Thanksgiving Riddles for Kids

This Thanksgiving, Give Your Child’s Brain A Fun Workout With These Thanksgiving Riddles and Jokes for Kids

Thanksgiving is a special holiday for kids. The holiday is all about food, festivity and spending time with family and friends. Kids not only enjoy the lavish meal but also fun games and activities like riddles for kids. One such activity is thanksgiving riddles for kids. Kids love to host parties where they can ask riddles to their friends and relatives. This is the best way to keep the kids engaged while you are prepping the dishes. 

Thanksgiving jokes and riddles for kids will make everyone on the table think outside the box. The guests would be thrilled and amused to know the answer. With the riddles and jokes, your little one will be the entertainer of the house. Additionally, these riddles are a great way to help children learn new words for kids. You can also try these amazing scavenger hunt riddles for the kids to make Thanksgiving more exciting. This way, you can concentrate on making arrangements while your kid is out playing treasure hunt.

If you are looking for ways to challenge your family’s brain and thinking skills, then you have come to the right place. Here is a list of printable Thanksgiving riddles for kids. 

Printable Thanksgiving Riddles for Kids 

Looking for something to keep your kids occupied? What is better than some riddles that would make them scratch their head. Solving riddles is not just for kids’ entertainment, it also helps in brain development and critical thinking. Thus, parents must include Thanksgiving riddles for kids as part of the celebrations 

Here Are A Few Fun Thanksgiving Riddles For Kids:

  1. Who is never hungry on Thanksgiving?
  2. Answer: The turkey, because it’s always stuffed

  3. At Thanksgiving dinner, which hand should you butter your roll with?
  4. Answer: Neither – you should use a knife

  5. What should you wear to Thanksgiving dinner?
  6. Answer: A har-vest!

  7. What kind of music did the Pilgrims like?
  8. Answer: Plymouth Rock

  9. Where does Christmas come before Thanksgiving?
  10. Answer: In the dictionary

  11. I can be hot or cold, I can be made with fruit, vegetable, or meat but either way, you see it, on a Thanksgiving table I will be a treat. What am I?
  12. Answer: Pie

  13. Can a turkey fly higher than an ostrich?
  14. Answer: Yes because ostriches can’t fly

  15. Why did the turkey cross the road?
  16. Answer: Because Thanksgiving was right around the corner. 

  17. What key doesn’t open any door?
  18. Answer: Tur-key

  19. It is time for Thanksgiving, I don’t know if you’d heard
    This means it’s time to gobble
    This very tasty bird. What is it?
  20. Answer: Turkey

  21. I have eyes but I can’t see, I have skin but I can’t feel anything
    I can be sweet but I’m not a piece of candy
    I can be baked but I’m not a cake
    I can be peeled but I’m not a carrot
  22. Answer: Potato

  23. Why did the turkey run across the road?
  24. Answer: He wanted to get away from Thanksgiving!

  25. Why was the turkey banned from the cornfield?
  26. Answer: Because he would gobble it up!

  27. What are unhappy cranberries called?
  28. Answer: Blueberries.

  29. Why are pilgrims’ pants always falling down?
  30. Answer: Their belts are on their hats.

  31. What’s the thing that smells the best at the Thanksgiving table?
  32. Answer: Your nose

  33.  I am a key that can walk, but I am a key that can’t open doors. What am I?
  34. Answer: A turkey

  35.  April showers bring May flowers, so what do May flowers bring? 
  36. Answer: The pilgrims

  37.  Why was the turkey arrested?
  38. Answer: the Police suspected fowl-play!

  39. Why did the cranberries go red?
  40. Answer: Because they saw the turkey dressing.

  41. Why shouldn’t you share secrets in the cornfield?
  42. Answer: Because corns have ears!

  43. What’s the best place to put the Thanksgiving turkey?
  44. Answer: Your mouth!

  45. When the Pilgrims got off the Mayflower, where did they land?
  46. Answer: On their feet.

  47. What happened to the Turkeys that fought with each other?
  48. Answer: They got the stuffing knocked out of them.

  49. The turkey wasn’t allowed inside the church. Why?
  50. Answer: He used fowl language.

  51. Where did the first corn come from?
  52. Answer: The Cornfield!

  53. What did the daddy turkey say to the naughty little turkey?
  54. Answer: If your mama could see you now, she’d turn over in her gravy!

  55. Which side of a turkey has more feathers?
  56. Answer: The outside.

  57. What’s a turkey’s favorite song before Thanksgiving?
  58. Answer: God save the Kin!

  59. If Christmas makes you jolly and Halloween makes you scary, what do you feel on Thanksgiving?
  60. Answer: Stuffed!

  61. If a donkey has a key and a turkey has a key, what do you think a monkey has?
  62. Answer: A banana.

  63. What do pumpkins and gourds love to play?
  64. Answer: Squash.

  65. It took 4 people 4 hours to make pumpkin pie, so how many hours will it take 6 people to make pumpkin pie?
  66. Answer: None, the pie is already made.

  67. If a turkey says gobble, gobble, gobble and an astronaut says Hubble, Hubble, Hubble. Then, what would a computer say?
  68. Answer: Google, Google, Google.

  69. If apples and figs come from a tree in a farm, where do turkeys come from?
  70. Answer: A poul-tree farm.

  71. I can be carved, I can be baked, 
  72. I can be crushed and into a latte I can be made. 

    From Halloween to Thanksgiving, my patch you will raid. 

    What am I?

    Answer: Pumpkin.

  73. What do you see at the end of Thanksgiving?
  74. Answer: The letter “g.”

  75. What do Vampires celebrate in fall?
  76. Answer: Fangsgiving.

  77. Why did the pilgrims cross the road?
  78. Answer: To catch the Turkey!

  79. Why did the pilgrims eat the candle?
  80. Answer: They wanted a light snack!

Looking to boost your kids learning of words during the holiday, try this Thanksgiving crossword puzzle for kids.

Frequently Asked Questions on Thanksgiving Riddles for Kids

What are some of the thanksgiving riddles for kids?

Here are some of the thanksgiving riddles for kids such as why wasn’t the turkey allowed inside the church? Why are cranberries red? Why did the police arrest the turkey? What is the name of unhappy cranberries? The turkey crossed the road. Why?

Why are thanksgiving riddles for kids important?

Thanksgiving riddles for kids help them understand the concept of riddles and puzzles. They also help them to improve their vocabulary and learn new words every time they solve a riddle. Kids also find solving these riddles fun and engaging and don’t really feel the stress of learning.

What do thanksgiving riddles for kids teach?

Thanksgiving riddles for kids are the verbal form of puzzles that help kids to improve their critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, decision making abilities and altogether develop their cognitive skills. Also, children feel confident when they develop these key skills.

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