Christmas Words That Start With Z

We’ve just got two Christmas words that start with Z! 

  1. Zest (as in the orange zest we use for pudding)
  2. Zigzag Wrapping Paper

If you can think of more Christmas words that start with Z, reach out to us!

Christmas Games for Kids

Thinking of ways to celebrate this special time of the year? We’ve got some awesome Christmas games you could enjoy playing with your kids.

  • Reindeer’s Antlers: Make some cute reindeer’s antlers using construction paper. Or you could use Osmo’s Masterpiece game to draw to perfection! Kids need to take aim and toss some rings or rubber bands around those antlers!
  • YouTube video
  • Christmas Scavenger Hunt: Now that your kids know some Christmas related words that start with Z, along with several other Christmas words, you could scramble all these words on a sheet of paper, have kids unscramble them, and hunt for the words all over the room! Also explore, Scavenger hunt riddles for kids.
  • Dance Freeze: Play some funky music in the background, have your kids dance to those tunes, and then pause the music! Kids must freeze on the spot as and when you pause the music. If they fail to do so, they lose!
  • What’s In Santa’s Hat? As the name of this Christmas game suggests, all your little ones have to do is figure out what present is stuffed inside Santa’s hat. You could do the same with stockings too.
  • Cookie Decorations: Have a friendly competition at home this Christmas! All you need are some delicious cookies along with some decorations like sprinkles, cream, gel food coloring, and more. Whoever manages to make their cookie look the fanciest wins!

For more kids learning games and activities, check the rest of our website.