Math Tricks for Kids

Math is an essential subject for kids. Math helps little ones develop their logical thinking and reasoning abilities. A kid’s math knowledge at the beginning of kindergarten often predicts future academic accomplishment better than initial attention or reading skills. In addition, math is part of kids’ everyday lives. Moreover, it is vital to teaching tricks for kids right from the beginning. Math is all about counting, sorting, measuring, noticing patterns, building, making comparisons, describing the environment, and knowing the numbers and names of shapes. However, there are various ways to incorporate math into everyday lives.

Explore List of Math Tricks for Kids

It is a known fact that kids find it quite challenging to understand mathematical concepts and theories. Besides these, little minds find it difficult to solve complex math problems. Hence, it is vital to teaching math tricks for kids in the initial stages of learning numbers. These simple tricks for kids help them comprehend the basic concepts and retain them for a long time. Parents and teachers can introduce them to easy math tricks for kids, and once they understand these tricks, they can teach them some complex math tricks for kids. Also, refer to Number Games for Kids, available at Osmo.

Simple Math Tricks for Kids

Simple math tricks for kids help them do calculations mentally and develop thinking, reasoning abilities, and problem-solving skills. Children find it easy when these math tricks are taught. These tricks for kids must be introduced to the little ones when they have learned the numbers and other mathematical operations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Here are some simple math tricks for kids. Parents and teachers can also introduce the children to Problem Solving For Kids, available at Osmo.

Easy Math Tricks for Kids

Here are some easy math tricks for kids. Also, refer to Osmo’s One Minute Games for Kids.

  • Multiplying a number by 6: This is one of the easy math tricks for kids. This trick is helpful when the child multiplies even numbers by 6. Kids must divide the number by 2 to get the first digit of the solution. The next digit is the number that is divided by 6.
    • For instance, multiply 4 by 6
    • Step 1: Divide 4 by 2 = 2
    • Step 2: Place 4 after 2 = 24
    • Answer: 24
  • Squaring a two digit number that ends with 5: Once the little ones learn squaring the numbers, tutors can teach them this simple trick to square numbers that end in 5. Add 1 to the first digit of the number (that is squared) and multiply the sum to the first digit of the actual number (that is squared). The solution will be this answer followed by 25.
    • For instance, square 25
    • Step 1: Add 1 to 2 = 3
    • Step 2: Multiply 3 by 2 = 6
    • Step 3: Place 25 after 6: 625
    • Answer: 625
  • Multiplying a two digit number by 11:Multiplying any two digit number by 11 times is one of the simple math tricks for kids. All the child must do is sum up the two numbers and place the sum in between the two numbers.
    • For instance, multiply 27 by 11
    • Step 1: Add 2 and 7 = 9
    • Step 2: Place 9 in between 2 and 7 = 297
    • Answer: 297
  • Multiplying any number by 9: To get a quick answer, you can use this trick of multiplication. For example, take a large number and add zero to the end in order to get the quick multiplication number. 
    • For instance, multiply large number by 9 
    • Step 1: Take a large number such as 850
    • Step 2: Add zero at the end  of 850 to get 8500.
    • Step 3: Now, subtract 8500 from the original number that is 850 to get the quick result. 8500-850 = 7650
    • If you multiply 850 by 9, the answer will remain the same like you subtracted above that is 7650
  • Quick Addition of two digit numbers: This is one of the easy math tricks for kids where they can learn quick addition of numbers using place value systems. 
    • For instance, take two digit numbers for addition i.e., 67 + 89
    • Step 1: Take second two digit numbers 89 and split them into tens and units such as 80 + 9
    • Step 2: Now, add the tens with first two digit numbers such as 67 + 80= 147
    • Step 3: Now, to this add the remaining unit numbers such 147 + 9 = 156. 
    • If you can directly multiply 67 +89, the answer will be 156.
  • Calculate any similar numbers to get 37: This is one of cool math tricks for kids where any similar digit numbers can be added and divided to get the answer 37. 
    • For instance: Select any 3 similar numbers such as 555
    • Step 1: Now, add all the numbers 5+5+5 = 15
    • Step 2: Now add the original numbers by 15 i.e., 555/15 = 37 
    • Therefore, the answer for addition and division of any three similar digit numbers is 37. 
  • Calculate any numbers to get answer 2: Kids can easily grasp the concept of easy calculation practices for better understanding and learning outcomes. This is a fun math trick for kids where they can use the concept in calculating numbers accurately. 
    • Step1: take any number such as 15 
    • Step 1: Multiply the number by 3 i.e., 15 x 3= 45
    • Step 2: Add 45 with 6 to get 51
    • Step 3: Divide the number 51 by 3 to get 17
    • Step4: Now, subtract 17 from the first number 15 to get the answer 2. For example 17-15= 2. Similarly, you can take a number and follow these steps to get the answer 2. 
  • Calculating any number to get 1089: This is fun math tricks for kids where they can add and subtract to get the answer 1089. 
    • Step1 : Take a number 457
    • Step 2: Arrange the numbers in descending order 754
    • Step 3: Arrange the number 754 is ascending order i.e., 457
    • Step 4: Subtract the first number from second number i.e., 754 – 457= 297
    • Step 5: Now, reverse the subtracted number 297 to 792. 
    • Step 6: Finally, add the reversed number 792 from subtracted number 297 i.e.,792 – 297= 1089. Similarly, you can take any number to get the same answer i.e., 1089. 
  • Calculate numbers to get answers with digit 1,2,4,5,7, 8: Kids will thoroughly enjoy solving simple math problems in short periods of time. 
    • Step 1: Choose a number from 1 to 6 such as 5 
    • Step 2: Multiple the number 5 x 9 = 45
    • Step 3: Again multiply the number with 111 to get 4995
    • Step 4: Then, again multiply 4995 with 1001 to get 4,999,995
    • Step 5: Divide the number by 7 to get 7,14,285
    • Step 6: Now, check the answer 714285, it will contain 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, and 8. 
  • Comparing fractions: With these math tricks for kids, they can easily compare the fractions irrespective of any challenging numbers they get.
    • Step 1: Compare 5/6 and 8/9 to find the greatest fraction
    • Step 2: Multiply the first numerator with second denominator such as 5 x 9= 45
    • Step 3: Multiply the second numerator with first denominator such as 8 x 6 = 48
    • Step 4: Therefore, 48 is greater than 45. Hence, 8/9 is greater than 5/6. 
  • Convert six digit number into three: This is extremely easy math trick for kids where they can convert large numbers into smaller digits using the following steps.
    • Step 1: Select six digit numbers such as 423423
    • Step 2: Divide the number 423423 by 7 to get 60489
    • Step 3: Divide 60489 by 11 to get 5499 
    • Step 4: Divide 5400 by 13 to get 423. Therefore, the answer is 423 which is a three digit number.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Math Tricks for Kids

What are some of the math tricks for kids?

Here are a few math tricks for kids which are simple and interesting for them to understand and learn. Multiply a number by 6, square a double digit number that ends in 5 and multiply a double digit number by 11. These are a few simple math tricks for kids.

Why are math tricks important for kids?

Math tricks for kids are important because they improve math skills as well as their mental math skills. Kids find it easy when they have these math tricks on the tip of their hands. Also, these math tricks for kids will help them improve their number sense.

What is an example of math tricks for kids?

Multiply a double digit number by 11 is one of the most common and easiest math tricks for kids. Multiply 15 by 11. Add 1 and 5 = 6 and place 6 in between 1 and 5 = 165. Thus, 15 x 11 = 165.

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