Halloween Crossword Puzzles For Kids

Exciting Crossword Puzzles for Kids on Halloween 

We all love Halloweens, don’t we? 

Ever wondered why we celebrate it though? We are here with the answer. 

Also, you will get some of the most enthralling ideas for Halloween crossword puzzles as well as other Halloween games that you would thoroughly enjoy playing. 

So, let’s start right away!

Why do we celebrate Halloween?

The moment we come across the word “Halloween”, we start imagining all sorts of spooky and scary elements. 

Halloween is celebrated with a lot of zeal and vigour across many countries of the world. But, why is it so that Halloween celebrations are accompanied by wearing weird, ghostly costumes?  And that people talk of witches, ghosts and haunted houses? (Creepy, isn’t it?)

Well, we’ll tell you why.

31st October, All Hallow’s Eve or All Saints’ eve later came to be popularly known as Halloween. All Saints’ Day is celebrated on 1st November. 

Halloween commemorates the death of saints, martyrs, etc. The day honors the people who went to Heaven. People light bonfires and wear scary costumes in order to ward off ghosts and evil souls. It is believed that the reason why people wear masks or blacken their faces is to stay unnoticed by ghosts. 

Yet today, Halloween has become a big event that includes spooky attires, playing games and talking about ghostly things just to have fun. 

Halloween Crossword Puzzles and Other Halloween Games for Kids 

Here are some amazing ideas for free Halloween crossword puzzles and other games that you can play and enjoy with your kids at home this Halloween season:

  1. Halloween themed crossword puzzles
  2. You can get lots of free Halloween crossword puzzles for kids online or you can create your own DIY Halloween crossword puzzles with words like Ghost, Witch, Pumpkin, Orange, Haunted, Trick, Treat, Candy, Wolves, Halloween, Jack O Lantern, Broom, Black Magic, and other such unearthly words!
    And yes, don’t forget to note down Halloween crossword answers for the crossword puzzle. After all, you are the judge of the competition!

  3. Roll up and walk
  4. Get kids dressed up all eerie in this Halloween game.

    Divide kids into two teams. 

    Here’s how the game goes.

    Set the timer on. Each team has to dress one of their team members as the Mummy with bath tissues. They need to cover the team member entirely leaving only the eyes and nose visible. Next, the Mummy team member has to walk to a finish line (that you decide). 

    The team that does all of it faster, from dressing up a team member to reaching the finish line, wins the game. 

  5. Pumpkin bursts
  6. Here teams have to blow balloons and paste them on a board or any big-size rectangular paper in the shape of a pumpkin (outline of which can be drawn by you). Then, they have to prick and burst the pumpkin.

    The team who finishes the task first wins the game. 

  7. Jack-o’-lantern
  8. On Halloween, people carve out pumpkins in a weird fashion. These are called jack-o’-lanterns.
    The game here for kids is to draw them on paper and show their drawing-coloring skills!

  9. Feed the Monster Bucket
  10. How can we forget feeding the huge monster bucket on Halloween, right?

    For this game, you would need a big bucket. You can decorate it so that it looks a little scary. Keep the bucket’s mouth open. 

    Kids have to take chances to put oranges into the bucket. The team that puts the maximum number of oranges into the bucket in a minute wins the game. 

  11. Spooky Face-Painting
  12. Here, the task is to paint the face of any of the team members in order to give him/her as ghostly a look as possible. 

  13. The Halloween Hunt
  14. It is just the Halloween version of treasure hunting games

    You can ask questions about famous haunted stories or characters and give clues to kids. These clues will lead them to their gifts and goodies.

  15. Ghos-tory telling
  16. Storytelling is an art. It is also a very fun-filled activity for kids. 

    This Halloween season, get kids to try out their storytelling skills by creating ghost stories in teams and sharing them with other teams.

  17. Osmo’s Halloween themed Cut-Color-and-Tie Masks
  18. Osmo cartoon characters are here to enjoy with kids. 

    Kids get amazing masks that they can cut and color beautiful cartoon masks. They can then tie these masks with yarn. 

  19. Osmo’s Halloween word puzzles
  20. Have a fun-filled adventure with Detective Agency game characters and uncover the mysteries of hidden cities. You can download this Halloween crossword puzzle PDF by clicking on the link provided.

  21. Osmo’s Connect the Dots
  22. Connecting dots to create something artistic is always a fun activity for children. This Halloween, get kids to connect the dots and draw funky Osmo cartoon characters. Finish the task by coloring them all. 

We hope that you love trying and playing all these super exciting Halloween games and Halloween crossword puzzles for kids. All these games are designed to impart fun, social skills, brain-tickles and creativity to kids.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Halloween Crossword Puzzles for Kids

What are the examples of the words in Halloween Crossword Puzzles for Kids?

Some of the examples of words in Halloween Crossword Puzzles for Kids are trick, treat, wolves, lantern, pumpkin, black magic, broom, Jack O Lantern, Halloween, haunted, orange candy, candies, etc.

What are some of the fun Halloween Crossword Puzzles for Kids?

Some of the fun Halloween Crossword Puzzles for Kids are walk and roll up, pumpkin sparkles, Jack O lantern, spooky face art, Halloween hunt, Osmo’s Halloween themed Cut-Color-and-Tie Masks, etc.