2nd Grade Sight Words

Sight words are high-frequency words that occur often in a text. These words are given to 2nd grade students to make them learn new words. 2nd grade students have learned to read basic words in their preschool time. This time, the sight words are a little more complex. So, before we delve into details of 2nd grade sight words, let us first understand what sight words are. You can teach Sight Words for Kids with the help of engaging activities. This will enable your child to figure out words phonetically and use them in making meaningful sentences for communication.

As discussed, sight words are the most commonly used words in any text. Sight words are such words that must be remembered by ‘sight’. Most of these words are phonetically irregular. 2nd grade students must learn sight words. Sight words help in improving reading fluency and comprehension of the text. There are many benefits of learning second grade sight words. Some of them are listed below.

  • Aid in reading: Once a child is familiar with all the sight words for grade 2, they will be able to read a storybook. 50-75% words of the story or any texts are sight words. When a 2nd grader has already learned those words, it would be easier to read. They will also try to make sense of what they are reading.

  • Learn to spell: By reading sight words regularly, 2nd grade students can also learn the spellings of those words. Knowing the right spelling of the words is an important aspect of writing. Hence, students should refer to the second grade sight words PDF regularly.

  • Boost confidence: Sight words help in improving the recognition and pronunciation of new words. When children are able to read and write fluently, this gives them a confidence boost which is required at such a young age. 

  • Help in sentence formation: In 2nd grade, kids begin to learn how to frame sentences. Imagine how easy it would be for them once they are aware of the sight words.

How to teach sight words to 2nd grade students

There are multiple ways to incorporate sight words into a child’s life. If you simply give them free printable 2nd grade sight words, there is a chance they won’t remember all of it. Thus, students must be taught sight words in a fun manner so that they won’t feel bored and remember them. 

Following are some of the ways to teach your 2nd grade children sight words:

  1. Start slow: Start with 5 to 6 words per week and gradually increase the number of words once they are comfortable. Making them learn more words might be overwhelming for their fragile mind. 
  2. Use colored papers as flashcards: Write a few words clearly on colored papers in bold colors. Write only one word per card. Use these as flashcards to help the word stand out visually. This way, it will get imprinted on the child’s memory fast.
  3. Help children recognize sight words while reading stories: While reading out any story to them, point out as many sight words as possible. This will help them to recognize sight words and also understand their use in any sentence.
  4. Help in sentence formation: Ask the 2nd grade students to form sentences with any given sight words. This might be a bit difficult for them initially so be patient while they learn to form sentences with the second grade sight words list.
  5. Use clay for creating sight words: Non-toxic clay is available in the market for kids. They can use the clay to model different sight words. This will give them the touch and feel of the words, which will retain in their minds for a longer time.

Sight words are important as they build vocabulary. Without the knowledge of sight words, reading any text would not make much sense. Sight words are generally pronouns, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, etc. These are the words that play an integral role in sentence formation. These are called ‘sight’ words because the aim of 2nd grade sight words is to be recognized at first sight. 

By second grade, students must be able to recognize sight words and form small sentences with the help of sight words. These words can be displayed on the walls of their classrooms. This will help students to see the words often and restore the words in their memory. You can get the 2nd grade sight words PDF online. You can take the printout of the same and teach your children sight words. 

Following is a list of sight words for 2nd grade students:

areeasy listen
tell childrenreally

Frequently Asked Questions on 2nd Grade Sight Words

What are some of the 2nd Grade Sight Words?

Some of the 2nd grade sight words are, listen, around, clock, pretty, children, idea, since, answer, about, float, flow, first, second, sister, brother, father, mother, grandmom, granddad, jump, question, young, old, etc.

What are the benefits of learning 2nd Grade Sight Words?

The benefits of learning 2nd Grade Sight Words are that they help children in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Besides this, there is improvement in vocabulary skills, spelling and enhancing kids’ confidence. Also, they help kids to frame some sentences that are simple and meaningful.

How to teach 2nd Grade Sight Words to kids?

Some of the simple tips and tricks to teach kids 2nd Grade Sight Words are as follows: starting slow and easy, using flashcards, reading stories, practicing worksheets, making crafts and engaging other activities.