Spring Crafts For Kids

Spring Crafts for Kids are fun. Spring is a season of colors, vibrant flowers, baby lambs and chicks, pretty bugs, colorful shower rainbows, everything associated with the beginning of springtime. During this time, kids love to have hands-on activities in order to identify and connect the nature around them. In this regard, you can explore spring crafts for kids where they showcase their creativity and develop skill at the same time. There are quite interesting spring craft ideas for kids to enhance their skills. 

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These easy spring crafts for kids are perfect for toddlers, preschoolers and kids of all ages. Toddlers and preschoolers enjoy the process of coloring, painting and drawing and later playing with their handcrafted creations. Art activities for kids are introduced in the form of extra curricular activities not only to create interest in their academics but also develop other skills. There are also spring crafts for kids printable available online. Below given are the Seven best spring craft ideas for kids which can be tried at home.

7 Fun Spring Crafts Activities For Kids 

Nothing more exciting than conducting spring arts and crafts for kids. This is not only important for them to become creative but also develop important skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, etc. Apart from these, they will learn to manage their time, become independent and perform tasks with precision. Crafts related to different seasons are quite popular among them such as summer crafts for kids followed by winter. You can get awesome spring crafts ideas for kids to create something innovative. 

List Of DIY Spring Crafts For Kids 

  • Pebble Lady Bird – Easy spring crafts for kids: This is a simple pebble ladybird – a little addition to a plant or imaginative insect or bug to play with. Want to make some with the kids at home or classroom? The principal thing either the teachers or parents need to do is step outdoors to pick stones. The children certainly will have a great time exploring ‘the perfect stones’ then cleaning them in lukewarm, soapy water.
  • Materials required:

    • Stones (Washed And Dried)
    • Googly eyes
    • Red and black tissue paper (must be cut into small squares)
    • Paintbrushes
    • Scissors
    • Mod Podge – Dishwasher Safe Gloss

    How to Make?

    • Decoupage the tissue papers on the stones by placing the paper on the rock.
    • Then, paint on it with Mod Podge. Children can use scissors to mould small black circles from the black tissue paper. Continue surfacing the tissue paper over the rock until the kid is delighted with the ladybug.
    • Create the bug’s aerials by turning tissue paper within the fingers and then smoothing Mod Podge. Apply the wooden tip of the paintbrush to push it down onto the rock.
    • While the Mod Podge is still damp, connect two googly eyes to the stone. Let the ladybug dry entirely before setting it outdoors for play or illustration.
  • Egg Carton Flowers – simple spring crafts for kids: Kids are excited to see and make something out of flowers found around them. Spring is the perfect time where you can see a lot of blooming flowers across the streets of your home. Use this opportunity to get spring craft ideas for kids. 
  • Materials required:

    • Acrylic Paint
    • Paper Straw
    • Egg Carton (not foam)
    • Scissors
    • Pom Pom
    • Paint Brush
    • Glue

    How to Make?

    • Firstly, have someone slice four boxes out of the egg carton. Cut around the edges so that it presents a rounder frame for the flower petals.
    • Spray some acrylic paint colors onto a paper base and let the children paint their flowers. Use any color children wish for or use a pastel palette.
    • Once the paint is dried, one can join the flower stem by sticking it to the back. Use a paper straw so that it is solid enough to keep up the egg carton; if something like a pipe cleaner is utilized, it will just turn. Next, pick a colored pom and paste that to the centre of the decorated egg carton.
  • Cherry Blossom Handprint Tree: Preschoolers are free to recreate the look of a tree as they wish. The ‘handprint’ supplements a fun, unique touch which the kids seem to love. Moreover, if the parents intend to try this idea with the children this Spring, why not make it a year-long plan and work the way over all the terms to form a compilation of seasonal handprint trees. This is one of the best DIY spring crafts for kids to practice during spring.
  • Materials required: 

    • White Stock Card
    • White, Pink, Red and Brown Paint
    • Q-tip
    • A Willing Arm
    • Pencil

    How to Make?

