Four Letter Words Ending In I

List Of Four Letter Words That Ends With Letter I

The letter i is the third vowel and one of the most important alphabet in English language. It is responsible for making words used for expressing your thoughts and feelings with others. To improve vocabulary for kids, you need to empower them with a list of four letter words ending in the letter i. All the sentences make sense by using words starting with the letter i, such as in, is, it, etc. Without these preschool sight words, it is difficult to make meaningful sentences. Similarly, four letter words ending in i are equally important for vocabulary development. 

Introduce engaging activities to enhance their language skills. Besides this, focus on teaching

 i words for kids  so that they understand and implement them in making effective conversation.  Kids in preschool generally recognize 2 and 3 letter words. Therefore, once they reach kindergarten, kids should be able to grasp the four letter words ending in the letter i. This will enhance their experience for better learning outcomes.  

A List of Four Letter Words Ending In The Letter I 

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Engaging Activities To Learn Four Letter Words Ending In I 

Unlike preschool, kindergarten kids have started learning more than just recognizing the words. In such cases, you need to buckle up and start designing activities that can help kids to learn vocabulary in multiple ways. Apart from focusing on spelling activities for kids, encourage them to take part in games so that they can have fun and at the same time learn something new. Building vocabulary can sometimes make them feel disinterested, in that case you need to spice up the activities in a creative way. 

Some Of The Activities To Learn Four Letter Words That End With I Are Mentioned Below:

  1. Pictionary: Kids are always super excited when you ask them to paint or draw something. Why can’t you use this opportunity to teach four letter words ending in i ? To start with, make two groups and place a chalkboard in front of them. Assign a word to the kids and ask them to draw on the board. Meanwhile, kids of their own team have to guess the word depicted on the board. If they are successful in doing so, they will secure points for the team. 
  2. The activity will continue till one of the teams is declared the winner securing maximum points. This game will sharpen their logical thinking and visualization skills. For example, kids can draw kiwi, ragi, mini, etc.  Also, explore pictionary words for kids

  3. Charades: This is also one of the exciting games for learning vocabulary. You need to make a group of two and ask each person from the group to come forward and act out the word given to them, such as taxi. Meanwhile, kids from the same group have to guess the word that is being acted in front of them. There will be no speaking or any lip movement from the kid who is explaining the word. This activity will engage kids with a lot of excitement to complete the task successfully. 
  4. Bingo: This is something that every kid will be fascinated to learn. You need to prepare a sheet consisting of multiple words along with four letter words ending in i. Then, you need to distribute the sheet to the kids and call out words randomly. Meanwhile, kids have to mark the correct word to score points. The kids with maximum correct answers will be awarded certificates. You can even conduct these games using images. With this, kids will be able to concentrate and recognise the words effectively. Also, explore word search puzzles for kids

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