Math Activities

Boost Your Child’s Math Learning With These Fun Math Activities For Kids

Math is a subject that everyone is daunted by, but it is an important subject that kids need to learn. The very mention of math lessons makes children look for reasons to skip the lesson for the day. Since it is a crucial subject, parents and teachers must look for ways to diffuse the tension and fear surrounding the subject. Math activities for kids is a great way to make learning math an easy and fun process. 

One of the best ways to help children learn math is to help them develop a positive attitude towards the subject. Engaging children in games and math activities from an early age helps them learn to love math. This dispels all the fear and negativity and helps them develop a positive attitude towards math lessons. Math activities for children enhance their mathematical skills with simple, hands-on activities that make learning interesting. These activities help kids practice simple addition, counting, measurements, shape recognition and other math concepts in a fun and engaging way. 

Include your child in basic math activities like shape recognition and sorting when they’re toddlers and preschoolers. So, by the time your little one is in kindergarten, you would’ve laid a solid foundation for math learning for your child. This boosts their interest in the subject. By the end of kindergarten, a child must be able to identify shapes, sort and count things up to 50 at least. Kindergarten math games are a great way to pique your child’s curiosity and help them learn math in an easy way. In early elementary school, they learn subtraction and addition, forming patterns and categorizing objects according to their size and shape.

While teachers will ensure that the kids learning is on track in school, parents can help the kids at home with math activities. This ensures that you set a healthy learning habit for your child and also helps them practice what they learnt in school. Here is a list of the best math activities for kids at home.

Math Activities

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Best Math Activities for kids 

Math Activities for Kids by Age

Hands-on activities and games make math learning fun and interesting for little kids. Set aside those worksheets and turn the math lesson into playtime. Additionally, you can also incorporate math lessons into your everyday activities like cooking, grocery shopping etc. 

Here Is A List Of Age-wise Math Activities For Kids

Hands-on Math Activities You Can Try With Your Child

  • Patterns with Bears: Counting Bears are one of the best math activities for preschoolers. This activity helps them learn one of the most important concepts, sorting. Additionally, it’ll also help them learn to measure, sort, or create patterns of their own. Print a few bear counters on card stock and ask your child to finish the patterns.
  • For example, the first page has an AB pattern, which means the child has to place bears of two different colors alternatively. So, have your child place a green bear and blue bear alternatively on the pattern card to complete the pattern.

    The second page has an ABC pattern, which means there are three colors in the pattern. For this activity, ask your preschooler or toddler to set the colored bear to match the color on the card to form a pattern. Try these fun preschool patterns worksheets with your child to help them learn more about patterns.

  • Sorting Jelly Beans: It is a well-known fact that kids love candies. These candies can also be used as an excellent prop to build your child’s fine motor skills and math skills. Print a card stock with three large, different colored circles on it. Ask your child to sort the jellybeans according to color and place them in the matching circle. 
  • Math STEM Activities – Math Hunt: Kids love activities like treasure hunts, this energy busting activity is a great way to make math fun. Make your preschoolers go on an exciting, math adventure with a fun shape treasure hunt around the house. You can also try these shape games for kids to help them learn more about shapes.
  • Halloween Math Activities – Halloween Math Mazes: Festivals are times of great fun and enjoyment. Add some math lessons to the mix to keep your child engaged in their learning process during the holidays. Halloween math activities are a great way to help children learn math in a spooky and fun way. Halloween-themed mazes, addition, subtraction and multiplication worksheets add a spooky twist to math lessons. Try these fun Halloween activity sheets to teach your child some cool math tricks.

Benefits Of Including Math Activities In Your Child’s Learning

Here is how including math activities is beneficial for your child’s learning.

  • Enthusiasm For Math Learning: Most kids shy away from math lessons. Constantly skipping math lessons can hamper the child’s learning. Math activities make learning the subject more fun and interesting. Additionally, this helps boost your child’s enthusiasm for numbers and math learning. 
  • No More Math Anxiety: Sometimes when kids don’t understand a concept or get an answer right, they start doubting their own ability. This affects their confidence and even causes math anxiety. Fun, hands-on activities and games make math lessons fun, which helps children learn easily. Additionally, as they start solving problems successfully, it’ll build their confidence and take away all the fear and anxiety surrounding math.
  • Working at their own pace: Math activities help children understand math concepts in fun ways and helps them solve problems at their own pace. This also boosts their confidence and improves their math skills.
  • Simplifies math lessons: One of the main reasons children try to skip math lessons is that they feel it’s too complicated. Games and fun math activities for kids simplifies math lessons and helps children learn easily at their own level. 

Looking for more games and activities to boost your child’s learning? Check out Math games for kids on Osmo to make math learning playful and enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions on Math Activities

What Are Math Activities?

Math activities are those activities that help children learn the concept of numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and many other mathematical concepts. These math activities keep the kids engaged in play based learning games and activities that help them understand easily.

How to make math activities fun?

Math activities are always fun and engaging. It requires you to think outside the box and help children learn math in a simple way. You can involve kids in hands on counting activities, motivate them to ask questions and create a math number rhyme and song.

What Are Some Fun Math Activities For Kids?

Math activities that are interesting and helpful in learning are, number bingo, scavenger hunt, guess the height, create a colorful paper clock, cheese fractions, graph and survey and many more. When kids are engaged in these fun math activities, they love to learn more and spend more time learning.

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