Funny Puns for Kids

Pun Examples for Kids

Puns are an amazing source of laughter and humor. These are created through wordplay where jokes are made out of words that either sound similar or have more than one meaning. With funny puns for kids, you can make them chuckle and trigger their creativity and imagination. 

Given below are a list of funny kid jokes and puns that you can enjoy with your little ones. 

Good Puns and Jokes for Kids

1. What would you call an alligator who is wearing a vest. 

Answer: An Investigator!

2. What would you call a crocodile which does criminal activities?

Answer: A Crookodile!

3. Why did Spidey the spider switch on the computer?

Answer: To have a look at his web-site!

4. What would you say to the person who invented zero?

Answer: Say “Thank you for nothing!”

5. What makes pancakes different from waffles?

Answer: Waffles are pancakes but with abs!

6. What should you do to organize a space function?

Answer: You should plan-et.

7. What would you call a five that’s sitting on a cloud?

Answer: A high-five!

8. What do mobile phones and dogs have in common?

Answer: Dogs too have collar IDs.

9. What would you call a lazy baby Kangaroo?

Answer: A pouch potato!

10. What is Suzie not able to put down her book?

Answer: Because the book is based on “anti-gravity”.

11. What made the picture end up in custody?

Answer: It was framed!

12. The horse who lives nearby is a __________.

Answer: neigh-bor.

13. How are horses able to maintain a great physique?

Answer: By taking a “stable” diet.

14. It has a lot of ears, yet can’t hear a word you say! What is it?

Answer: A cornfield.

15. Why is the weightlifter so upset?

Answer: Because she needs to work with the dumb-bells!

16. How do the dogs take a break in between a movie?

Answer: By putting the movie on paws!

17. Why was the clock shouted at by the librarian?

Answer: Because it was tocking too loud!

18. How did one volcano propose the other one?

Answer: He said, “I Lava you”.

19. What would “The Great Gatsby” would have been called if the movie was based on a cat?

Answer: It would have been called “The Great Catsby”!

20. What’s the shorts of clouds called? 

Answer: Thunder-wear!

21. What would a pizza say to impress a topping?

Answer: I never sau-sage a pretty face!

22. This is what the mother cow said to the calf at night- “______”.

Answer: “It’s past-ure bedtime”!

23. Why are the cats so good at video games? 

Answer: Because they’ve got 9 lives!

24. Do you know why the broom was late for the office?

Answer: Because it overswept!

25. Can you guess the name of the most famous fish spy?

Answer: James Pond.

26. What would you call a pizza that’s taking a nap?

Answer: A piZZZZZa!

27. What does a lawyer wear to the courtroom every day?

Answer: A great lawsuit!

28. Why did Jason give up the idea of making a pencil which has erasers at both its ends?

Answer: Because he realized that there would be no point!

29. How did the little baby tell her mom that her diaper was wet?

Answer: By sending a pee-mail to her!

30. What’s Thanos’ most favorite app to send photos?

Answer: Snap-chat!

31. One should be very careful while telling a joke near a glass. Why is that so?

Answer: Because it can crack-up!

32. What do you call a knight who has given up fighting?

Answer: Sir-Render!

33. Fish are found in salt water because __________.

Answer: the pepper forces them to sneeze!

34. What is a cat’s most favorite dessert?

Answer: The chocolate mouse!

35. Leopards are never able to hide because ________.

Answer: They are spotted!

36. Who stole all my lamps? Now the room is so _________!

Answer: de-lighted

37. In which subject do the snakes get the highest marks? 

Answer: Hiss-tory

39. What did people think about Finn and Quinn who dressed up as almonds for Halloween?

Answer: People that they were nuts!

40. Why should you never trust the stairs?

Answer: Well, because they are always up-to something!

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