J Words For Kids

Words that Start with J

Letter J generally makes the ‘juh’ sound as in jar. The letters ‘dg’ make the /j/ sound (as in edge), making it difficult for kids to spell such words. Teaching ‘edge’ as a word family (hedge, edge, ledge, etc.) can help. The Letter J also makes the /y/ sound in words such as hallelujah.

Examples of ‘dg’ spelling sound like J. Once the children are clear with this, tutors can teach J words for kids in an interesting way.

Parents and teachers can introduce kids to some basic words that start with the letter J. By doing this, kids find it easier to learn the words. In addition to this, children can be taught according to their grades, namely, preschool and kindergarten. Later they can teach four letter and five letter words that start with the letter J. Parents and teachers can introduce kids to Compound words for kids.

List of Letter J words for Kids

J happens to be one of the least used letters. Hence, when it does begin a word, it is noteworthy. It is often a reminder of English roots, standing in for the Latin alphabet I and even the Old English rune ger. Below given is a list of J words for kids to engage with.

J Words for Kids


A List of J words for Kindergarten Kids

Though the words that start with J are small, Kindergarten accomplishments are pretty significant. Hence, spread the fun to kindergarteners with these fundamental J words for kids.

J words for Kindergarten Kids


A List of Preschool Words That Start With J

Preschoolers love exploring these easy words that start with the letter J. Learning these words certainly help the children identify the J sound and begin building a strong vocabulary right from a young age.

Preschool Words That Start With J


J Vocabulary List of Words for Kids:

3 Letter Words that Start with J

  1. Jam
  2. Joe
  3. Jim

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4 Letter Words that Start with J

  1. Jail
  2. Jack
  3. Jade
  4. Jane
  5. Jabs

5 Letter Words that Start with J

  1. Janet
  2. Jacky
  3. Jaded
  4. Jades
  5. Jumbo

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Activities that Help in Learning J Words for Kids

Do parents and teachers usually wonder how to enhance the children’s vocabulary? Yes, they do.  Reading is one of the best ways to improve language skills. However, there is a place and a time for good old word lists, especially with little learners. One of the simplest ways to teach a list of J words to kids is to run through the letters and introduce new topics as well as words. Below given are excellent ways to keep them engaged and moreover, help in learning J words.

Below given are the best activities that help in learning J words for kids:

Letter J Arts and Crafts

  • Jack-o’-lanterns: Parents and teachers can teach the children how to make these Jack-o’-lanterns. This can be made either from a piece of paper or make actual ones out of pumpkins.
  • Jewelry: Make jewelry by hanging beads on embroidery or dental floss.

Letter J Games and Activities

  • J is for Jar: Get an oversized jar, and let the kids put an image of a thing or an item that starts with the letter J inside the jar. This can be played as a game where every kid chooses an image out of the jar and must name it.
  • Go on a Journey: Take the kids on a walk and notice if they can see anything that starts with ‘J’. This can be an exciting way to teach J words to kids. Next, talk about where they will go, and later have tea with biscuits and various jams.

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