K Words For Kids

Words for kids that start with K

The letter k makes the sound /kuh/ in words like kite, king, kind, etc. However, the letter k can also be a silent letter in some words. For example, k is silent in the word knight and the word is pronounced “night”. Here is a list of k words for kids that you can use to teach them all the words starting with the letter K. You need a lot of patience to teach k words for kids in kindergarten and preschool. 

Learning words for kids is not usually on top of a child’s to-do list. So, help them learn words like k words for kids using creative activities, which make learning more fun. Learning k words for kids will help kids read and write uninterrupted and expand their vocabulary too.

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List of K words for kids

Once a child has learnt the letters of the alphabet, the next step is learning words. Words are necessary to communicate with each other, read and write. Once your child has learned words up to the letter J, teach them k words for kids.

K words for kids


List of kindergarten K words for kids

Teaching kindergarten kids new words can be an uphill task. Parents and teachers can teach kindergarten spelling words with words starting with K to improve their vocabulary and reading skills. 

K words for kindergarten kids

Knowledge Kennel

List of preschool K words for kids

Teaching k words for kids is very important, but it is quite a task to teach these words to preschoolers. So, start with simple words like 2 and 3 letter words or sight words for kids. These are words they hear often, so it makes it easier for them to learn the words.

 Preschool words that start with K

Knowledge Kite

Names of things that start with K

Objects that start with the letter K aren’t very common in the English language. But there are a few objects starting with K that we use often in our lives. For example, words like keyboard, kennel, kit, key etc are names of objects that we use everyday. So, it is important to help children learn the names of these objects. Here is a list of things that start with the letter K.

List of things that start with K

KnobKiwi FruitKettle

Cool words that start with K

The letter K has several cool and unusual words. For example, kaleidoscope, kerfuffle, kumquat etc. Here is a list of some very interesting words starting with the letter K.

List of cool words that start with K


Positive words that start with K

Being kind, caring and positive are important traits that every human being should have. Teach your little ones to be kind and caring by teaching them positive values and words. Here is a list of positive words starting with the letter K.

List of positive words that start with K


Vocabulary list of words starting with K

3 letter K words for kids

  • Ken
  • Kid

4 letter K words for kids

  • Kick
  • Kite

For more words, visit four letter words that start with K

5 letter K words for kids

  • Knife
  • Koala

More K words for kids

Activities that help in learning K words for kids

If you ask kids to come and study, they might give reasons to skip or avoid learning. Teaching k words to kids using fun activities and games like spelling activities for kids will make learning easier and more fun. Understand their needs and interests and come up with creative developing activities to keep them engaged.

Here are some of the best activities to help kids learn k words:

  • Tracing K word activity: This is an extremely fun activity for kids to help them learn k words. Hand kids a worksheet with a few k words and ask them to trace the words. As they trace the words, the kids will learn how to spell the word correctly too.
  • Coloring K word activity: What can be more interesting than coloring pages for kids? Kids love coloring activities like alphabet coloring pages. So, use this to help them learn K words. Print a worksheet with some K words for kids and images like K for Kangaroo, K for kite etc. Then ask the kids to color the images.
  • Matching K word activity: Once your little ones have learnt the words in the list above, it’s time to put them to the test. Give kids worksheets with words starting with the letter K along with images. Ask your child to match the k word to its image. This will help you assess your child’s understanding of the words.
  • Writing K word activity: Encourage your child to write and practice letter k words on a regular basis. It will help them to build their writing skills along with focusing on improving vocabulary skills. Incorporate short poems or stories that have a list of k words for kids to learn and understand its meaning.
    • For more word lists, activities and learning games for kids, check our kids learning section.

      Frequently Asked Questions on K Words For Kids

      What are some of the K words for kids?

      Some of the K words for kids are kid, key, kind, koala, knit, kiwi, kick, King, kit, kitten, kangaroo, keyboard, kitchen, kayak, knife, knight, ketchup, etc. These are a few commonly used K words for kids that can be introduced to them by engaging in fun word building activities and games.

      What are some of the Kindergarten K words for kids?

      Some of the Kindergarten K words for kids are Kennel, Kick, Knot, Knee, Kite, Knowledge, Knead, Keel, Knew, Keeper, Keep, Know, Knack, Knob, Knuckle, Kit, Known, Knit, Khaki, Knot, etc.

      What are a few Preschool K Words for Kids?

      A few Preschool K Words for Kids are Karate, Kernel, Knowing, Ka, Keen, Kneel, Knell, Kidney, Kept, Knew, Know, Known, Kindly, Knead, Knowledge, Kind, Kingdom, Ken, Kite, etc.

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