Polynomial Long Division Worksheet

What is a polynomial?

It is an expression that consists of various coefficients and variables. It involves operations of multiplication, addition, subtraction, and non-negative integer exponentiation of variables. Here’s how a polynomial looks: x² − 3x + 5.

What is ‘long division’?

It is a division algorithm that is performed to divide multi-digit numbers. The purpose of it is to break down/divide a problem into a series of steps.

Dividing Polynomials Long Division Worksheets

Check out these dividing polynomial long division worksheets below.

Polynomial Long Division Worksheet Polynomial Long Division Worksheet 01
Polynomial Long Division Worksheet Polynomial Long Division Worksheet 02

To help your child with polynomial long division, we’ve got some polynomial long division worksheets! But before we introduce you to these polynomial long division worksheets, here’s the method to work it out –

Polynomial Long Division: The Method

For example, if we want to divide x² + 2x – 7 by x – 2, we would need to:

  1. Write down the denominator first
  2. Then mark a “)” next to it
  3. Then the numerator with a line above

Make sure to write the polynomial in such a way that it has the “higher order” terms first. The figures with the largest exponents come first.

Next, you will need to:

  1. Divide the 1st term of your numerator by the 1st term of the denominator and write down the answer
  2. Multiply the denominator by that answer and write the result below the numerator
  3. Create a new polynomial by subtracting both

Repeat these 3 steps to create a new polynomial. Lastly, check your answer by multiplying the answer by the bottom polynomial. You should get the top polynomial as a result.

We hope your kids find these polynomial long division worksheets helpful! For more math activities, visit Math Games for Kids, and Math Activities.