Vocabulary Activities

Vocabulary activities play a vital role in strengthening the basics. However, kids tend to fall prey to boredom in an early stage of learning regardless of how creative the activities are. It is essential to provide them with engaging content vocabulary activity. Little Genius Sticks & Rings (ABCs & Squiggle Magic) is one of the most enjoyed activities among the kids aged 3-5, which is provided by Osmo.

Imparting an interesting vocabulary activity is imperative. Let children draw a sketch that sums up either each word, number or color. It is a joy that gives them an illustration for visual identification and to ease the kids learning.

Teaching Vocabulary Activities

Mastering vocabulary is always fun for kids when provided with interactive vocabulary activities. Children enjoy new ways of learning, which helps them find the precise word with these fun vocabulary activities. Good vocabulary exercises boost more than just memorization of keywords. It explores antonyms and synonyms, and usage of the latter. 

Below mentioned are a few interesting vocabulary activities:

Draw Vocabulary Sketchnotes

Kids enjoy sketch notes! Rather than writing out explanations, one can let them draw a sketch that explains each word. It is a lot more fun and proffers them a concept for visual classification and helps them remember the meaning.

Discover the Power of Words

Vocabulary concepts take on larger meaning when children add them into their routine. Challenge them to use their vocab words in discussion. Give them a free hand to practice the free printable worksheets to help them keep track.

Word of the Week

Make a note of a few keywords that require attention and add them to vocab activities. Pick a new word every week, then explore it in depth day by day and form sentences accordingly.


Give the children a copy of posters for the vocabulary as well as a new bingo card. Instruct them to pick a particular number and attach them to their blank bingo card. Alternatively, they could either write or draw the vocabulary. Store an entire set of posters into a hat and pick them out one by one. The first child to tick all the items on their card shouts ‘Bingo’. This is one of the best ways to teach them young, alongside such fun vocab activities namely, Genius Words provided by Osmo.

Recycle Vocab Activities

Introducing and reciting vocabulary in the classroom can be done in interactive, enjoyable and motivating ways. It is also important for children to recycle vocabulary as much as possible. However, this can be done during vocabulary activities online classes.

Types of Vocab Activities

When talking about vocabulary activities, one must make a note of all the 4 related vocabularies. Namely,

  1. Listening vocabulary
  2. Reading vocabulary
  3. Speaking vocabulary
  4. Writing vocabulary

For kids who are still in the learning phase of reading, speaking vocabulary is usually larger than their reading vocabulary.

There is a great association between the four vocabularies and corresponding vocab activities. Progress in one area commonly leads to growth in another. However, it is highly recommended to furnish the kids with fun vocab activities.

7 Best Practices for Effective Learning of Vocabulary Activities

  1. Vocabulary activities do not necessarily need to begin at school, parents can introduce the kids to vocab activities right from the beginning at home
  2. Keep the children on their toes by flashing the ‘flashcards’ quickly, back to front or upside down
  3. Color code or number the flashcards
  4. Bring out the new innovative ideas to keep the kids engaged for a long duration of time
  5. Challenge them to form a sentence by giving a keyword
  6. Prepare the vocab activities list in a colorful and interactive way
  7. Ask the kids to read aloud and this boosts their confidence

Frequently Asked Questions

How many words can a parent teach a 3-year-old child in a day?

By age 3, a child’s vocabulary is 200 or more words, and many of them can form three- or four-word sentences together.

Are Vocabulary activities helpful for a 5-year-old kid?

Yes. It is helpful.

Are vocab activities available online?

Yes, Vocab activities are available online.

Can toddlers build their vocab skills by attending online sessions?

Yes. The toddlers can build their vocab skills by attending online sessions.

Can an interactive vocab activity keep the child engaged?

Yes. A creative and interactive vocabulary activity keeps the child engaged for a long duration of time.

Osmo provides age-wise Vocabulary activities for the benefit of children as well as parents.