Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

Looking for fun activities to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Check out these best Valentine’s Day activities for kids. Valentine’s Day is celebrated across the world on 14th of February every year. On this day, you can keep them entertained by conducting engaging holiday activities for kids. These activities not only keep them busy but also enhance their learning skills. 

Valentine’s Day is celebrated with great joy and happiness. You can make this day a memorable one for children with fun activities. With these activities, they can show appreciation and love for their family and friends. Help them express their feelings in a creative way so that it remains an everlasting memory for them. These games for kids are highly beneficial for your child’s cognitive development. Check out these best Valentine’s Day activities for kids here. 

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Fun Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

Here are some of the amazing Valentine’s Day activities for kids given below:

List of Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

  1. Decorate house: On this day, you can ask children to decorate the house for a Valentine’s Day party. They can assist you in blowing heart-shaped balloons and pasting heart-shaped stickers on walls. 
  2. Make Valentine’s Day cards: To wish your loved ones a very happy Valentine’s Day, you can ask children to make a beautiful card. Provide them with the necessary materials for making a Valentine’s Day card.
  3. Make DIY hats: Party hats are a must for a Valentine’s Day party, aren’t they? You can ask children to make pretty hats for the party. They can make hats from the materials provided to them. They can come up with interesting Valentine theme designs for the hat. 
  4. Make a bracelet: Let your child explore their creative side by making bracelets for Valentine’s Day. They can make their own bracelets using customized beads of their names and wear them at the Valentine’s Day party.
  5. Bake cakes and cookies: To celebrate the day of love and appreciation for your family and friends, you can ask kids to assist you in baking a cake or cookies. Let them do icing for the cake or cookies so that they keep themselves involved in Valentine’s Day celebrations.
  6. Recite poems: If you want your children to express their feelings for loved ones, ask them to recite poems in a creative way. 
  7. Solve crossword puzzles: In this activity, ask your children to solve crossword puzzles for the words related to Valentine’s Day, such as Heart, Cupid, Love, Flowers, Affection, etc. Ask them to mark the correct words diagonally, vertically or horizontally on the sheet.
  8. Write an essay: To enhance your children’s knowledge and writing skills, you can ask them to write an essay on Valentine’s Day. You can check how much your child is aware of this day.
  9. Play charades: Young children can easily get bored if you do not engage them in any kind of activities. Playing charades is one of the coolest Valentine’s Day activities for kids. You can assign a word related to the celebration to the children and ask them to enact it in front of the family and friends. If they are successful in guessing the word correctly, reward them with exciting gifts. 
  10. Give Valentine’s Day gifts: Children love receiving gifts, don’t they? You can give them interesting gifts to show your love and appreciation for them. Also, ask them to make some beautiful DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for their loved ones. 
  11. Make a DIY bookmark: You can ask children to make a DIY bookmark for their books. The best way would be to make Valentine’s Day themed bookmarks. Children can make heart or flower shaped bookmarks. 
  12. Stack cups: In this activity, you can ask children to stack cups as high as possible. The ones with the highest stacked cups will be declared as the winner. With this, children will pay attention to stacking cups and balance them so that it does not fall. 
  13. Make a flower bouquet: You can ask kids to make a beautiful DIY flower bouquet for your loved ones. This will help them bring out their creative side. Children can use crepe papers to make DIY flowers for the bouquet.
  14. Toss the heart: This is a fun game for children to keep them engaged at a Valentine’s Day party. You can ask them to toss the heart-shaped balls into the jar kept at a distance.
  15. Play word scramble: To develop your children’s vocabulary skills, you can play scramble with them. Give kids a Valentine’s Day word printable and ask them to unscramble the words mentioned on the sheet. For example, VEOL (LOVE), LORFEW (FLOWER), PICUD (CUPID), etc. 

Benefits of Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

Some of the benefits of Valentine’s Day activities for kids are mentioned below:

  • Enables children to enjoy their time celebrating Valentine’s Day with family and friends.
  • Develops cognitive skills in children.
  • Motivates children to learn new things.
  • Enables children to express their love and affection for the people around them.
  • Enhances the learning experience of children.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

What are some of the Valentine’s Day activities for kids?

Some of the Valentine’s Day activities for kids are making a Valentine card, solving crossword puzzles, baking cake, writing an essay, playing charades, decorating a house, etc.

What are the benefits of Valentine’s Day activities for kids?

The benefits of Valentine’s Day activities for kids are that it keeps them busy and entertained throughout the celebration. Most importantly, it enhances their creativity skills and learning experience.