Pictionary Words for Kids

Help Your Little One Become Proficient In Words By Playing Pictionary With These Easy Pictionary Words For Kids

Good reading skills and comprehension are crucial skills that a child needs to learn early in life. One of the most important things necessary to develop good reading skills is a wide vocabulary. For little children, these skills have a lasting impact on their academic success as well as their professional success. But not all kids learn at the same rate, some kids might need more help than others. In such situations, it helps to turn learning words for kids into a fun game, like Pictionary. Use Pictionary words for kids to make the game more kid-friendly and engaging.

Playing a game of Pictionary is a great way to keep kids engaged and kill time. It also helps in building your child’s vocabulary, sharpens their creativity, visualization skills, and logical thinking. In addition to this, Pictionary words for kids is a great way to help children understand the meaning behind a word. The game also helps children understand the connection between a particular term and the concept. Furthermore, the game is also a great tool to improve your child’s drawing and nonverbal communication skills. Try these drawing games for kids to boost your child’s creativity.

So, the next time you want to teach your child some new words in a fun way, involve them in a game of Pictionary.  Here’s a list of Pictionary words for kids to help you get started. This list includes hard, medium, funny and easy Pictionary words for kids, so you can choose according to your child’s level of understanding.

Easy Pictionary Words for Kids

ShoeTrash canChristmas tree

Funny Pictionary Words For Kids

Eating spaghettiDumboToilet paper
Kung Fu PandaTeddy BearCaptain Underpants
Mosquito BiteClownfishChicken nuggets
MummySpongebob SquarepantsBurp
PinocchioBathroomTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

These funny Pictionary words for kids are sure to have your kids in a fit of giggles as they try to guess what the drawings mean.

Medium Pictionary Words for Kids

PancakesListGummy bears
PoliceGarbageSleeping bag
WinterHair tieDesk

Osmo’s Genius Words is a great game that makes word learning fun and engaging for little children. Here, kids get to arrange letter tiles to match the words on the screen.

Hard Pictionary Words for Kids

FarIce skatingAfraid
Team captainHomerunCommunication
DictionaryImaginationGum under the desk
ParentsStreet sweeperDripping
Toilet paperBake saleHomeless
Drinking fountainDarkExhausted

How To Use Pictionary Words For Kids While Playing Pictionary 

Now that you have a list of Pictionary words for kids, learn how to use them while playing the game. The game usually has a board, category cards, 4 playing pieces, a 1-minute sand timer, and a die. You will need 4 pencils and drawing pads too. But you can play the game without a board and category cards too. All you have to do is write the words in the list above on some flashcards and use them.

  • Once you’ve set up all the materials, divide the kids into 2 teams. 
  • Next, have each team roll the die. The team, which rolls the number 6 first gets to choose a flashcard with Pictionary words for kids.
  • One child from each team gets to look at the card for a few seconds and then draw the words on the flashcard. The other kids from both teams have to guess the word based on the image. 
  • Start the timer. If they guess the word correctly before the time is up, the team gets a point and gets to roll the die again. If they don’t, they forfeit their turn. 
  • Continue the game until all the cards are used up. The team with the most number of points wins the game.

Different Ways to Play Pictionary Game

Looking for ways to make the game more exciting for your kids? Here are some ways to make playing Pictionary more fun.

  • One way to make Pictionary more interesting is to use hard Pictionary words for kids.
  • Blindfold the child before they draw! Let’s see how well they draw without the primary sense of sight.
  • Make the game more difficult by making kids draw with their non-dominant hands. Make a right-hander draw with their left hand and vice versa. 

Benefits Of Playing Pictionary With Kids

Pictionary is designed to help children practice their word skills and remember important words in a fun manner. Here are some other benefits of playing Pictionary for kids.

  • Proficiency in words: Pictionary words for kids are important words that should be a part of a child’s vocabulary. Playing the game helps children understand the meaning of these words. This helps children remember the words easily. Here are some vocabulary words for kids to help boost your child’s word skills.
  • Creativity: Drawing is a wonderful way to boost a child’s creativity and imagination. As children draw the Pictionary words for kids, it helps boost their imagination and creativity.
  • Thinking out of the box: The main aim while playing the game is to draw the word so that your teammates can guess the word first. This helps children come up with out of the box solutions to draw words. Additionally, this boosts logical reasoning and critical thinking skills too.
  • Motor skills: While playing Pictionary, kids need to use their hands to draw an image that their teammates can recognize. This improves their hand-eye coordination and the ability to visualize things. 
  • Teamwork: Playing Pictionary helps children learn how to work together as a team. They learn to understand how their teammates think and draw the image to convey it to them accurately.

We hope you and your child enjoyed playing with this list of Pictionary words for kids. Here are some more board games for kids that you can try to boost your kids learning.

Frequently Asked Questions on Pictionary Words for Kids

What are simple Pictionary words for kids?

Simple Pictionary words for kids are sun, moon, stars, galaxy, animals, birds, flowers, fruits, vegetables, water, bubbles, stream, dress, fish, whale, dog, cat, cake, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, fingers, coffee, tea, milkshake, ocean, river, sea, house, roof, floor, burger, pizza, sandwich, cookie, candies, etc.

What are funny Pictionary words for kids?

The funny Pictionary words for kids are ninja turtles, bob the builder, slurping, bathroom, burp, teddy bear, mummy, panda, Spongebob, chicken nuggets, etc. These are some of the funny Pictionary words for kids and these words help kids have fun as they learn.

What are the advantages of playing Pictionary words for kids?

Playing Pictionary words for kids help them learn new and unique words, develop thinking out of the box, improve their vocabulary, teaches them teamwork and motivates them to be creative. Kids love playing this game as they learn new vocabulary words in an entertaining way.

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