Halloween Activity Sheets

This Halloween, Learn Some Cool Tricks With These Halloween Activity Sheets

Halloween is a fun festival, especially for kids. There’s dressing up, trick or treating, candies, pranks and great food everywhere. In the middle of all this fun during the holidays, kids leave all that they’ve learned. But, why should learning take a backseat during the holiday season? It shouldn’t! 

But, most kids set aside their books and learning materials when it’s a holiday. So learning does take a back seat while they’re having fun. And, when they go back to school, they’ll have to start from square one again. This wastes valuable time and hampers their learning. So parents and teachers need to ensure kids get some practice during the holiday season with these Halloween Activity Sheets.

These printable halloween activity sheets are great entertainment at parties too. Round up the kids and get to solve these Halloween themed worksheets for an educational and spooktacular Halloween.

Halloween Activity Sheets

Here are some not-so-spooky Halloween themed activity sheets that will help your child practice what they’ve learned in school. These worksheets will help your child practice numbers, counting, letter recognition, Halloween vocabulary, drawing and coloring. These worksheets include halloween activity sheets for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Halloween activity sheets: Count the bats

This Halloween counting worksheet is sure to drive your kids batty! The bats are driving the poor owl perched on the tree crazy! Help him count the number of bats flying around disturbing his peace. This worksheet is covered with dozens of flying bats, get your child to learn counting by each and every one of those pesky bats.

Halloween activity sheets 01

You can make it more challenging by counting the bats according to their size. For example: Count the number of small bats in the image.

Halloween activity sheets: Spot the difference

Spot the difference between the two images. Both the images might look identical, but there are differences between the images. Look carefully to find the differences between these spooky images.

 This worksheet features some famous All Hallows Eve icons such as the flying witch with her scary cat, creepy jack-o’-lanterns, spider webs, bats and a few gravestones. Your child can do it on their own or it can be a fun addition to your Halloween party for your child and their friends to enjoy.

Halloween activity sheets 02

Halloween activity sheets: Save yourself from the spider

Spider Martha is a hungry spider these days. She hasn’t had a meal in quite a few days. So, crawl your way out of her webby maze to save yourself, lest you become Martha’s dish of the day! Help your child find their way out of this fun halloween-themed printable maze in the shape of a spider’s web.

Halloween activity sheets 03

Halloween Coloring Pages

Get your crayons and paints ready. It’s time to bring the spooky Halloween scenes to life.

Halloween activity sheets 04

While the kids have fun during the holidays, it doesn’t hurt to add in a few learning exercises too. This will ensure that they won’t have to start from the beginning when they go back to school after the holidays. Kids love playing and taking part in activities that are fun, hands-on and engaging. Kids learn better when they’re doing activities or playing games. Halloween offers the perfect opportunity to combine fun and learning together. Get your child to learn using Halloween themed activities and games to make learning more fun. 

Halloween activity sheets and games are the perfect way to help your child learn during the holiday season. This holiday season, kick-start your kids’ learning with these spooky activity sheets that they will have fun solving. So, along with their trick or treating costumes, download these free printable Halloween activity sheets. You can get your holiday prep done as your child learns using these activity sheets.

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