Easy Math Games for Grade 1

A few 1st-grade math concepts your child is likely to learn in school are counting, place value, addition & subtraction, time-telling and measurement. With our easy math games for Grade 1, you can make these concepts more interesting for your little one.

5 Math Games for Grade 1

Kickstart your child’s math journey with these simple math games for grade 1:

  1. Dice War – Simple Math Games for Grade 1 Addition
  2. Practice addition skills with a game of dice! For this game, kids need to take turns rolling a pair of dice and adding their numbers. Whoever scores the highest sum wins that round. You can even add a third die to make this game more challenging.

    Check out this Osmo game to practice your addition skills!

    YouTube video
  3. Grab Bags – Math Games for Grade 1 Subtraction
  4. Here’s a subtraction game you can try with your kids. First, fill 2 bags with various objects. For example, one bag could have candy, and the other could have paper clips. If your child picks out 5 candies and 2 paper clips, they’ll need to write down the equation on a sheet of paper and then find out the answer!

  5. Time-Telling Puzzles – Math Puzzle Games for Grade 1
  6. Test your child’s time-telling skills with a fun puzzle game. All you have to do is draw images of analog clocks on a sheet of paper, and write down the digital clock times on a different piece of paper. Your kids will then need to match them both up accordingly.

    Osmo’s Tangram is another puzzle game your kids will enjoy!

  7. Scavenger Hunt – Place Value Easy Math Games for Grade 1
  8. Help your kids master place value with a fun game of scavenger hunt. Instead of hunting for clues around the house, they’ll need to hunt for images among a stack of magazines. Your clues could include something along the lines of “Find a number with 0 in the ones place”, or “find a number with 6 in the hundreds place”, etc.

  9. Lego Measurement – Combining Math With Block Play
  10. How about practicing some math with legos? Ask your child to first estimate the measurement of a certain train of lego bricks, and then find the actual measurement with the help of a ruler. For example, if you instruct them to build a train of 7 lego bricks, they will first need to build it, and then estimate the measurement, and finally test if they were right.

More Math Games for Grade 1 from Osmo

Osmo offers a wide range of digital-physical math games for grade 1 that introduce your child to core subjects through play:

  1. Pizza Co. – Practice Math and Money Skills
  2. Run your own pizza shop and practice math and money skills! As you use tangible pizza and money tiles to manage your business, you also develop fast-paced mental math skills and entrepreneurial knowledge. Who knew learning math could be so supremely delicious? Explore more about Pizza Co.

  3. Math Wizard and the Magical Workshop – Learn Addition & Subtraction
  4. Embark on an addition & subtraction adventure as you enter a magical world. You get to add ingredients to make your very own potion, help dragons fly, and so much more. Get started on this curriculum-inspired, story-based learning journey today! Explore more about Math Wizard and the Magical Workshop.

  5. Math Wizard and the Secrets of the Dragons
  6. Another curriculum-inspired game from the Math Wizard series is the Secrets of the Dragons game. In this self-paced game, you get to master measurement at your own pace, while feeding rare dragons and watching them grow!

  7. Numbers – Learn Counting
  8. Learn to count, add, and multiply as you arrange physical tiles to match the numbers on the screen. With instant feedback and guidance at each step, you get to learn through experimentation in a stress-free environment.

Check the rest of our website for more interactive games that transform the learning experience for your child! Each Osmo game ensures that the more kids play, the more they learn.