Numbers Worksheet – Download Free Printables

Like the letters of the alphabet, numbers are also an essential part of early learning. Learning numbers sets a strong foundation, which makes teaching math for kids easy. So, introduce children to a numbers worksheet. These worksheets for kids help children learn to recognize numbers, trace, and write them. Additionally, kids also learn how to count and perform basic math operations like addition and subtraction. 

Math is the study of numbers, shapes, and the relationship between them. Good numeracy skills make understanding math concepts easier for children. Identifying numbers, writing them and counting are basic math skills. Involving children in simple math activities and solving numbers worksheet helps children strengthen these skills.

Numbers Worksheet For Kids

We’ve compiled a list of free, printable numbers 1-12 worksheets for kids. These fun worksheets will help them build strong number sense and math skills.

List Of Numbers Worksheet For Kids

The Types Of Numbers Worksheet For Kids

There are several different number worksheets available for kids to learn about numbers. 

  1. Number tracing worksheets: Number tracing worksheets are a perfect tool for toddlers and preschoolers to learn how to write the numbers. These worksheets help children learn to write the numbers in the numeric form as well as in words. 
  2. Find the number worksheets: This is a great worksheet for children in preschool and kindergarten. These find the number worksheets help parents understand the child’s number recognition skills.
  3. Counting worksheets: These worksheets are a great resource for kids in kindergarten and preschool. These worksheets help children understand that numbers represent a quantity. It also sharpens their counting skills. Try these counting activities for preschoolers to make the lesson more interesting for kids.
  4. Addition and subtraction worksheets: Addition and subtraction are basic arithmetic operations that all children should learn. These numbers worksheets will help children in kindergarten and early elementary school practice their addition and subtraction skills. The worksheets have several simple single digit and double digit addition and subtraction problems for kids to solve.

Benefits Of Using Numbers Worksheet To Teach Kids About Numbers

Helping children solve numbers worksheet has several advantages. Here are some benefits of helping children solve numbers 1-10 worksheets:

  1. Learning numbers easily: Number tracing worksheets are a great tool that help children learn to write numbers easily. Little kids love to draw and color pictures. Tracing over and coloring the numbers on the worksheet will make lessons more fun and engaging for kids. 
  2. Fine motor skills: Worksheets are also great for developing a child’s fine motor skills. As they trace, draw and color the numbers, children strengthen and develop the muscles in their arms. 
  3. Learning at their own pace: Kids can learn at their own pace when they solve numbers worksheets. They can learn numbers and their names, the quantity each number represents, the correct order of numbers etc on their own. They can take as long as they need to commit the information to their memory.
  4. Progress: Worksheets are also a great indicator of a child’s progress. It helps parents and educators understand how much of the lesson the child has understood. Additionally, it shows areas of improvement, which helps parents and teachers take the necessary steps to help their child improve in that area.
  5. Basic math skills: Number worksheets are great tools to teach children basic math skills like counting, adding and subtracting. These skills will set a strong foundation to learn more advanced math concepts as they progress through school. 

For more activities, games, and worksheets to help your children learn in a fun and engaging manner, check Osmo’s kids learning section.

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