Number Games for Kids

Learning to love math might sound difficult and maybe even impossible. But with these number games for kids, your child can develop an interest in the subject in no time! Not only will they learn core skills through play, but they’ll develop their creativity and critical thinking skills too.

5 Fun Number Games for Kids

The best number games for kids are those that make learning fun! Here are a few ways to get your child to learn and love math:

  1. Number Hunt – Play-Based Fun Number Games for Kids
  2. All you need for this game are some popsicle sticks and a marker. Take those few popsicle sticks, number each of the sticks, and hide them all around the house. Your little ones need to find them and then arrange them in the correct order! Not only are you testing their number knowledge, but you’re ensuring that they have fun through play.

    Check out Osmo’s Numbers game to embark on a digital-physical learning experience!

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  3. Count and Run Number Game for Kids – A Combination of Math and Movement
  4. Get in some exercise while learning to count! For this outdoor game, you could mark a few rocks with a number each. Next, make cards with a couple of stickers on them. If you don’t have stickers, you could draw anything you like on the card. (maybe emojis, or human stick figures) 

    The goal is for your child to count the number of images on the card and then find the rock with the same number corresponding to the number of images.

    Osmo’s Math Buzz is another math game that tests your child’s number knowledge.

  5. Timed Tasks – Helping Kids Tell Time
  6. The next time you ask your child to carry out a task, time them! This could teach them the concept of time. For example, if your kids are helping you with a chore, you could see how fast they do the task within a minute.

  7. Masking Tape – Number Line Games for Kids
  8. Take some masking tape, mark numbers on it from 1-10, and put it on your floor. You could even play number line games for kids outside. (all you’d need is some chalk to mark the road!)

    Once you’ve put the tape with the numbers on the floor, ask your kids to choose a number on the line and fill it with any objects. For example, if your child picks the number 3 on the line, they could fill it with 1 candy and 2 paper clips!

    Math Wizard and the Secrets of the Dragons is a digital-physical learning game that could familiarize your child with the concept of number lines and measurement. Check it out!

  9. Rounding Match-Up – Rounding Number Games for Kids
  10. Looking for fun rounding number games for kids? Your search ends with us! For this game, all you have to do is write down various numbers on index cards. Make sure you include numbers rounded up to the nearest 10, 100,  and 1000. Turn the cards face down and then instruct your kids to pick the card and try and find its matching rounding card!

We hope your child enjoys playing our number games for kids! Check the rest of our website for more interactive games, Math games for kids, Math Riddles for kids and puzzles for kids that make learning fun.