Halloween Activities for Kids

Halloween is celebrated across the world with joy and happiness. Children like to dress up in their spooky costumes and play trick-or-treat with their friends. They explore their neighborhood and ask for candies. This is certainly an exciting time for children during the celebration. Beyond this, you can plan interesting Halloween activities for kids at home. These activities will keep them entertained during the celebration and at the same time enjoy their Halloween party. To organize a fun party, you need to plan interesting holiday activities for kids so that they enjoy and learn at the same time.  

Apart from enjoying Halloween parties, you can enhance your child’s cognitive skills and learning experience with the help of Halloween activities for kids. You can think of activities that are fun and at the same time educational. If you’re looking for fun Halloween activities for kids? We’ve got you some of the coolest activities that will keep your kids active throughout the celebration. 

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Fun Halloween Activities for Kids

Wondering how to keep your kids entertained at a Halloween party? If so, then need not worry as we’ve the best Halloween activities for kids. These activities are super fun and easy for children to participate in. Children on this day love to eat candies, wear weird costumes, decorate their house and play trick-or-treat with their friends and family members. To know more about engaging Halloween activities for kids, you can explore the list given below:

List of Halloween Activities for Kids

  1. Wear spooky costumes: The celebration of Halloween would be incomplete without dressing up as their favorite characters for kids. They would love to wear spooky costumes for the Halloween party. Children like to wear costumes of Superman, Batman, Witch, Ghost or any other characters that fascinate them. You can make these costumes at home without spending too much money on them. 
  2. Make zombie rocks: To develop artistic skills in children, you can ask them to paint the faces of zombies on tiny rocks. Before that, ask children to collect smooth rocks from the garden to convert them into scary faces.
  3. Read scary stories: In this activity, all you have to do is ask children to read stories related to ghosts or devils. You can assess their performance based on the stories that they narrate. This is the best way to expand their imagination and thinking abilities by creating or recalling a story that they have heard before. 
  4. Bake monster cookies: Involve children in baking cookies for Halloween celebrations. You can bake cookies and ask children to decorate them using toppings in such a way it looks like a monster. For example, make large googly eyes and spider webs using chocolate syrup on the cookies. 
  5. Play scavenger hunt: Deck up the entire house and ask children to hunt Halloween themed items. They need to track down all the items assigned to them. Based on the number of items they’ve hunted, you can declare the winner for the game. 
  6. Play musical chairs: This is a fun game for a Halloween party. You can ask children to stand in a circle and keep a few chairs placed opposite to each other in the center. If there are 7 children for the musical chair game, you need to keep 6 chairs. Once the music plays, children will start revolving around the chairs. Once the music stops, all the children have to grab chairs placed close to them. The ones left with no chairs will be out of the game. The game will continue until you find the last person standing. 
  7. Decorate your backyard: Usually, elders of the family decorate the backyard and front door of the house for Halloween. In this case, you can ask children to assist you in decorating the house on Halloween themes such as hanging a spooky wreath, keeping pumpkins near the door, pasting bat stickers on the door and walls, etc. 
  8. Pumpkin carving: You can ask kids to make Jack o’ lanterns with a pumpkin. Give children a large size pumpkin and kid-friendly accessories to carve the pumpkin in the desired shape. You can light a candle inside the pumpkin and decorate the house for the Halloween party at night.
  9. Make a spider web: To decorate the house for Halloween, you can ask children to make a spider web. Give them threads and glue to make a scary spider web. You can even assist children in making a spider web for the Halloween party. 
  10. Play trick-or-treat: This is one of the best Halloween activities for kids where children can play trick-or-treating in their neighborhood. Children will wear weird costumes and visit every house in their neighborhood for candies. 
  11. Make a paper plate spider: In this activity, you can ask kids to make a spider for Halloween. To make this, all you have to do is take a paper plate and paste two googly eyes on the plate. Then, paste around four to five black color threads on the left and right edges of the paper plate to give an appearance of a spider. 
  12. Make a candy wreath: To make a beautiful Halloween wreath, you can use candies instead of leaves and flowers. Ask your children to make a wreath using different candies. All you have to do is cover the wreath with candies and make a bow using a colorful ribbon. 
  13. Visit pumpkin and corn farm: To teach your children about Halloween and its traditions, you can take them to a pumpkin or a corn farm. 
  14. Play pictionary: This is a cool Halloween activity for kids to keep them busy throughout the celebration. You can enhance your children’s vocabulary by conducting pictionary for them. All you have to do is assign a word related to Halloween, such as pumpkins, bats, graveyard, mummy, haunted house, monster, etc., to the children. Then, ask them to draw an image representing these words to the other group. The members of the other group have to guess the word illustrated on the board. If they are successful in guessing the word correctly, points will be awarded. 
  15. Conduct mummy race: In this activity, you can ask children to dress as mummies using tissue paper. Once they are dressed as a mummy, you can conduct a race for them. The one who crosses the finishing line first will be declared as the winner. 

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Benefits of Halloween Activities for Kids

Some of the benefits of Halloween activities for kids are mentioned below:

  • Develops cognitive skills and fine motor skills in children.
  • Keeps children entertained at the Halloween party.
  • Enhances the learning experience of children.
  • Enhances creativity and imagination skills in children
  • Enables understanding of customs and traditions of Halloween celebrations in children.

Frequently Asked Questions on Halloween Activities for Kids

What are some of the Halloween activities for kids?

Some of the Halloween activities for kids are playing scavenger hunt, making a spider web, visiting a pumpkin farm, wearing spooky costumes, playing trick-or-treating, reading scary stories, etc.

What are the benefits of Halloween activities for kids?

The benefits of Halloween activities for kids are that it keeps them entertained during the Halloween season. Besides this, there will be an increase in cognitive development and other essential skills in children.