you liked Animal Trivia Questions for Kids. For more kids learning resources, keep visiting Play Osmo. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Animal Trivia Questions for Kids

What Is The Purpose Of Animal Trivia Questions For Kids?

The main purpose of these animal trivia questions for kids is to test their knowledge about the concept they are interested in. moreover, this is an excellent way to improve their memory power and problem solving skills by randomly asking questions. Kids also learn some interesting facts about animals in this activity.

What are some of the good Animal Trivia Questions for Kids?

When you engage them in animal trivia questions for kids, you can challenge them with these fun and interesting questions about animals. Some of the good questions are, which is the largest mammal in the world? Which animal has stripes? Which animal has rosettes? Which animal has a pouch to safeguard its baby?

Why Are Animal Trivia Questions For Kids Important?

Animal trivia questions for kids are quite important. These questions help children learn about animals and their kingdom. Also, it improves kids’ memory power and motivates them to learn more about animals. This activity can be played during the holiday season or during leisure time.

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