15 Easter Activities for Kids

Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It always falls on Sunday and is a holiday for people across the world. Children are always excited about celebrating Easter with their family members. They look forward to eating delicious food and hunting for their Easter eggs. If you want to keep your children entertained on Easter Sunday, you can plan Easter activities for kids. Make sure these holiday activities for kids at home are really fun and entertaining so that they enjoy their holiday and at the same time learn something new. 

You can either plan outdoor or indoor Easter activities for kids. Beyond egg hunting, there are many fun games and activities that can entertain your children. Young children are very creative, and why not enhance their creativity skills with cool activities? Before that, you need to think about age-appropriate activities that are easy and engaging for your kids. Participating in these activities contributes to your child’s cognitive development. If you’re looking for fun Easter activities for kids? Check it out here. 

Explore Easter Activities for Kids 

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Fun Easter Activities for Kids

Easter brings joy and merriment in everyone’s life. Kids especially are super excited about the Easter celebrations. They love hunting eggs and receiving candies from their parents. To entertain them and continue their learning process even during the holiday season, you can explore some of the best Easter activities for kids. With these activities, you can educate your child about Easter and enhance their learning experience. Here are some of the fun Easter activities for kids:

List of Easter Activities for Kids

  1. Egg race: This is one of the most fun Easter activities for kids. All you need is an egg and a spoon. You can conduct this activity outside your home. You can ask children to race, holding the spoon with an egg in their mouth. The one reaching the finishing line with an egg intact in their spoon will be the winner. 
  2. Draw Easter eggs: Most children love drawing and painting. Therefore, you can enhance their creativity by providing them with a drawing kit such as drawing paper, crayons, watercolors, stationery items, etc. Then, ask children to make Easter eggs in a creative way. The one with a unique and attractive drawing will be declared as the winner. Conducting drawing games for kids will help them develop their hand-eye coordination and drawing skills. 
  3. Guess the numbers: In this activity, you can keep a number of candies in a different number of jars. Then, ask the children to guess the number of candies kept inside the jar. The one who guessed the number closest to the number of candies kept inside the jar will be the winner. You can make kids take all the candies after answering the question correctly. 
  4. Solve riddles: To enhance your child’s critical thinking skills, you can make them solve Easter riddles. These riddles are extremely easy for children to understand. They can think critically about the question being asked and come up with logical answers. For example, Why was the Easter bunny agitated? What is an Easter bunny’s favorite vegetable? I grow larger when you take away more from me. What am I?, etc. 
  5. Read Easter stories: Gather children and make them read stories about Easter. Create a relaxing atmosphere where children can enjoy their reading time. You can give them fun children’s books on Easter. Reading Easter stories will enable children to understand the importance of celebrating the festival and, at the same time, enhance their reading skills.
  6. Recite Easter poems: To keep your children entertained, you can teach Easter poems for kids. Reciting poems will enable children to develop their understanding of words and sentences effectively. 
  7. Cook together: In this activity, you can ask your children to assist you in cooking brunch for the family. Teach them simple dessert recipes with biscuits and buns so that they can learn cooking and also enjoy their time in the kitchen. 
  8. Decorate Easter tree: Allow children to showcase their creative side by making them decorate an Easter tree with eggs. They can hang colorful eggs with a string on the branches of the tree in the backyard of your home. This decoration gives children a festive feeling. Most importantly, they would keep themselves busy decorating the tree. 
  9. Play treasure hunt: This is a fun activity for children where they need to hunt eggs hidden in all corners of the house. To make it interesting and easy for children to hunt eggs, you can keep clues so that they can hunt the treasure easily. 
  10. Toss the eggs: In this activity, you can decorate a can with beautiful lace and beads. Then, keep the can at a distance from the children. Ask children to toss the plastic eggs into the can from a distance. The ones with the maximum number of eggs tossed inside the can within the given time will be the winner.
  11. Play tin bowling: Take a few unused tins and paint them with colorful watercolor paints. Stack them one above the other in the garden area. Then, ask children to bowl and break the stacked tins from a distance. Based on the number of tins fallen, you can give points to children. This is a highly energetic activity for children to keep them busy on Easter Sunday.
  12. Make a paper plate Easter bunny: Children will do craft activities all day if given a chance. To expand their creativity, you can ask them to make an Easter bunny using a paper plate. All you have to do is take a medium-sized paper plate and paste two googly eyes a little above the center of the plate. Take two paper plates and fold them in halves. Then, paste these two halves on the left and right sides of the plate for the ears of the bunny. Take a few cotton balls and stick them on the center of the plate for the mouth, followed by three straws on the left and right sides of the mouth as whiskers. Finally, complete the craft by making a small bow and pasting it below the plate. Your Easter bunny is ready. 
  13. Make an Easter card: This is a day of celebration for people across the world. They would like to wish and express their love for one another. Therefore, you can make children convey their wishes to the family members by giving them an Easter card. You can ask children to make one for their family members. All you need to do is take a cardboard sheet and cut it in the shape of a square or rectangle. Draw a bunny or an Easter egg on the card and complete it with a beautiful message for their loved ones. 
  14. Make an Easter garland: On Easter Sunday, the whole house gets decorated with a lot of eggs and bunnies. You can decorate the wall of your house with garlands. To make this, you need a thread, chart paper, crayons, stationery items, etc. You can ask children to draw the shape of an egg or a bunny on the chart paper. Then, cut it and hang it on the thread using tiny paper clips. Once it is done, you can decorate the garland wherever you want at home. 
  15. Solve crossword puzzles: This is one of the best activities for kids, which enhances their thinking skills in a much better way. You can download Easter crossword puzzles for kids printable and ask them to decode the words related to Easter on the puzzle sheet. To help them find the correct answer, you can ask them to read the clues given at the bottom of the sheet. This activity enables children to think critically about the words and mark them diagonally, horizontally or vertically on the sheet. With this, children will learn new vocabulary words related to the celebration of Easter easily.

We hope you and your child found these Easter activities for kids useful. To read more information, explore games and activities in the kids learning section at Osmo. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Easter Activities for Kids

What are some of the Easter activities for kids?

Some of the Easter activities for kids are making Easter cards, playing tin bowling, solving riddles, cooking together, decorating an Easter tree, drawing Easter eggs, etc.

What are the benefits of Easter activities for kids?

Some of the benefits of Easter activities for kids are that it helps children involve themselves in activities and keep them busy throughout the celebration. Most importantly, they enhance their learning experience and develop essential skills.

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