N Words For Kids

Words That Start With N

The Letter N usually makes the ‘nnn’ sound as in the night. However, the Letter N is sometimes silent when followed by the letter ‘m’ as in the word hymn. The Letter N is part of the /ng/ digraph as in bring. Once the children are clear with this, tutors can teach N words for kids in an interesting way. However, this is quite advanced information for kindergarten kids and preschoolers who have just started learning to connect the letters with the sounds.

Tutors can introduce children to some basic words that start with the letter N. By doing this, kids find it easier to learn the words. In addition to this, children can be taught according to their grades, namely, preschool and kindergarten. Later they can teach four letter and five letter words that start with the letter N.Parents and teachers can introduce kids to ABC Tracing Worksheets.

List Of N Words For Kids

Until the little learners have learned the letter N sound, teach them some fundamental and easy words. Then, parents and teachers can include the below given N words for kids while teaching the alphabetical words.

N Words for Kids


List Of N Words For Kindergarten Kids

Though the words that start with N are small, Kindergarten accomplishments are pretty significant. Hence, spread the fun to kindergarteners with these basic N words for kids.

N words for Kindergarten Kids


List Of Preschool Words That Start With N

Preschoolers love exploring these easy words that start with the letter N. Learning these words certainly help the children identify the N sound and build a solid vocabulary right from a young age.

Preschool Words That Start With N


N Vocabulary List Of Words For Kids:

3 Letter N Words For Kids That Start With N

  • Now
  • Nun

4 Letter N Words For Kids That Start With N

  • Nose
  • Note

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5 Letter N Words For Kids That Start With N

  • Ninja
  • Nurse

More N Words For Kids,

Activities That Help In Learning Letter N Words For Kids

The alphabet N is the second most usually used consonant sound in English. Below is a list of activities that help learn fun N words for kids, making that fundamental sound into a thoroughly developed linguistic concept.

Letter N Arts and Crafts

N is for name

  • There are hundreds of activities children can do with their names. Below given are a few activities associated with fun N words for kids:
  • Create ‘name’ necklaces, using a small piece of the strip with their name written on it, knot it as a necklace with a length of yarn.
  • Create a ‘name’ chart. Provide each kid with an 8″ long piece of sentence strip with their name written on it in black marker. Let them color it in a ‘nice’ and ‘neat’ way.
  • Then, paste all of the names onto a large paper and place it in the hallway for all the kids to see in the classroom. This can be an exciting activity to teach fun N words for kids.
  • Prepare name puzzles. Take every kid’s name, note it on an 8″ long piece of strip. Write it again on another strip, and this time carve (cut) between the alphabets. Finally, the kids must put the names back together. Perfect for starting phonemic awareness in young minds.

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Frequently Asked Questions on N Words For Kids

What are some Kindergarten N words for kids?

Some of the Kindergarten N words for kids are number, nag, nice, new, need, near, net, name, neat, nod, nut, not, nope, nosy, none, noun, nosy, neck, nest, etc.

What are some preschool N words for kids?

Some of the preschool N words for kids are nature, nail, nap, necklace, nightingale, ninja, notebook, notes, now, nurse, normal, nun, newborn, nine, nerd, nature, no, nose, nomad, etc.