    • Using a pencil, sketch a faint line throughout the kid’s arm and apply brown color.
    • Rather than using ‘brown’ paint, give the children the primary colors and create colors. Kids (particularly toddlers) seldom have difficulty blending the color brown.
    • Give a collection of red and pink paint, and assist the kids in designing multiple shades of pink by blending white.
    • Once all the shades are set, add a q-tip to each tone.
    • Cover the Q-tip in paint and dot it throughout the handprint, one color at a time.
    • Layer the colors to add intensity and color, coloring the tree with beautiful ‘flowers’.
  • Rain Cloud and Sunshine: Spring is a time of sun and rain. Children love to create a craft that achieves that. Such spring craft activities for kids are a joy to create and are a graceful display in the classroom or home.
  • Materials Required:

    • Blue paper
    • Cotton balls
    • White construction paper
    • Yellow paint
    • Paper plate
    • Scissors
    • Glue
    • Clear tape 
    • Yarn (rather white or blue)
    • Paintbrush

    How to Make?

    • Cut a cloud pattern out of white fabric paper. Make a pack of raindrops.
    • Cut a few strands of yarn.
    • Stick the thread on the rear of the cloud with the transparent strip. Separate them a little bit, sufficient to provide the drops without them touching each other.
    • Stick the thread on the drops with the transparent strip.
    • Color the paper plate yellow. Let the paint dry thoroughly before proceeding. Mark the sun rays. Crop the sun rays from a frame of the sun, making it more straightforward to stick the sun to the cloud. Paste the sun into the cloud.
    • Apply a profuse amount of adhesive to the cloud. Paste-on cotton balls to make the cloud feathery.
  • Flower Crown: Spring crafts for kids printable version is available. The parents and teachers must provide the kids with a printable version of spring crafts.
  • Materials Required:

    • Construction paper
    • A glue stick, tape
    • Scissors
    • A pencil

    How to Make?

    • Begin by cutting two long layers of green fabric paper to be the headband of the crown.
    • Paste them together. One can customise the length and sizes later when they tie it into a wide band. Place the headband away for now.
    • Next, it is time to create the flowers. Form squares of fabric paper in a mixture of colors. They must be about 2-3 inches square. Wrap each square into fourths. Draw an easy flower petal shape. 
    • When the paper is opened, one must have a simplistic flower with four petals. Form a variety of flowers. Children can make some with rounded petals and some with pointed ones. Kids also need to make some yellow flowers and green leaves.
    • The kid can do as much or as little of this design as they wish. A few kids enjoy cutting the flower centres and forming along the edges of the flower petals. However, a few have trouble sketching the petal shape, in any case. Even if the children do not want to take part in any cutting, it would still be a joy for them to stick the flowers together and systematize them on the crown.
    • Utilizing all the centrepieces and flower petal pieces, arrange some flowers. Just stick things together.
    • Finally, stick the flowers to the green headband that was made earlier. A few kids do not want to layer their flowers to put a simple flower crown collectively with an excellent design.
    • Place the crown around the child’s head to level, and then fasten the headband in place in the exact size. Children certainly love the results.
  • Flower Cards: Make flower cards for your loved ones. This will bring out a creative side and develop skills for better educational growth. 
  • Materials Required:

    • Color Papers
    • Crepe papers
    • Color pens
    • Scissors
    • Glue 
    • Color buttons

    How to Make? 

    • Take color papers and cut it in a rectangular shape. 
    • Fold the paper into equal halves to make a card.
    • Take a crepe paper and make a small vase out of it. 
    • Paste it on the front side of the card in such a way that there is hollow space in between. 
    • Now, make tiny tiny flowers using crepe papers, color them using watercolors or crayons. 
    • Add a stick below each flower covered with color paper. 
    • Now, tie all the flowers together and keep inside the vase which consists of hollow space. 
    • This flower will give a 3D effect to the card. 
  • Rainbow Thread: Kids are usually awestruck while watching the rainbow. Actually,  we all do. Isn’it? You can encourage kids to explore nature and let them make something that they see around them. One such thing can be rainbow crafts for kids. 
  • Materials Required: 

    • Colorful threads. 
    • Blue color paper
    • Cotton
    • Glue
    • Scissors

    How to Make? 

    • Take a blue color paper and cut its border in the shape square. 
    • Draw a rainbow on the blue colored paper. 
    • Now, take each colored thread of violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.  
    • Stick all the threads of VIBGYOR on the card systematically. 
    • Finally, paste cotton below the rainbow to give a feel of clouds. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Spring Crafts For Kids

What are some of the spring crafts for kids?

Some of the spring crafts for kids are pebble lady bird, egg cartons and flowers, cherry blossom handprint tree and flowers, cloud and sunshine, flower crowns, flower cards, rainbows and trees, etc.

What are the benefits of spring crafts for kids?

The benefits of spring crafts for kids are that they develop their fine and gross motor skills, creative thinking skills, critical thinking abilities, problem solving, decision making, etc.