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Parents are advised to keep track of their child’s sleeping habits. This helps them to keep their mind and body relaxed after all the hustle and bustle during the day. Do you know how many hours of sleep are recommended for children? Well, it varies depending on the age of your children. To find out whether your child is getting enough sleep or not, you can download a sleep chart for kids. These printable sleep charts for kids will help you to keep track of your child’s sleeping time. 

In this article, explore sleep chart for kids

Each and every child has different sleeping patterns. Therefore, you must know when to send your child off to bed or wake them up in the morning. Getting enough sleep helps in the growth and development of your child. Most importantly, it reduces the health risk associated with sleep. Sometimes, lack or excess sleep may lead to irritability, anger, lack of concentration, headache, etc. in children. They start becoming grumpy and cranky for no reason. To inculcate good sleep habits in your children, you need to keep track of their sleeping hours on a daily basis. Keeping a sleep chart for kids at home makes your task easier. You can hang the printable sleep chart for kids in your child’s bedroom.

Free Printable Sleep Chart for Kids

It is recommended for your children to go off to bed early so that they get enough sleep. From an early age, you need to make sure your child develops good sleep habits. The amount of time that your child sleeps depends on their age. Besides this, there are also some factors that are responsible for your child’s sleeping habits. Having a good sleep affects your child’s brain and body for their growth and development. You need to ensure that your child gets enough sleep irrespective of any circumstances around. 

Keep track of your child’s sleep time from the given sleep chart

Keep track of your child’s sleep time with this sleep chart for kids

Record your child’s sleeping routine in the given sleep chart

Sleep chart for kids

Download Free PDF of Sleep Chart for Kids

Tips for Using Sleep Chart for Kids

Some of the tips for using printable sleep chart for kids are mentioned below: 

  • Make them understand the importance of sleep: Young children should understand the importance of getting enough sleep. Children learn from their parents, and you need to set an example for them by sleeping early at night. 
  • Plan schedule for children: To make your child get enough sleep, you need to plan their daily routines in a systematic way. There has to be a fixed time for meals, naps and playtime so that children can have enough time to get good sleep. Plan an effective sleep schedule for children, which includes sleep and wake up time on weekdays. You can give some extra time to sleep during the weekends. Also, you can make sure that the schedule you are planning for your child should be consistent. 
  • Keep them active during the day: Young children have boundless energy. You can make their energy utilized in the form of physical activities. You can encourage them to play outdoor games so that they can sleep peacefully at night. You can make sure that your child is active throughout the day in order to develop proper sleep habits. 
  • Monitor their screen time at night: Most children like to play video games or watch movies on the laptop, phone or computer. You need to monitor their screen time at night so that they do not invest too much time in watching. This will hamper their sleep routine leading to health problems such as eye pain and headache. 
  • Discuss sleeping problems with them: If your child faces any sleeping problems, encourage them to discuss with their parents. This will help them to overcome their problems and get good sleep. Sometimes, children might face some problems which may not be external. Therefore, you need to identify their problems and provide logical solutions to them. If you find something serious, talk to a pediatrician and get it treated. 
  • Identify their sleep problems: Though children are active throughout the day, they find it difficult to sleep at night. You need to find the reason behind their sleep problems. This will help you to come up with solutions and overcome their problems. Sometimes, falling asleep during the day, being inactive, lack of concentration, low productivity in school, being cranky or moody are the reasons behind their sleep problems. Most importantly, children tend to become dull or irritable due to lack of sleep. 
  • Keep track of their sleeping time: Record your child’s sleeping time on a daily basis so that you can keep track of their sleeping patterns. This helps you to inculcate good sleep habits in children.
  • Create a good sleeping ambience for your child: To help your child in getting good sleep, you can create a peaceful environment at night. You can ensure that they are sleeping under the normal temperature with their favorite toy beside them. 

Sleep Chart for Kids by Age 

The amount of sleep varies in different children depending on their age and other factors. Let us see how much sleep is recommended for your child. 

  • Infants between 4 to 12 months old: Newborn babies need more amount of sleep for their proper growth and development. They need at least 12 to 16 hours of sleep. They take sleep in short periods throughout the day. Their sleeping patterns are not related to day or night. 
  • Toddlers between 1 to 2 years old: Kids at this age are very active. They like to crawl and walk around the house. They need 11 to 14 hours of sleep for their growth. The sleeping time also includes their nap time. These children take a nap during the day after playing. 
  • Preschoolers between 3 to 5 years old: Children of this age group need at least 10 to 13 hours of sleep. They indulge in a lot of activities throughout the day. Children take shorter naps at this age. 
  • Kindergarteners between 6 to 11 years old: Children in this age group have started going to school and participating in various activities to enhance their learning experience. They at least need 9 to 12 hours of sleep. These children are more likely to invest their maximum amount of time in playing, school and other family activities. Therefore, they hardly take naps during the day. 

Benefits of Sleep Chart for Kids

Some of the benefits of a sleep chart for kids are mentioned below:

  • Maintains growth and development of your child: Keeping track of your child’s sleeping time helps you to maintain their growth and development. Children are often to get less sick if they have good sleep. Most importantly, they will maintain their healthy weight. 
  • Improves mental health: Sleeping early every day helps children to reduce their stress. They stay active throughout the day. Having a good amount of sleep helps children boost their memory power. 
  • Improves academic performance: If your child sleeps early and wakes up on time, it enables them to perform better in school. They will wake up with a fresh mind and carry out their academic activities with great enthusiasm and zeal. 
  • Builds strong relationships with others: Sleeping on time helps children to stay happy throughout the day. They will not be grumpy or irritated due to lack of sleep. Therefore, children will spend more time and build strong relationships with others. 
  • Boosts your child’s immune system: Getting enough sleep enables children to improve their immune system. The immune cells in the body will get proper rest in order to fight against the diseases. 
  • Keep track of their time: Using a sleep chart for kids helps you to keep a record of their sleeping time. Based on their pattern, you can assess their sleeping habits and resolve issues in case you find some problems.
  • Improves memory power: Sleeping early gives rest to your child’s body and mind. Children tend to sharpen their memory and make them alert throughout the day. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Sleep Chart for Kids

What is a sleep chart for kids?

A sleep chart for kids is a tool to track your child’s sleeping time. You can download and record your child’s sleeping time on a daily basis.

What are the benefits of a sleep chart for kids?

The benefits of a sleep chart for kids is that it helps children to stay healthy and fit. Children will relax their mind and body for proper growth and development.

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