Plural Nouns Worksheet

Plural noun is something that has more than one noun. It basically indicates more than one person, place or an object. Grammar plays an important role in developing communication skills. Isn’t it? We can say that it provides meaning to the sentences and interprets them in the right manner. Plural nouns are used just by adding ‘s’ or ‘es’ to the end of singular nouns.

Kids from kindergarten learn grammar in order to get acquainted with the best communication skills. Use grammar worksheets like a plural nouns worksheet will enable them to understand and practice the right usage of words in structuring the sentence. Apart from this, spelling games for kids can enhance and improve their spelling and vocabulary skills. 

Free Printable Plural Nouns Worksheets

Once they learn nouns, parents and teachers need to increase their challenge by making it plurals. Use of grammar plural nouns worksheet will reinforce the language skills among kids. For that, it is advisable to download plural forms of nouns worksheet pdf available online. These free plural nouns worksheets make the learning process much easier for kids.

The free printable plural nouns worksheets will provide better learning experience with outstanding results. With this, they will be able to strengthen their ability to read and write effectively. To improve their skills, kids can also learn hard spelling bee words in order to understand the grammatical concepts for reading and writing purposes. Here is a list of some worksheets for kids to practice plural nouns.

Adding plural nouns on the worksheet

Help your children learn plural nouns using the worksheet given below. In this worksheet, kids need to add “s” or “es” as the suffix for the given words. Check out the plural nouns worksheet for kids given below.

Write the plurals words on the worksheet: Plural nouns worksheet for kids

Plural possessive noun worksheet

Help your children enhance their grammatical knowledge using the plural nouns worksheet. In this worksheet, kids need to convert the sentences into plural possessive. For example, the voices of children can be written as children’s voice. Check out the plural possessive noun worksheet for kids given below.

Write the sentence on plural nouns: Free printable plural nouns worksheet for kids

Grammar Plural Nouns Worksheets

Plural nouns are the essential and easier parts of speech in grammar. Grammar plural nouns worksheets include exercises with questions and answers keys. Therefore, kids can download free printable plural nouns worksheets for their practice. They can print multiple copies of worksheets in order to increase their grammatical accuracy. Kids should learn to make singular nouns into plural forms. For that, they have to understand the difference between regular and irregular plural nouns. Try out free plural noun worksheets for effective learning.

These worksheets will have questions along with answers for better understanding of the grammars. With an amazing collection of exercises, these free kindergarten plural noun worksheets will help kids to practice questions and evaluate with an answer key. This is an extremely useful resource for teaching grammar to kids. There is also a need to focus on kindergarten sight words for better understanding of the commonly used words in framing sentences. 

Benefits of Free Plural Noun Worksheets

Some of the benefits of plural noun worksheets are mentioned below: 

  1. Easily available online. 
  2. Improves vocabulary skills.
  3. Improves grammatical accuracy. 
  4. Provides exercises with questions and answers keys. 
  5. Provides easy and simple questions. 
  6. Includes attractive colorful themes and patterns. 
  7. Improves communication skills. 
  8. Engages kids for longer periods of time.

Examples of Plural Nouns Worksheets 

Some of the examples of plural nouns are mentioned in the tabular column given below: 

Bird Birds
Boy Boys
Child Children
Country Countries
Day Days
City Cities
Dozen Dozens
Ear Ears
Knife Knives
Building Buildings
Duty Duties
Watch Watches

Plural Possessive Nouns Worksheets

A possessive noun is a word that represents a person, place or an object by adding (’) apostrophe and letter s at its end. It can be either singular or plural. Plural possessive nouns are basically more than one person, object or place in the sentence.  For example, houses’, beetles’, papers’, etc. This is basically used to indicate the ownership of sentences. Kids can download free plural possessive nouns worksheets to practice the use of such words in sentences at home or classroom. Practicing plural noun worksheets will enable kids to learn grammatical accuracy for their further studies. It is important to understand the difference between possessive singular and plural nouns. Moreover, learning spelling rules will strengthen the understanding of letters and sounds. 

Characteristics of Plural Possessive Nouns 

Some of the characteristics of plural possessive nouns are as follows: 

  1. It shows the ownership of more than one person, place or thing. 
  2. It is basically something that belongs to someone. 
  3. It has an apostrophe added at the end of the word. 

It is essential to teach kids grammar in order to enhance their reading and writing skills. Once they are at the age of speaking, they can pick up words easily. Therefore, teaching with the help of plural nouns worksheet will help them introduce basic grammar to the kids. Sometimes kids might find difficulty in understanding the difference between the singular and plural nouns. In such cases, teachers and parents need to provide them special plural noun worksheets for their practice.

Apart from this, cvc word games for kids will be really helpful in understanding the grammatical concepts better. We can say that plural noun worksheets are important resources to develop good communication skills among the kids. 
To know further information, read related articles on kindergarten spelling words and writing games for kids here.

Frequently Asked Questions on Plural Nouns Worksheet

What are the examples of the Plural Nouns Worksheet?

The examples of the Plural Nouns Worksheet are bat – bats, car – cars, mat – mats, kid – kids, flower – flowers, color – colors, elephant – elephants, horse – horses, lion – lions, box – boxes, baby – babies, etc.

What are the benefits of the Plural Nouns Worksheet?

The benefits of the Plural Nouns Worksheet are they help kids to learn about the singular and plural forms of nouns, learn new words, and help children to learn if an apostrophe is required for a word.

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