Activities For 4 Year Olds

Looking for activities for 4 year olds to keep your little ones entertained? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. At 4, your little one is ready for preschool. They’re very curious and always exploring their surroundings to learn more about the world they live in. Their minds are like sponges at this stage absorbing new information and learning new things. This offers the perfect opportunity to teach them new skills. The easiest way to teach your little one new skills is with activities for 4 year olds. 

These activities for kids at home are both educational  and fun, which will keep your little one entertained while they learn. We’ve put together a list of some cool and fun activities for 4 year olds that your little one is sure to enjoy.

Best Learning Activities for 4 Year Olds

Here are some of the fun activities for 4 year olds. These activities combine both learning and playing, which makes it more fun for the kids.

List of Fun and Educational Activities for Four Year Olds

  1. Shape it with Playdough: Playing with playdough and molding it is one of the best sensory activities for 4 year olds. In this activity, kids learn about different shapes by molding the shapes using playdough. Give kids a sheet with images of different shapes like – circle, triangle, rectangle, square, rhombus, pentagon, hexagon, etc. Check out shape games for kids for more fun ways to teach your child about shapes.
  2. Sorting Blocks: Building blocks are amazing for teaching little kids something new or even practicing something they already know. These blocks come in different shapes, sizes and vibrant colors. In this activity, your child learns to recognize different colors and sort them. You can also ask the child to sort the blocks according to their size. 
  3. Paint and Learn: This is one of the best number learning activities for 4 year olds. Give your kids a large sheet of paper and call out a number. Then ask them to write the number and paint that many circles to show the quantity that the number represents. Check out number games for kids for more such fun ways to teach kids about numbers.
  4. Remote-controlled Cars: This is one of the best activities for 4 year olds to develop sound critical thinking skills. Set up a race track using painter’s tape and add obstacles on the course. Now, hand your child a remote-controlled car and ask them to race the vehicle through the track avoiding the obstacles. This helps improve their problem solving and critical thinking skills while they have fun.
  5. Osmo’s Genius Words: Osmo’s Genius Words is a digital-physical game that helps your child gain a new vocabulary and improve their spelling skills. Kids get to arrange tangible letter tiles to form words that match the image on screen. So, along with their vocabulary and language skills, the game also improves their observational skills. Check out words for kids to find a comprehensive list of words from A to Z.
  6. Simon Says: This is one of the most fun activities for 4 year olds and works the best with multiple players. Give commands to the kids starting with “Simon Says.” For example, “Simon says sit down” and all the children should sit. But if you say “sit down” and they sit, they lose a turn. If your child is bored, this activity freshens their bored mind and makes them active listeners. 
  7. Jigsaw Puzzles: Putting jigsaw puzzles back together is one of the best activities for 4 year olds. This activity strengthens kids’ visual skills, critical and logical thinking skills, problem solving skills and observational skills. It also improves their focus, concentration and patience. Kids learn that there is no way to cheat and will have to persist until they finish it.
  8. What am I?: This is one of the best activities to refine your 4 year old’s identification skills. Sit anywhere at home or in the garden with your little ones, ask them to identify things around them and say the words aloud. Point at things and say, “what am I?” For example, point at birds, cars, chairs, sand etc and ask the child to identify it and say the name aloud. You can keep milestones like if kids successfully identify 20 things around them, they get cookies or fruits or maybe chocolates. 
  9. Read me: This is one of the best activities for 4 year olds to develop their linguistic skills. Pick your child’s favorite book or a magazine and ask your child to read something aloud. Take turns and read as animatedly as you can. You can also use reading games for kids to make the activity more interesting.
  10. How Many?: This a fun counting activity to do with 4 year olds. Fill a table with different things – one apple, two toy cars, three pencils, four pens, five erasers etc. Kids need to count the number of each type of object and for every correct answer, they get points. The kid with the maximum points wins and gets a reward. 
  11. Spot the Difference: This is one of the best focus and concentration boosting activities for 4 year olds. Arrange a few things on a table. For example an eraser, 2 mugs, a notebook, pencils, flowers, crayons, rocks, marbles, candies, toys etc. Ask your child to look at the things carefully. Now ask them to turn around and close their eyes. Remove a few things from the table and hide them. Now, ask the child to look at the table again and tell what’s missing or spot the difference. You can also use spot the difference worksheets to play this game. Check out these memory games for kids that put your child’s memory and observational skills to the test.
  12. Trace on Sand: Beach visits can be turned into good learning experiences for your kids with activities like these. Ask your child to trace the letters of the alphabet, numbers and even words on the sand. You can also turn this into a shape learning game by making kids trace and identify different shapes. 
  13. Board Games: Playing board games is one of the best activities to spend some quality time with your 4 year olds. Not only are they fun, but they also enhance your child’s numeracy skills, letter recognition skills and social skills. Check out some fun board games for kids.
  14. Outdoor Walks: The best activity to engage 4 year olds is to take them for a walk. Take them to a park or a place where they can play with sand, trees, animals and interact with other children. They will learn to respect nature and become compassionate towards the environment and the animals around. Most importantly, they will develop social skills. 
  15. Craft Activities for 4 Year Olds: Arts and crafts are great activities to develop a child’s fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination, imagination and creativity. Check crafts for kids for great crafting ideas for kids of all ages. 
  16. Play in water: Allow your children to play with water either indoors or outdoors. You can make them play in the pool or even give them some water to wash kid-friendly utensils. This sensory activity helps them learn about hygiene and enhances their concentration. 
  17. Osmo’s Genius Numbers: This interactive game by Osmo is the perfect way to introduce your preschooler to the world of numbers and math. Kids get to arrange tangible number tiles to answer basic math problems displayed on the screen. This game not only improves the child’s number recognition skills, but also helps them learn addition, subtraction and multiplication.
  18. Dancing: Encourage children of all ages to dance like nobody’s watching. Play some groovy music and dance. You can teach them to dance or let them create moves spontaneously to their favorite song. It will help kids to sharpen their memory skills and help them exercise too. 
  19. Gardening: Gardening is one of the most fun educational activities for 4 year olds to do at home. Help your kids learn to tend to a garden by watering plants, plucking dried leaves, mixing soil, planting saplings, sowing seed etc. This instills a sense of responsibility and at the same time become compassionate for plants and nature around them. 
  20. Baking: If your little one loves cookies and cupcakes, teach them how to bake. This is also a great opportunity to teach math concepts like volumes and measurements, division, multiplication, addition etc. 

OSMO offers exciting games that provide kids with a hands-on learning experience with a perfect combination of the physical and digital world. There are games that familiarize children with shapes, numbers, counting, alphabets, words, spellings, drawing, coding, etc. Explore the kids learning section to know more!

Frequently Asked Questions on Activities for 4 Year Olds

What are the Activities for 4 Year Olds?

Some of the Activities for 4 Year Olds are coloring, connecting the dots, watering the plants, building blocks, crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, playdough, remote controlled bikes and cars, counting games and other engaging activities.

Why are Activities for 4 Year Olds important?

Activities for 4 Year Olds are important to them because they help them to improve their cognitive and creative skills. Moreover, these activities foster social skills and improve their decision making skills and critical thinking abilities.

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