Activities for 4 Year Olds

Creative Home Activities for 4 Year Olds

Making kids learn something can be very tough. However, never have we ever seen a kid who does not want to play and perform interesting activities!

So, if you are planning to spend some awesome time with your 4 year olds while they learn new things, we are here to help!

Presented below are some cool and fun activities to engage 4 year olds in the best ways. Stay tuned with us!

Preschool Activities for 4 Year Olds

  1. Shape it with Playdough – Shape Learning Activity for 4 Year Olds
  2. Playdough is mostly found in all households with kids. The reason being that it can be used in so many ways. There are multiple activities that you can perform with your little ones using the playdough. 

    In this activity, you need to provide kids with a board having different shapes – circle, triangle, rectangle, square, rhombus, pentagon, hexagon, etc. 

    Kids have to make these shapes with playdough and tag the shapes using small pieces of paper. Visit, to know more about shape games for kids.

  3. Groupify the Blocks – Understanding Colors
  4. Building blocks are amazing when it comes to teaching little kids something new or even to make them practice something they have already been taught!

    Building blocks come in different shapes, sizes and vibrant colors. For this activity, you need to utilize the blocks to hone your kids’ understanding of colors. 

    All they need to do is to sort the blocks as per their colors – all the red ones make a group, the green ones make another, so on and so forth! 

  5. Paint and Learn – Number Activities for 4 Year Olds
  6. For this activity, you would need a sheet of paper, preferably a big sheet. Draw the numbers on the sheet in such a way that kids can paint them. Provide some space on the right side of the number such that kids can make little circles equal to that number. 

    For instance, the number is 4, then kids need to make 4 little circles and paint them with catchy colors. This is an easy yet brilliant way to teach them numbers as well as counting. Visit, to know more about number games for kids.

  7. Remote-controlled Cars – Activity to build Critical Thinking
  8. This can be one of the best activities for a 4 year old boy to develop sound critical thinking skills. Remote controlled cars may seem to be just engaging. But, there are several things that kids can learn while playing with these cars. 

    For example, you can ask kids to park their cars in a particular area. Or, you can give them instructions like “take reverse”, “pull the car away from the wall”, “keep the car moving along the edge of the table”, etc.

    This activity not only enhances their social and intellectual skills but also helps them develop critical thinking. 

  9. Sit and Stand – Activity to sharpen Listening Skills
  10. This is an extremely easy activity and works the best with multiple players. You would give quick instructions to kids to sit or stand. 

    For instance, you can say – sit, stand, sit, stand, sit, sit…

    This activity freshens kids up and makes them active listeners. 

  11. Jigsaw Puzzles – Enhancing Visual Recognition
  12. You would find jigsaw puzzles on several subjects – animals, plants, flowers, trees, parts of a human body, etc. 

    Jigsaw puzzles comprise pictures drawn on cardboards and divided into several pieces with varying shapes and sizes. Kids need to arrange them all properly to bring out the original picture. This activity strengthens kids’ visual recognition skills. 

  13. What am I? – Activity to refine identification prowess in 4 year olds
  14. You need nothing special for this activity. 

    All you have got to do is sit anywhere at home or garden with your little ones, ask them to identify things around them and say the words aloud – a bird, a car, a chair, sand, water, mud, etc. 

    You can keep milestones like if kids successfully identify 20 things around them, they get cookies or fruits or maybe chocolates!

  15. Read me! – Developing Linguistic Skills
  16. Children might not want to read children books alone but they will love it if you read along with them. Just to make them feel happy, you can intentionally make a few mistakes here and there so that they correct you. Do remember to appreciate them if they catch your mistakes.

  17. How Many? – Counting Activity to do with 4 year olds
  18. Fill a table with different things – one apple, two toy cars, three pencils, four pens, five erasers, etc. Kids need to count the number of each type of object and for every correct answer, they get points. The kid with the maximum points wins and gets a reward!

  19. Spot the Difference – Honing Concentration in 4 Year Olds
  20. Concentration and paying attention to details are essential for students. To develop the same, you can make use of “Spot the Difference” worksheets for children available online for free.

  21. Trace on Sand – Number Activities for 4 Year Olds
  22. Beach visits can be turned into good learning experiences with this activity. They need to sit near sand and trace numbers starting from 1. Tracing numbers on books and tracing them on the sand are two entirely different things, the latter one being more of a play than studies for kids!

  23. Playing Games like Ludo
  24. Ludo, and Snakes and Ladders, and other such games can teach kids about numbers, counting, colors, and much more without them realizing that they are being taught. 

    So, while you spend some quality time with your little ones and watch these games bring smiles to their faces, they will be learning new things and developing better social skills!

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