W Words For Kids

Words That Start With W

The letter w is an unreliable consonant that sounds “wuh” as in water, walk, walnut, etc. The letter w contributes to quite a few pretty good words to convey or impart information to others. We must know the importance of w words especially while asking questions such as who, why, what, when, and where. To put this to effective use, you must focus on teaching w words for kids in order to improve their language skills. However, parents and teachers need to conduct innovative activities that help in learning words that start with w. Besides this, focus on improving vocabulary words for kids to enhance their ability to communicate. 

How important is it to learn w words for communication? Well, it certainly helps in understanding the commonly used words in our day-to-day life. To begin with, you must list down simple w words for kids so that they can understand and use them accordingly. Moreover, you can also encourage them to hear, speak and finally write it on the page. Apart from this, conduct spelling activities for kids to ensure that they recognize and know how to spell the words. There is a need to emphasize the w words for kids that are connected to real-life situations. 

A List of W Words for Kids

Here are the list of w words for kids to develop their communication skills and keep themselves actively involved in the learning process.

W Words for Kids

Witch Web
While Whisker

A List of Kindergarten W Words for Kids

Kids need an extra push in terms of learning words in their formative years of education. Though you find these words small, it’s pretty significant to see kindergarten kids feeling a sense of accomplishment after learning the words. Besides this, exploring words for kids will be an added advantage in understanding the benefits of vocabulary.

W Words for Kindergarten Kids 


A List of Preschool W Words for Kids

Kids at this age are generally curious to learn new words. Sometimes, they tend to forget the words that they have learned. In such cases, continuous practice for learning simple w words for kids is required. Learning these words will help kids to recognize the letter w and build strong vocabulary skills. 

Preschool Words That Start With W

Went Words
WednesdayWater lily 
Worship Wing

W Vocabulary List of Words for Kids: 

3 Letter Words That Start With W

  • Win
  • Wet
  • Who
  • Why
  • Web

4 Letter Words That Start With W

  • Walk
  • Work
  • Wine
  • Wise
  • Wish

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5 Letter Words That Start With W

  • Worth
  • Wrist
  • World
  • Women
  • Write

Words That Start With Wh

  • When
  • Where

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Activities that Help in Learning W Words for Kids

Have you thought about improving your kids vocabulary skills? If not, then you must adapt effective strategies to teach w words for kids. It should be simple and engaging activities that kids can relate to. With this, you will be able to improve their reading and writing skills. Besides this, conducting spelling games for kids can help them on how to spell words correctly. However, prepare a list of simple w words for kids in order to teach them in various ways. 

Some of the activities that help in learning w words for kids are mentioned below:

  1. Exploring W Words: All the kids are fascinated by outdoor activities. They like to explore and understand things around them. Similarly, young children can make the best use of their surroundings by exploring words that start with the letter w. For example, water, wind, wasp, wool, etc. This activity will help them in learning w words by connecting with real-life situations. 
  2. Coloring W Words: Did you know that coloring helps in relaxation and keeping you focused? In this activity, kids are given opportunities to color pages consisting of w words. For example, the alphabet coloring pages will include uppercase and lowercase letters of watermelon, watch, whale, etc along with their images. For this, they can use attractive colors and enhance their learning experience in a fun way. 
  3. Art and Crafts W Words: Kids need some or the other kind of hands-on activities to let their energy out. They like to create things and learn simultaneously. However, you can allocate a few w words for kids such as windmill, whistle, waffle, etc to make some interesting arts and crafts. Ask your child to come up with creative ideas and construct letter w or their related images with the help of color papers, cardboard, ribbons, pencils, glue, scissors, etc. With this, kids can create shapes or structures in a creative way. 
  4. Reading W Words: It is the best activity for kids in terms of inculcating reading habits. One must develop this habit in order to enhance their language skills. Therefore, conducting a reading games for kids will encourage them to learn w words on a regular basis. Provide short stories, poems, rhymes, flashcards, etc to read and highlight the w words. Along with reading, they will develop their understanding of words that start with w. 

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