2nd Grade Sight Words

Little children start learning basic sight words for kids right from preschool. So, by the time they start 2nd grade they’re more confident readers. As they progress through elementary school, sight words get a little more complex like 2nd grade sight words. 

But before we delve into 2nd grade sight words, let’s first understand what sight words are. These are words that kids hear, read and come across often, learning them enhances a child’s reading and writing skills. Teaching these words for kids using engaging activities will help children remember the words and use them correctly to make meaningful sentences.

Second Grade Sight Words

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of sight words for kids in second grade. Use this list to help your little ones improve their vocabulary, communication, and reading skills.

List of 2nd Grade Sight Words:

areeasy listen
tell childrenreally

Benefits Of Learning 2nd Grade Sight Words 

As mentioned earlier, 2nd Grade Sight Words are the most commonly used words in a text. Most of these words are phonetically irregular, but they must be remembered by ‘sight’. It is very important for 2nd grade students to learn and remember these sight words. Sight words help in improving a child’s reading and comprehension and also boost their communication skills.

There are many benefits of learning second grade sight words. Here are some ways learning 2nd grade sight words helps a child:

  • Aids in reading: Once a child is familiar with all the sight words for grade 2, they will be able to read on their own. 50-75% words of the story or any texts are sight words. When a 2nd grader has already learned those words, it’s easier for them to read. Knowing these words also helps them make sense of what they are reading.
  • Learn to spell: Learning sight words also improves a 2nd grade student’s spelling skills. Knowing the right spelling of the words is an important aspect of writing. Good writing skills are a must to be able to communicate clearly. So, help your child learn 2nd grade sight words and revise as often as possible.
  • Boosts confidence: Sight words help in improving the child’s ability to recognize and pronounce new words. When children can read and write fluently on their own, it gives them a sense of achievement. This boosts their confidence, which is necessary at this young age. 
  • Helps in sentence formation: In 2nd grade, kids begin to learn how to frame sentences. A child who is more confident with 2nd grade sight words will learn to form proper sentences quickly. This improves their communication skills greatly.

How To Teach 2nd Grade Sight Words To Kids

By second grade, students must be able to recognize sight words and form small sentences. Hang a chart with a list of 2nd grade sight words in the child’s bedroom or classroom. This will help students to see the words often and store the words in their memory. 

There are multiple ways to incorporate sight words into a child’s vocabulary. If you simply make them read free printable 2nd grade sight words, there is a chance they won’t remember all of it. But if you use fun activities and literacy games for kids, they’ll learn these words quickly. So, teach sight words to kids in a fun manner so that they enjoy their lessons and remember them too. 

Here are some fun ways to teach 2nd grade sight words to kids:

  1. Start slow: Start with 5 to 6 words per week and gradually increase the number of words once they are comfortable. Making them learn more words might be overwhelming and will lead to confusion. 
  2. Use colored papers or flashcards: Write a few words clearly on colored papers or flashcards in bold colors. Write only one word per card. Use these flashcards to help the word stand out visually. This way, it will get imprinted on the child’s memory fast.
  3. Help children recognize sight words while reading stories: While reading out any story to them, point out as many 2nd grade sight words as possible. This will help them to recognize sight words and also understand their use in any sentence.
  4. Help in sentence formation: Ask the 2nd grade students to form sentences with any given sight words. This might be a bit difficult for them initially. So, be patient while they learn to form sentences with the list of 2nd grade sight words.
  5. Use play dough to create sight words: Kids love play dough. Use this to teach them 2nd grade sight words. They can use the play dough to model different sight words. This will help them learn to spell the words, which will help in retaining the words in their minds for a longer time.

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Frequently Asked Questions on 2nd Grade Sight Words

What are some of the 2nd Grade Sight Words?

Some of the 2nd grade sight words are, listen, around, clock, pretty, children, idea, since, answer, about, float, flow, first, second, sister, brother, father, mother, grandmom, granddad, jump, question, young, old, etc.

What are the benefits of learning 2nd Grade Sight Words?

The benefits of learning 2nd Grade Sight Words are that they help children in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Besides this, there is improvement in vocabulary skills, spelling, and enhancing kids’ confidence. Also, they help kids to frame some sentences that are simple and meaningful.

How to teach 2nd Grade Sight Words to kids?

Some of the simple tips and tricks to teach kids 2nd Grade Sight Words are as follows: starting slow and easy, using flashcards, reading stories, practicing worksheets, making crafts, and engaging in other activities.