Coding Toys for Kids

Beyond helping kids have a better understanding of technology, coding also develops their skills in communication, math, writing, and creativity. With the right coding toys for kids, you can make coding easy for your little ones.

Should Kids Really Learn to Code?

You must be wondering whether your child actually needs to learn something that sounds so complex. But, because we’re living in the digital age, coding serves as an important language that kids should be introduced to early on. 

Technology is a part of everyone’s lives; it’s everywhere! We are after all surrounded by smartphones, video games, and several gadgets. So, when kids learn to code, they’re better equipped to succeed in this increasingly digital world.

Coding Toys for Kids

Learning Through Play

Develop core learning skills with Osmo — from math, to reading, to creativity!

Best Coding Toys for Kids

The best coding toys for kids are those that teach your kids to program without them even realizing it! In addition to teaching kids important computational thinking skills, these coding toys improve their critical thinking skills and drive to learn.

  1. Coding Awbie – A Coding Adventure for Beginners
  2. Learn the fundamentals of coding with one of Osmo’s award-winning coding toys for kids, the Coding Awbie game.

    All your kids have to do is use tangible blocks of code to guide the lovable, animated character Awbie on a strawberry-munching adventure. Awbie absolutely loves strawberries, so you must try and help him collect as many of those as possible – all by guiding him with coding commands.

  3. Coding Jam – Develop Intermediate Coding Skills Through Music
  4. For educational toys for kids that teach coding on an intermediate level, Coding Jam is just what you need.

    In this game, your child learns how to arrange coding blocks in loops and patterns in order to compose their own music. That’s right! Your kids actually get to make music, dance to them, record them, and even share them with friends and family. Coding doesn’t sound so complicated anymore, does it?

  5. Coding Duo – Educational Toys to Teach Advanced Coding Skills
  6. Here’s a fun-filled, advanced yet super entertaining coding game your kids will love! 

    What can you expect your kids to learn from this game? Sequencing, logical thinking, problem-solving, and more! As they help Awbie and friendly monster Mo overcome brain-stretching challenges through code, they get to solve advanced puzzles solo or with a friend.

Reducing Screen Time? Try These Unplugged Coding Games

If you’re not looking for tech-infused educational coding toys for kids, you might like these screen-free coding games:

  1. Car Race – Move Cars Using Coding Commands
  2. Got toy cars at home? Perfect! Let your kids participate in a fun toy car race. All they have to do is veer the car till the end of the room. But here’s the catch – they need to move the car using coding commands! Use tangible coding blocks from Osmo’s coding toys for kids to serve this purpose.

  3. Home Maze – Unplugged Indoor Coding Games for Kids
  4. Try to set up a fun maze at home using lots of obstacles! You could put pillows, chairs, tables, and any furniture as a part of your “maze”. Your kids need to verbally give you coding commands to help you make your way through the maze without touching these obstacles! 

    Make it more challenging by assigning different words to different coding commands. For example, instead of saying “forward”, they could say “hungry!” or something like that. This would be hilarious and super fun!

For more STEM activities for kids, check the rest of our website! We also have math games for kids, and many more kids’ learning games your children will love.

Frequently Asked Questions on Coding Toys for Kids

What are the Coding Toys for Kids?

The Coding Toys for Kids are Coding Band – Enhance Intermediate Coding Skills via Music, Coding Duo – Educational Toys to Teach enhanced Coding Skills, and Coding Awbie – A Coding Adventure for Beginners.

What are the screen free Coding Toys for Kids?

Some of the screen free Coding Toys for Kids are home maze, coding puzzles, coding mazes, coding riddles, car race, etc.

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