Best Gifts for 5 Year Olds

Unique Gifts Ideas for 5 Year Olds

Choosing the perfect gift for children can be quite tough and confusing. But, don’t worry as we have got you covered. We are here with some of the most amazing ideas for great gifts for 5 year olds. 

Top Gifts for 5 year olds

We will be suggesting both – conventional and unconventional gifts that you can give to 5 year old children and bring smiles to their faces.

Conventional Gifts for 5 Year Old

These are the gifts that first come to our minds when we think of gifting something to children. Be it a boy or a girl, you will find a good gift idea for sure from the list below. 

  • Molding Clay for Kids
  • Hot Wheels Set
  • Marble Run Board Games
  • Fingerlings
  • Coloring and Painting Books
  • Football/Basketball
  • Stuffed toys

Educational Gifts for 5 Year Old

Conventional or traditional gifts do not add much value to kids’ education. They are primarily focussed on providing entertainment and keeping kids engaged. 

Educational toys on the other hand tend to teach kids something new while kids play with them. In their formative years, kids have the sharpest grasping ability. Educational toys ensure that while kids are busy playing and enjoying, they also learn something new and useful.

Here are a few of the most bought and cool Educational gifts for 5 year olds:

Forts Kit

The Forts kits are becoming increasingly popular among children these days, owing to the fact that they not only keep them engaged but also refine their spatial understanding and problem-solving skills. 

Children’s books

Children’s books can be good gifts for 5 year old kids. These books are visually appealing and didactic. One will find more pictorial representations rather than texts in such books which make them a great choice for gifting to young kids. 

Balancing Games like Jenga

Be it adults or kids, everyone loves playing Jenga. Balancing games such as Jenga can help refine kids’ motor skills, understanding of balance and problem-solving skills. 

Treehouse Kit

Treehouse kits will enable kids to have an experience of building something with proper structure. They will make mistakes and learn new skills. Well, that’s how we grow!

OSMO Tangram

This Tangram is super enthralling and encourages kids to create the shapes given on the screen in their physical world. They get to make animals, numbers and much more using Tangram pieces. 

This game develops spatial and visual problem-solving skills in children with more than 500 puzzles of different shapes and forms. 

OSMO Numbers

Kids are offered opportunities to learn through experimentation in this game, which enhances their comprehension of mathematical concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication and concatenation. 

With its attractive aquarium-like background, this game entices kids and lets them hone their mathematical skills. 

OSMO Words

Word games by OSMO are all about identifying the image on the screen and spelling it by moving alphabets in the physical world. It is a brilliant way to memorize the spellings of different words in the English language.

OSMO Newton

The Newton game by OSMO involves physics and problem-solving. Draw lines or place them in front of your OSMO screen to solve puzzles. 

There are 60 levels of fun in this game and the challenge keeps on increasing at every level.

OSMO Masterpiece

This is one of the games that is most adored by kids as it lets them take a dive into art and drawing. 

Kids have to take a picture of anything and this game will transform that picture into simple outlines which kids can trace and draw with perfection. Amazing, isn’t it?

OSMO Monster

This amazing game by OSMO works wonders as it develops creativity and imagination in children. Children get to draw different things using a board and markers. Then, whatever they draw, is animated on the screen.

OSMO Coding Games

Coding Awbie, Coding Jam and Coding Duo are three coding games for kids. 

Coding Awbie is a beginner level coding game. It lets kids guide Awbie, an OSMO character, on a strawbie-munching adventure. 

Kids get to compose their own music by arranging coding blocks in various patterns in Coding Jam. 

In Coding Duo, Awbie and Monster Mo team up and try solving brain-stretching challenges.

OSMO Math Buzz

Math Buzz can be played by a team of up to 4 members. This game involves solving mathematical equations to collect honey in the garden and getting past the unfriendly bugs. 

Children get to learn and practice various mathematical operations such as addition, multiplication and subtractions through this game. 

OSMO Pizza Co.

Pizza Co. is one of the most favorite hands-on learning games for children where they improve their calculation skills. In this game, kids get to run their own pizza shop, cook pizza using toppings tiles and calculate change using the money tiles. 

With this game, they pick up non-verbal communication and refine their understanding of mathematical calculations like addition, subtraction and multiplication. 

OSMO Detective Agency

This game offers kids the experience of becoming a detective. From visiting some of the most famous cities to inspecting clues using magnifying glasses, this game has it all!

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Frequently Asked Questions on Best Gifts for 5 Year Olds

What are some of the classic and Best Gifts for 5 Year Olds?

Some of the classic and Best Gifts for 5 Year Olds are playdough, board games, skating board, soft toys, stuffed animals, coloeing and drawing books, color pencil or crayons sets, basketball, etc.

What are the Best Educational Gifts for 5 Year Olds?

The Best Educational Gifts for 5 Year Olds are comic books, counting and numbering books, coloring books, Osmo’s tangram, Osmo’s super studio Disney Frozen 2, Osmo numbers, etc.