I Words For Kids

Help Your Child Improve Their Vocabulary With This List Of Words That Start With I 

The English language is made up of words and a family of alphabets make up the words. These letters of the alphabet give structure and meaning to a word and bring it to life. 

I is the ninth letter of the English alphabet and is one of the five vowels. Several words that start with I form the foundation of the English language. Below is a list of I words for kids that will help you in expanding their vocabulary.

List Of I Words For Kids

The letter I is an important part of the alphabet. Several simple words that start with I form the foundation of the English language. Most sentences would be incomplete without words like I, it, is and in. These are words that we use every day while conversing. When your child is ready to learn I words, start with these basic words so that they understand and learn easily.

Here Is A List Of Commonly Used I Words For Kids


List Of I Words For Kids In Preschool

Kids in preschool are just starting to learn the sounds of words and how they join together to form words. They start by learning simple, 2 letter and 3 letter words. These are words that they hear in everyday conversations so that they can understand the words easily and learn them quickly.

Here Is A List Of 2 Letter I Words For Kids With Meanings

IA pronoun that means me or used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself
Ifa condition or supposition or in case of
Isexist or be present
Ininside a container, place, or area, or surrounded or closed off by something
ItAny non-living thing
IdAn identification card that proves who you are

3 Letter I Words For Kids That Start With I


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List Of I Words For Kids In Kindergarten

By the time kids start kindergarten, they already know a few words. They can string together words to form simple sentences. Help your kindergartener improve their vocabulary with these I words for kids in kindergarten.

4 Letter I Words For Kids That Start With I


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5 Letter I Words For Kids That Start With I


List Of I Words For Kids In Grade 1

As kids progress through school, they start learning bigger words with multiple syllables. Here are some 6 letter and 7 letter I words for kids in grade 1.

6 Letter I Words For Kids That Start With I


7 Letter I Words For Kids That Start With I


More I Words For Kids,

Animal Names That Start With I


Names Of Countries That Start With I


Tips To Help Your Child Learn I Words For Kids

Here are some tips that will help your child learn I words for kids.

  • Phonics: Phonics is an important part of teaching alphabets to kids. Teaching your kids the different sounds of the letters helps them identify the letters by their sound. This improves the child’s reading skills and helps with speech and language development. 
  • The letter I makes two different sounds. The short sound “ih” and the long sound “I”.

    The long sound “I”

    The long sound of “I” is pronounced exactly like the letter I (eye). For example: Idea, island, ivy, ice cream, etc.

    The short sound “ih”

    Here are some examples for the short sound of I, “ih”: is, international, Italy, insect, igloo, etc.

    Sometimes, kids can get confused with words that start with E and words that start with I. The short sounds of E and I sound similar and might confuse a child. With a bit of practice, phonics will help children learn I words for kids easily.

    Check out these phonics games for kids on Osmo to help your child learn the different sounds of the alphabets.

  • Bedtime stories and reading: Reading bedtime stories to children is not just a fun exercise, it also introduces your child to words. Kids learn to speak by imitating sounds that their parents make. When you include bedtime stories, storytelling and other reading activities in your child’s daily routine, you expand their vocabulary. 
  • Encourage your child to read books and guess words from illustrations in their storybooks. Ask them to identify all the I words they heard in the story. This activity will help enrich their speech and vocabulary. Additionally, it’ll improve their reading skills too.

  • Spelling games for kids: Spelling is a critical component of the English language. Spelling is the art of correctly assembling letters to form words. Knowing how to spell words improves your child’s communication skills, reading skills and overall literacy. Additionally, spelling is a critical skill necessary to develop a child’s writing skills. Knowing how to spell also helps children decode unfamiliar words.
  • Some words that start with the letter I are sometimes long and complicated. When children are equipped with great spelling skills they can identify the links between letters, sounds, words and their meanings. This, in turn, will help them comprehend the complex I words easily.

  • Letter I worksheets: Kids tend to forget easily, especially since they are involved in so many activities all through the day. Before they start learning I words for kids, help your little ones practise identifying, tracing and writing the letter I. Practising on these worksheets will help the children learn and memorize all the words that they’ve learnt. 
  • Worksheets that involve word search puzzles to find words starting with I and jumbled words will help children learn I words for kids. 

    Check out these word search puzzles for kids on Osmo. Help your child practice writing the letter I using ABC tracing worksheets and letter recognition games

Kids learn everything by observing and listening to the people around them. So, parents and educators should practice using positive language around the children and engage kids in meaningful conversations. This helps build better speech and language skills and their word power. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on I Words For Kids

What are some I Words For Kids?

Some of the I words for kids are Immediately, igloo, ink, imp, irk, insist, impose, icecream, improve, infant, illegal, intensity, impatient, island, India, imply, issue, iron, idea, inhale, infection, injection, etc.

What are the advantages of learning I Words For Kids?

Some of the advantages of learning I Words For Kids are that they help them to understand the importance of learning new words and also engage them in word building activities and games. Learning new words help them to recognize words and build vocabulary skill.