Math Activities

Math activities for children enhance their mathematical skills with these simple at-home activities. They gradually learn to practice simple addition, counting, measurements, shape recognition, and more. Kids improve their knowledge of fundamental math principles during kindergarten. However, by the end of the year, they must identify, order and count things up to 100. Other benchmarks include subtracting and adding single-digit numbers, identifying shapes, forming patterns and categorizing the objects by size.

While the little one’s teacher makes sure that they are on track, parents can also enhance cognitive skills with math activities for preschoolers at home. The main activity includes math in everyday life, making it appear like a fun activity instead of a chore. (In other words: Lay off the flashcards and worksheets). 

Below are the best Math Activities for kids to keep them engaged for an extended period:

Math Activities for Kids by Age

Math is always fun to teach to children because many daily activities incorporate math. Kids do not need worksheets for math. They must learn the basic concepts of math through play and hands-on activities. 

Below given are the age-wise Math activities for kids:

Hands on Math Activities:

  1. Patterns with Bears:
  2. Counting Bears are great math activities for preschoolers. They can measure, sort, or use them with patterns. Create a few pattern cards to assist with this.

    • The initial page is an AB pattern, which means two colors that are alternate in the pattern.
    • The second page is an ABC pattern, which means there are three colors in the pattern. For this activity, the preschooler must set the colored bear above the matching color to form a pattern.
    • Now, on the ABC pattern cards, the final circle is left empty. That is for the kid to tell aloud what color it has to be.
  3. Sorting Jelly Beans:
  4. It is a well-known fact that kids love candies and jellies. This is also an excellent fine motor game since the jelly beans are rolled around a piece of paper, and they have to thoroughly put them in the circles without tapping the other jelly beans. 

    Let the children say it aloud, which circle has the most jelly beans and in which color. If they think it is green, let them count yellow and green. Later, create a graph to check which color had the most. Refer to the image given above.

Math STEM Activities

  • Go on a Math Hunt:
  • This is yet another exciting activity for making math fun. Growing up a child brings up this notion for an excellent mathematics hunt for preschoolers who are homeschooled.

    However, it has revolutionized the math syllabus for many years, and it helps parents and teachers to make a way to encourage unmotivated kids. Parents and teachers can introduce children to Osmo’s math activities for kindergarten. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Halloween Math Activities

  • Halloween Math Mazes:
  • Math activities for kids are one of the most exciting games to keep them involved. These Halloween math activities work great for cyclical review, as bell ringers, homework, fast finisher stations, or good old fashion practice.

    However, these Halloween themed mazes are best for having the children practice the distributive property. There are some expressions where children have to combine terms and work with negative numbers to make these math mazes a little more interesting.

Osmo provides Math games for kids to benefit children and parents.