Non Toy Gifts For Kids

Playing is integral when it comes to a child’s overall development. So, toys hold their place of importance in the playing activities of a kid. Of course, toys are great gifts for kids as they are educational, creative, and engaging. However, sometimes the toys are only played with for some days after they are received. The excitement of getting a toy lasts for a few days and gradually fades away. Then, the toy is dumped in your kid’s room. Hence, buying non toy gifts for kids is sometimes a better option. There are some best gifts for kids that are not toys. You can give them non toy gifts for kids that not only make them happy but use it effectively. Besides this, you can also explore educational toys for kids

Are there too many toys at your home? Did you clean your kids’ room recently and were overwhelmed to see too many toys? There are piles of toys scattered everywhere. Half of them have not been played in ages. Some of them have got broken or their parts have got lost.  Even though you donate old toys, they keep coming back every birthday and festival. So, you might have decided that whatever gifts your kid will receive from you won’t be toys.  Sometimes, these gifts for kids will enable them to learn and value things. If you are looking for meaningful non toys gifts for kids, you have landed at the right place. So, let us see what are some best gifts for kids that are not toys mentioned below: 

Best Non Toy Gifts For Kids 

Here are some amazing gifts for kids that aren’t toy given below: 

  • Alarm Clock: An alarm clock is a nice gift idea for kids which are not toys. You can teach kids how to read time with the help of an alarm clock. This will be helpful for them to understand and learn to value the time in their lives. 
  • Pillows: A pillow or blanket with the kid’s photo on it would be an interesting gift for kids that aren’t toys. Personalized pillows or blankets count for a great gift. Kids will love to snuggle in them. 
  • Books: Among the gift ideas for kids that aren’t toys, books are one of the best options for older children. You can give your kids good storybooks. It will enhance their vocabulary and knowledge of the language. 
  • School bags and other school-related items: Gift your children school-related items. Kids would get excited seeing a new school bag. You can also give your kid a lunch box, a water bottle, a pencil box, etc.
  • Osmo’s Monster: The Monster welcomes kids to the world of imagination. Kids can draw any object for the monster and it will come to life on screen. For kids who love drawing, they can explore Monster, Newton, and Masterpiece. This is the best gift for kids who don’t like toys.
  • Paintbrushes and watercolors: If your little one likes to paint, then gifting kids paint accessories is a brilliant idea. Give attractive coloring sets for kids where they can enhance their creativity and develop hand and eye coordination. 
  • Camping and sleepover items: If your kids enjoy sleepovers at friends’ places or camping out, then you can gift them sleeping bags, real tents, lanterns, etc. These non toy gifts for kids will enable them to use them during picnics, camping or trekking with their family members. 
  • Watch: kids love to wear wristwatches. Kids often face difficulty in reading an analog watch. So, parents need to make sure that they have a watch to learn. There are kids friendly smart watches available for kids in the market. 
  • Garments: Clothing items are always needed. Shoes, socks, and nice clothes are counted as the best gifts for kids that are not toys. They will be excited to receive such gifts from their loved ones. 
  • Osmo’s Pizza Co.: Pizza Co. game lets kids set up their pizza store. Kids would love to see how customers would interact with them on screen. You would cook a pizza for them asking about their favorite toppings. Once pizza is handed over, you will be paid and you need to return them the exact amount. Isn’t it an amazing game where kids learn entrepreneurship at such a young age?
  • A beautiful umbrella: Umbrella is a utility good that every kid would need. Gift your kid a colorful umbrella if you haven’t already. They can use them during the rainy season while going to school or any other place. 
  • Piggy Banks: Kids need to be taught the value of money from a young age. However, schools don’t provide much money sense. Thus, it is your duty to teach them about money. What can be a better gift than a piggy bank through which kids would learn savings? Therefore, you can give them a piggy bank where they can start collecting whatever little money they get as pocket money. 
  • Osmo’s Detective Agency: In this game, kids can run their own detective agency. They can travel to six famous cities and collect clues with the help of magnifying glass. All of these will be a part of the kit.
  • Sports kit: If your kid loves outdoor sports, you can give him sports equipment. Some of the sports kids might like to play include cricket, football, badminton, etc. These non toy gifts for kids will enable them to learn and practice their favorite sports. 
  • A cooking apron and cooking equipment: If your kids love to spend time in the kitchen helping you, give them their own cooking equipment and an apron. The kitchen is the best place to provide knowledge of different textures, smell and develop fine motor skills. There are kid- friendly kitchen utensils available in the market which can be used in case your  child wants to assist you in cooking. 
  • Osmo’s Genius Tangram: Play with Tangram puzzle pieces and put together these pieces to design what is shown on the screen. This game has various levels of difficulty.
  • Headphones: This is one of the non toy gifts for kids where they can use it to listen to music and any other concepts related to learning in the form of videos or audio clips. There are some really cool kid-friendly headphones available in the market. 
  • Art and Craft Materials: From a young age, crafts for kids has been an important aspect of the curriculum. They are taught to make craft items for their school projects. So, you can provide them with art and craft materials such as color papers, kid friendly craft accessories such as scissors, tapes, ribbons, water colors, etc.
  • Teepee Tent: This is something that every child aspires to have in their garden or playroom. It is a beautiful tent where kids can keep them busy in learning, chatting with friends, sleeping, etc. 
  • A Bike: Every kid likes to have their own bike. Therefore, you can provide a bike which is easy for them to ride. Initially, you have to teach kids how to ride the bike and gradually they will learn and ride in the neighbourhood and nearby parks. 
  • Activity Table: Kids require a specific area where they can learn and do creative activities. For that, you can give them a study table where they can sit and learn and at the same do extra curricular activities such as painting, coloring, drawing, crafts, etc. 

Other gift ideas for kids that aren’t toys are cute slippers, a colorful bathrobe, a travel suitcase, and a small travel kit of their own, etc. Playosmo offers a wide range of games that can be gifted in the non-toy category. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Non Toy Gifts for Kids

What are Non Toy Gifts for Kids?

Some of the Non Toy Gifts for Kids are coloring books, crayons set, alarm clock, comic books, drawing sheets, stationery set, school bags, painting set, smart watch, baseball set, etc.

Why should you give Non Toy Gifts for Kids?

You can give Non Toy Gifts for Kids because they help them in exploring the real world around them and their screen time can be reduced by engaging them in reading comic books or coloring activities.

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