Blends Worksheets

Blends are basically combinations of two or more consonants combined together. These are of two types, digraphs and trigraphs. Some of the examples of digraphs are br, cl, dr, sk, etc whereas, trigraphs are sch, scr, spl, str, etc. After having a brief understanding of blends, kids can practice from consonant blends worksheets. 

These blends worksheets for kids are a great way to improve their language and vocabulary skills. Apart from this, learn kindergarten spelling words on how to spell words and its pronunciation for an effective learning experience.

Free Printable Blends Worksheets for Kids

Kids need to identify their inner potential and become motivated to learn what is essential for them. To increase their grammatical knowledge, kids should practice beginning blend worksheets to identify and learn new words. In this case, hard spelling bee words for kids encourage them to ace their spelling skills. Apart from this, kids need to focus on phonic blends worksheets that provide opportunities to learn alphabets in a fun way. To increase the understanding of the alphabet, phonic games for kids play an important role in making kids recognize the words efficiently. Here are a few blends worksheets for kids given below.

Fill in the blanks Blends Worksheets

Kids must get acquainted with blends to improve their language skills. In this worksheet, kids can fill in the correct digraph blends in the space provided. Some of the examples of words are grape, frog, snake, spider, etc. Check out the fill in the blanks blends worksheet for kids given below.

Complete the blend words on the worksheet: Blends worksheets for kids

Examples of Blends Consonants 

Some of the examples of digraphs blends consonants are mentioned below: 

  • Bl- Black, Blue, Blackberry, Blast, Blanket, Bladder, Blueberry, Blood, Block, etc. 
  • Cr- Crane, Crack, Cruel, Crush, Crude, Crumbs, Creep, Crook, Crop, Crew, etc.
  • Sk- Skin, Sketch, Skate, Skit, Sky, Skull, Skim, Skid, Skit, Skylight, Skip, Skeleton, etc.
  • Tr- Tree, Trunk, Transport, Trip, Track, Treat, Trap, Treasure, Train, Trait, Trace, etc.
  • Sw- Sweet, Sweater, Sweat, Swipe, Swim, Swing, etc.
  • Sn – Snake, Snacks, Snatch, Sneeze, Snore, etc.
  • Pr – Press, Print, Prime, Pretty, Pressure, Proper, Prosperous, etc.
  • Dr – Drum, Dress, Drag, Drape, Drown, Drive, etc.
  • Fr – Free, Freeze, Front, Frog, etc.

Some of the examples of trigraphs blends consonants are mentioned below:

  • Sch- Schedule, Scholarship, Scholar, School, Scheme, etc.
  • Scr- Scrap, Scramble, Scrape, Scroll, Script, Scrutiny, etc.
  • Spl- Splash, Splendid, Split, Spleen, Splendor, etc.
  • Str- Stride, Straight, Strike, Strain, Stretch, Struck, Stroll, etc.

Blends Worksheets for Kindergarten

Kindergarten kids have sharp memories but require timely revisions on what they are learning. Therefore, it is important to introduce kindergarten spelling words for kids on how to spell the words properly. Therefore, download blends worksheets for kindergarten to practice words for L, R and S consonants. Apart from this, conduct letter recognition games for kids so that they start identifying and reading the alphabets correctly. Kids develop interest in working on blends worksheets until and unless it is visually appealing and engaging. Letter blend worksheets will encourage children to stay focused and practice till they become proficient.

Benefits of Blending Words Worksheets 

Some of the benefits of the blends worksheets are mentioned below: 

  • Engages kids to learn for longer periods of time. 
  • Visually appealing to kids. 
  • Develops critical thinking and problem solving skills. 
  • Improves vocabulary skills. 
  • Increases confidence to learn something new.

Phonics Blends Worksheets

Phonic blending is something that is decoding the words by producing sound when someone tries to spell an alphabet. It is essential for kids to speak, read and write for their educational development. Therefore, conducting phonic games for kids will help them to learn the alphabet easily and develop their vocabulary skills. There are many phonic blends worksheets available online for kids. Download and practice on a regular basis in order to have an understanding of the language. Kids can improve their writing and reading skills by practicing everyday. Due to this, there will be improvement in critical thinking skills, problem solving skills and visualisation. 

Benefits of Phonic Blends Worksheets 

Some of the benefits of blends worksheets are as follows:

  • Easy and simple to understand. 
  • Easy to download. 
  • Kids can recognize the alphabet quickly. 
  • Entertaining and fun. 
  • Develops social and interpersonal skills. 
  • Engages kids for longer periods of time.

Frequently Asked Questions on Blends Worksheets

What are the examples of blends worksheets for kids?

Some of the examples of blends worksheets for kids are bl – blue, black, blend, bladder; sk – skin, skip, skit, sky, skeleton; tr – trace, tree, trunk, treat, treasure, trek; cr – cream, crane, create, crumbs, etc.

What are the benefits of blends worksheets for kids?

The advantages of blends worksheets for kids are improving their fine and gross motor skills, hand and eye coordination, vocabulary skills, problem solving and critical thinking skills.

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