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Learning is an important part of a child’s life. Kids learning starts from early childhood and continues throughout their lives. But kids are playful and easily distracted, so you’ll need to get creative and jazz things up a bit. Learning should be fun, engaging and interactive. It should pique their curiosity and make them want to discover and learn more. 

The best way to make kids learning fun and engaging for children is through hands-on activities that involve playing or moving about. We’ve compiled an extensive list of hands-on activities and games that make kids learning fun and interesting. These kids learning activities are a great way to enhance your child’s cognitive and physical development and also improve their knowledge. 

Kids Learning Videos for DIY Activities and Crafts

Hands-on Kids Learning Activities

Here are some hands-on and movement-involved kids learning activities that you can try at home with your little ones.

  1. Sorting: Sorting is one of the best kids learning activities. Set three bowls in front of your child and label them green, yellow and red. Then, dump a bunch of yellow, green and red pom poms in front of them. Now, ask the child to sort the pom poms according to color. This is one of the best activities to help your child enhance their color recognition skills. You can also use the same activity to sort objects according to their shapes or sizes too. 
  2. Here is a fun sorting maze worksheet to help your child boost their sorting skills:

    Sorting maze worksheet for kids learning
  3. Egg Drop Device: Help your child learn and apply simple physics concepts in real life with the egg drop project. The aim is to design an egg drop device that keeps an egg safe even if it’s dropped from a height. Give your kids plastic bags, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, straws, sticks, wire, string, plastic cups, eggs etc. Then ask them to use these materials to build a device that can keep an egg safe and unbroken when it’s dropped from a height. This activity also challenges the child’s creative thinking and logical reasoning abilities. 
  4. Number Hunt: A number scavenger hunt is the perfect activity to test your child’s number recognition skills. Take your child on a walk around the neighborhood and ask them to point out a certain number of things. For example, if you say 3 bicycles, they’ll have to point at 3 bicycles. Along with their number sense, this game also enhances their observational skills. 
  5. Check your child’s number recognition and counting skills with this amazing number matching worksheet:

    Counting worksheet for kids learning

    Check out Osmo’s Genius Numbers. This digital-physical game is a great way to introduce kids to numbers and basic math operations. Kids learn  how to add, subtract, multiply and divide with this fun game.

  6. Playdough CVC Words: CVC words are one of the easiest words for little children to learn. These words are simple 3 letter words that have a vowel in the middle with a consonant on either side. Help your little ones learn to spell CVC words using this fun playdough activity. Give your child some colorful playdough and letter stamps. Ask the child to shape the playdough into flat circles. Show them an image of a CVC word and ask them to spell the word on the playdough using the letter stamps. For example, show them an image of a cat and ask them to stamp C-A-T on the playdough. 
  7. Here is a fun word unscramble worksheet to check your child’s knowledge of CVC words:

    CVC words worksheet for kids learning

    Check Genius Words, Osmo’s fun interactive game to help children learn the letters of the alphabet and new words. Kids get to move the tangible letter tiles and form words to match the image on screen. This game improves the child’s vocabulary, spelling skills, thinking skills and their fine motor skills.

  8. Water Gun Geography For Kids: Learning about maps and various landmarks across the world could get a little boring sometimes. A fun way to make geography exciting is by playing with a water gun!
    Attach a waterproof map on the wall and hand your child a water gun filled with colored water. Now, call out a specific place on the map and ask them to take aim and shoot that area on the map!
    Geography made simple for kids – Learn about geography and landmarks around the world with Osmo’s Detective Agency. This fun game takes children on a world tour as they play detective and solve mysteries. 

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Hands-on Kids Learning: What, Why, How?

What is Hands-on Kids Learning:

Hands-on kids learning is a process where kids learn through experience and actions. 

This learning activity for kids involves a lot of movement and play. For instance, instead of learning math concepts through textbooks and worksheets, kids learn through manipulatives like counting cubes or candy. This makes for a fun and delicious kids learning experience. Kids get to observe and experiment while they do these activities, which encourages active learning.

Why Hands-on Kids Learning:

Beyond engaging multiple areas of the brain, hands-on activities help kids retain essential information. 

Hands-on kids learning also encourages children to interact with their surroundings and helps build important fine motor skills that kids need to carry out daily tasks like tying shoelaces and writing. 

Additionally, hands-on learning develops a child’s critical thinking skills as they are allowed to make their own decisions and take responsibility for the outcome of their decisions.

Osmo has a wide variety of activities, games and worksheets that make learning fun and engaging for children. Check our kids learning section to know more.

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