Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle

Thanksgiving is the most awaited holiday for kids across the country. Kids love to spend time with their loved ones and play activities that boost their confidence and gain knowledge on various topics. 

Similarly, Thanksgiving crossword puzzles are apt for the occasion where they can learn new words and their meanings. There are Thanksgiving crossword puzzles printable available for kids of all ages. Conducting crossword puzzles for kids will enable them to learn Thanksgiving vocabulary words for better comprehension.

Featuring all your favorite Osmo friends, this word game is everything your kids need to sharpen their vocabulary and fuel their drive to learn. 

Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle For Kids:

Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle for Kids

Download our printable Thanksgiving crossword puzzle

Your Osmo family hopes that you lovable Osmonauts have a wonderful time solving our fun puzzle.

Why Solve Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzles?

Solving Thanksgiving word puzzles is great because:

  1. Solving Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzles helps the entire family bond! Not only are kids learning some new words and testing their existing vocabulary, but they’re also having a super fun time. Playing Thanksgiving crossword puzzles has more benefits than you’ll realize!
  2. It improves problem-solving skills. This is because, when kids figure out the best way to form a word and find the missing pieces of their puzzle, they rack their brains to find a way to solve the problem! They develop their whole brain through a simple game.
  3. Crossword puzzles increase self-esteem. When kids finally solve a puzzle all on their own, they feel accomplished and more motivated to take part in other activities independently.
  4. It develops creativity. Solving Thanksgiving crossword puzzles encourages kids to think of new ways to solve problems. This helps them own their creativity and ability to problem-solve.
  5. Thanksgiving crossword puzzles improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. When kids use their hands to write the unscrambled words or look for the words in a crossword puzzle, it helps develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  6. It develops social skills and encourages language development. If kids work together to solve these crossword puzzles, it helps them communicate with each other and build strong social skills. Once they learn new words through these puzzles, you could also encourage them to use those words in their daily conversations with people. This encourages language development in the most fun way possible.

Fun Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzles

Note that Thanksgiving is the day we give thanks to our loved ones, it’s also the day we express our gratitude by trying to spend quality time with friends and family. 

Playing these fun Thanksgiving crossword puzzles with your little ones is a great way to spend time with your family while learning new words and developing problem solving skills.

What’s more? These activities don’t require kids to stare at their screens or strain their eyes. Instead, these activities encourage children to move around, get in a little bit of exercise even and have a blast while developing core skills through play.

  1. Human Letters – Unplugged Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle
  2. No need for worksheets and printables with this offline easy Thanksgiving crossword puzzle. Assign each family member a letter of the alphabet. Next, call out some Thanksgiving vocabulary words (or any other words would do!) and let your child stand in order of the letters of the word.

    Check out Osmo’s Words game now! It’s a game where kids arrange tangible letter tiles to form a word that matches the image on the screen.

  3. Letter Finder – Offline Thanksgiving Day Crossword Puzzle
  4. Here’s yet another game that doesn’t require staring at the screen or downloading worksheets. For this Thanksgiving day crossword puzzle, cut out a variety of images related to Thanksgiving. You could cut out images of a turkey, pumpkin, yam, and so on. 

    Next, test kids’ vocabulary by asking them to cut out letters from newspapers and magazines that spell those Thanksgiving words!

    In the end, you could even play a fun game of pinning the feather to the turkey. In this game, you’ll need to blindfold your child, give them a picture of a feather, and have them stick it on the turkey accurately while they’re still blindfolded. Alternatively, you could print a few pictures of your kids (instead of the turkey!) and have each child pin the feather to these images of themselves. They are sure to have a good laugh with this activity!

  5. Scavenger Hunt – Hunt for Thanksgiving Images
  6. Just how Thanksgiving word puzzles involve finding words horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, this fun game of treasure hunt involves looking for words basically everywhere around the house!

    First, provide a list of unscrambled Thanksgiving words to your kids. Here are a few Thanksgiving vocabulary words for kindergarten:

    • Yam
    • Pumpkin
    • Turkey
    • Gravy
    • Pie
    • Family
    • Vegetables

    Make sure to first scramble each of these. After they unscramble and solve each of these Thanksgiving word puzzles, cut out images for these words and hide them all around the house. Whoever finds all the images first wins!

We hope you liked our ideas for fun thanksgiving crossword puzzles! For more kids learning & activities, check the rest of our website.

We also offer a wide range of more puzzle games, math games, science games, drawing games, and more activities that make learning fun! Trust us when we say that these can transform how your child views core subjects. Learning has never been easier or more interactive!

Frequently Asked Questions on Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle

What Are Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzles?

Thanksgiving crossword puzzles are those puzzles that comprise of the words that are associated with Thanksgiving customs and traditions. In this type of puzzle, kids would be given clues and have to find out the words that are related to the words associated with Thanksgiving.

What are the benefits of Thanksgiving crossword puzzles?

Solving Thanksgiving crossword puzzles helps kids develop their vocabulary and learn new words while solving them. Moreover, these puzzles keep children engaged for an extended period of time and improve their memory power. Once they have learned new words, they will be able to form meaningful sentences.

What Are The Types Of Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzles?

Here are some of the fun and engaging Thanksgiving crossword puzzles for kids to play and broaden their vocabulary skills. The kids have to mark the words diagonally, vertically or horizontally on the sheet provided. Unplugged, offline and scavenger hunt are some of the fun Thanksgiving crossword puzzles.

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