Numbers 1 to 10 | 11 Best Activities to Learn Numbers One to Ten

Numbers 1 Through 10

What’s the best way to teach your little ones some new things? 

Make them sit for hours and help them learn.

As simple as the above response sounds, we all know how tough it is to make kids sit for studying. And, in fact, why make learning so boring that they run away on hearing the word “studies”! 

Learning can be way more fun and effective through activities and games. 

Here, we will be listing out some of the most brilliant ideas for games and activities to learn numbers 1 through 10. Most of the kids learning activities here would require things that are easily available at home. 

1. DIY painting

What you would need: paper, paint and Q-tips.

For this activity, you will provide kids with outlines of numerical numbers 1 to 10. Kids have to trace the outline with paint using Q-tips. They can use different colors to paint the numbers. 

2. Number hunt

What you would need: colorful papers, pens.

In this activity, you would need to write identical numbers in pairs. For instance, there will be two papers with “1” written on them, two other papers with “2” written on them, so on and so forth. 

Next, you need to divide these twenty papers in two sets both having numbers 1 to 10. Then, keep the first set of numbers on the table and hide the other set in your home at different places- under the bed, under a book, behind the table, on the top of the bookshelf, etc. 

Kids need to take a number from the first set on the table and say the number aloud. Then, they need to search for the identical number in the home. You can offer them hints and clues to help them find the numbers faster. 

The kid who finds out the identical numbers of the entire set in the least amount of time will win!

3. Number popping

What you would need: balloons, balloon pump, markers, safety pins.

Kids love to pop balloons, don’t they? 

To perform this activity, you would need to blow some balloons and mark them with numbers from 1 to 10 using markers. Paste the balloons to a table such that the numbers written on them are visible to the children. 

Then, you will dictate a number aloud and kids will have to search that numbered balloon and pop it using the safety pins. 

4. Draw and Cut

What you would need: paper, pencils/pens, scissors.

For this exciting activity to practice number 1 to 10, you would outline numbers on paper and also the shape in which you want the paper to be cut. 

For instance, outline the number “1” and make a circle around the number. Kids will need to trace the numbers using pencils/pens and cut out the circle with the help of scissors.

5. Sort the unsorted

What you would need: number flashcards.

Number flashcards can be created at home. All you need to do is write numbers 1 through 10 on different colored papers. 

Shuffle the flashcards. 

Now, kids need to sort the numbers in ascending order on the table. The kid who is able to sort the numbers fastest gets an extra cookie. 

6. Number hopping

What you would need: mat, paper and markers.

To play this activity, you would first need to write numbers 1 to 10 on different papers and paste them on a mat. Keep some distance between the numbers. 

You will speak a number aloud and kids have to hop on that number on the mat while saying the number aloud themselves too. 

7. Number Decor on Train

What you would need: toy train, paper, markers, decorations, glue, paint. 

Using markers, kids have to write numbers from 1 to 10 on different wagons of the toy train. 

Then, they can paint the number sheets in different colors. They have to decorate the individual wagons and the number sheets with shiny stickers, thermocol balls, etc.

8. Where are all the numbers?

What you would need: sand, paper, markers, small container. 

This is an activity that encourages kids to search and sort numbers from 1 to 10. 

Take enough sand in a small container. Cut paper into smaller pieces and write the numbers 1 to 10. Then, hide all these paper pieces in sand. 

Kids have to search all the numbers and sort them in ascending order. 

The kid who is able to finish the task in the least amount of time will be declared the winner!

9. Playdough numbers

What you would need: playdough.

Playdough can help in learning many things – alphabets, numbers and much more. In this activity, kids have to make numbers using playdough. 

10. Numbered Mango Tree

What you would need: paper, pencil colors or paint and scissors. 

In this activity, kids have to draw and cut the outline of a tree on paper. Not a very intricate one but just a simple tree. They have to color the tree with green pencil color or green paint. 

Next, they have to draw ten mangoes on paper and cut them out too. Color the mangoes. Remember that these mangoes cuttings should be small so that they can all be pasted on the tree. 

Then, kids have to write numbers 1 to 10 on the mangoes. 

11. Find and Tag

What you would need: number stickers from 1 to 10, any ten objects at home.

This is an exciting activity where you have to hide any 10 objects in the home and make a list of those objects. Provide kids with number stickers from 1 to 10 and tell them these objects one by one. They will have to find these objects and tag them with numbers.

For instance, if they find the first object, say a red-colored handkerchief, they would paste the sticker number “1” on it and let you know that they found the first object. 

The kid who is able to finish the task of finding and tagging all the ten objects first will be the champion!

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Frequently Asked Questions on Numbers 1 to 10 | 11 Best Activities to Learn Numbers One to Ten

How to learn numbers 1 – 10?

Numbers 1 – 10 can be taught to kids from these easy, fun and engaging ways like starting with simple counting of the easily available objects at home such as the total number of books, bottles, fruits, candies, etc. Also, solving some of the math problems related with counting numbers.

What are the best Activities to Learn Numbers 1 – 10?

Some of the Best Activities to Learn Numbers 1 – 10 are DIY number coloring, number search, number hopping, filling in the missing numbers, playdough numerals, numbered orange trees, numbering and coloring bus, number jumping, etc.

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