Solar System Project for Kids

3D Solar System Project Ideas for Kids 

The universe is magnificent and it mesmerizes us with its limitlessness. In it, the existence of the Earth is in the Solar System with many other planets. 

Kids are introduced to the solar system in their formative years of school education. Often they are asked to design easy solar system projects for kids. 

Solar system Science projects can be made with a variety of materials. A few such ideas are shared below for your reference. 

Homemade Solar System Science Projects for kids

1. Solar System Project with Pom-pom balls 

Pom-pom balls can work wonders when it comes to making solar system art projects for kids! 

Pom-pom balls can be bought from a nearby store or you can even make them yourself. There are many YouTube videos on how to make these balls. 

Pom-pom balls come in varying sizes and thus, make a great choice for making the Sun and the planets as they are also so different in their sizes and colors. 

Take a black chart sheet and roughly outline the orbits and then paste the pom-pom balls according to the order of planets. 

Alternatively, you can hang the pom-pom balls with yarns or threads and paste name tags to them! 

Both ways, making this science project with your little one is going to be so much fun!

2. Solar System made of Playdough or Clay for kids

Take a big black (or white) sheet and give the basic outline of the solar system. Also, roughly mark the positions and sizes of the sun and the planets. 

Now, make flat circular pieces for the sun and the planets and done!

Also, you can make them spherical in shape and place them all on the sheet.

3. Making Science Project with Old Bottle Caps

Ever thought of using old bottle caps and plastic lids for making a solar system school project for kids? Well, why not try!

Draw the outlines of the solar system on a big sheet. Take big and small bottle caps (or plastic lids) to make the sun and the planets and paste them on the sheet. 

4. Healthy Solar System with Fruits

Take a medium to large size plate. Give the outline of the solar system with mayonnaise or tomato ketchup. 

Cut fruits – strawberry, kiwi, guava, grapes, oranges, etc. in circular pieces and place them all on the plate at appropriate points. And your delicious solar system is ready!

5. Solar System project using Marbles

This solar system science project idea will include making the sun and the planets using marbles.

Now, we understand that marbles are not available in varying sizes. So, what you can do to make some of them a little bigger, is that you can wrap papers, cloth, etc. around them. 

You would have to create an outline of the solar system on a chart sheet of preferably black color. Place these marbles on the sheet and paste them with hot glue. 

6. Science project with Plastic and Rubber Balls

Making an outline of the solar system on a chart sheet stays the same. The difference is that in this one, we’ll be making the sun and the planets with plastic and rubber balls.

Plastic balls are very lightweight as compared to rubber balls. So, they are easy to paste and carry. 

Do not forget to color the sun and the planets in accordance with their properties – like Mars is known as the Red planet, the sun should be bright yellowish or a mixture of yellow and orange, our planet should be green and blue, so on and so forth. 

7. Using Buttons for Solar System Project

Why throw buttons from old shirts and pants when you can use them in making a science project for children? 

Once you have outlined the solar system on a sheet of paper, place the buttons of different colors and sizes on the sheet and paste them in the places of the planets and the sun. 

8. All-Wrapped Up Yarn Balls

You can create these DIY yarn balls using glue and balloons. 

Once you have made these pretty yarn balls of distinct sizes, you can use them to hang them in the corner of your kid’s room and stick name tags to them – Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, etc. 

9. Hanging Foam Balls Solar System Project 

Take a circular ring and wind a colorful yarn around it. 

Color the foam balls and hang them to the ring with threads small and big, and hang the ring on the wall. 

This project will not only keep kids’ attraction towards the universe intact but also become a superb and relevant decor for their room!

10. Solar System Model Made with Cut-outs and Paints

Children can make use of old magazines and newspapers cut out in circular shapes for the sun and the planets. They can make stars and other galaxies with paints to bring out an exciting solar system project. 

Wondering how to make a solar system project for kids? We hope that the above-mentioned solar system project ideas will be of great help!